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11th June, 2006
The Top Rated 2yos before Royal Ascot

[Est] Name Trainer Date Crse Dist Gng Run Comment
90 Hoh Mike BellMLW 15/05/06 WDSR 5 GF 2 Most impressive 5f performer to date, not fully tested in either win
87 Excellent Art CallaghanNA 29/05/06 SDWN 5 HV 2 Easy winner on heavy going, good scope to develop but less proven than Hoh Mike
84 Baby Strange BlockleyPA 27/05/06 ASCT 6 GF 2 Good conditions winner, looked short of usual Coventry winner class on Paddock Review. Fizzy attitude but did not affect his perfromance to date
83 Sonny Red HannonR 26/05/06 GDWD 5 S 2 Comfortable winner on soft twice. Not proven for 5f pace and may be better 6f.
82 Hellvellyn SmartB 26/05/06 PFCT 6 GS 2 Strikingly fluent mover on fast ground and not extended in either win. Good attitude and has further improvement.
81 Scented Present MeehanBJ 15/05/06 WDSR 5 GF 2 Backed strongly when second behind Hoh Mike's course record breaking run at Windsor and tried to take him on. Good sprinter but short of usual Norfolk Stakes winner quality
80 Cav Okay HannonR 21/04/06 NWBY 5.1 G 1 Over-rated debut run which was visually impressive but has opposition he beat has proved moderate. Does not stay 5f properly and probably needs fast ground and an easy straight track to show his best.
79 Baby Strange BlockleyPA 17/05/06 BATH 5 GS 1 ----
79 Sadeek RyanKA 18/05/06 YORK 6 S 1 Tough race in duel with Abraham Lincoln through last furlong. Trainer is well ahead of schedule in 2005 and possibly has his 2yos readier than usual. Did not progress in Winning the Woodcote.
79 Hoh Mike BellMLW 22/05/06 WDSR 5 GS 3 ---
79 La Neige ChannonMR 27/05/06 ASCT 6 GF 2 ---
78 Gilded HannonR 07/05/06 SALS 5 FGF 4 Best 5f performances by a filly so far and has looked very tough. However, has not looked a real, fast ground speed type and limited development. In a thin year for the fillies it's not obvious who the better female(s) are that you feel must be better tha
78 Abraham Lincoln O'BrienAP 18/05/06 YORK 6 S 2 Only Aidan O'Brien runner in Britain this season. Favourite and second to Sadeek at York in a tough final furlong battle.
78 Dutch Art HyamPWC 05/06/06 WDSR 5 GF 1 Impressive winner of 5f Novice on debut looking a strong sprinting type. Ought to progress and appeals as being able to mix it with Hoh Mike & Excellent Art.
78 Alzerra ChannonMR 09/06/06 HYDK 6 GF 2 After a moderate first 2f turned a solid maiden into a 4f time trial and was the only one still going forward (and strongly) at the end of 6f. Interesting prospect.
77 Gilded HannonR 18/04/06 NMKT 5 G 3 ---
77 Captain Marvelous HillsBW 31/05/06 YARM 6 G 3 Medium sized and probably seen what he is capable of.
76 Sadeek RyanKA 03/06/06 EPSM 6 GF 2 ---
75 Mubaashir DunlopEAL 10/05/06 CHES 5.1 GF 2 Lily Agnes win is just average form and looked uncomfortable at Epsom but does not appeal as a high rater.
75 Mood Music O'NeillEJ 12/05/06 HTON 5 GFF 2 Probably ran better race than it looked STO when best of a frantic pace in a 5f at Beverley.
75 Gilded HannonR 19/05/06 YORK 5 SHV 5 ---
75 Dazed And Amazed HannonR 28/05/06 NMKT 5 GS 2 Likeable turn of foot to win maiden from limited types. Ought to win more races but probably at Novice & Conditions level and come up short in the better races.
75 Karayel HannonR 07/06/06 KTNA 6 STD 4 Strong final furlong run on AW and seems to be developing physically. 
74 Espartano WallaceMJ 01/05/06 WDSR 5 GS 2 Comfortable winner from limited 2yos twice. Some scope to improve but short of Group quality on what he's shown.
74 Always Fruitful JohnstonM 26/05/06 PFCT 6 GS 2 Comfortably beaten by Helvellyn and unbalanced and outpaced in the Woodcote before keeing on well late. Possibly more a Chesham Stakes type over 7f if he goes to Royal Ascot.
74 Chjimes BurkeKR 27/05/06 ASCT 6 GF 3 Irish Listed race second suspect form level.
74 Tariq HyamPWC 27/05/06 NMKT 6 GSS 1 Trainer said Dutch Art had been working better than him before they both won on debut within a few days. Looked well above average on what he shaowed FTO.
74 Everymanforhimself GivenJG 31/05/06 BVLY 5 G 3 Already overacheived given his sales price and probably already at his best level.
74 Mood Music O'NeillEJ 31/05/06 BVLY 5 G 3 ---
74 Prince Of Elegance PerrettAJ 09/06/06 GDWD 6 G 2 ---
73 Riverside Dancer RyanKA 29/04/06 RIPN 5 GGF 2 Not a typical sprinter build but a taking performance in her maiden win. In a thin year for 5f fillies ranks quite highly.
73 Jack Rackham SmartB 12/05/06 HTON 5 GFF 3 ---
73 King's Bastion BellMLW 12/05/06 LING 5 GGF 2 Ready, medium type and his Ascot run a good summary of his ability.
73 Chief Editor WallaceMJ 26/05/06 GDWD 5 S 4 Precocious, unlikely to progress.
72 Silk Blossom HillsBW 19/04/06 NMKT 5 GF 1 Non-runner in soft ground Listed race at York after a good debut run, especially by trainer standards. In a thin year for 5f fillies probably the best prospect outside of those that have already run in Listed races.
72 Gradetime WallaceMJ 03/05/06 LNGA 5 STD 3 ---
72 Major Cadeaux HannonR 20/05/06 NWBY 6 S 1 Highly touted by trainer before he ran and won a normally important maiden which often includes Royal Ascot types. For of his win has not been franked but a ought to improve to compete well at Listed+ level.
72 We'll Confer RyanKA 25/05/06 LNGA 6 STD 2 Easy winner with scope to progress further
72 Top Bid EasterbyTD 29/05/06 LEIC 5 GS 2  
72 Roxan RyanKA 31/05/06 BVLY 5 G 1 Debut win at Listed level and a demonstration of the thin year for 5f fillies by that win. However, won well and put the lesser types in their place. Appeals as having more scope than Gilded and a major contender for the Queen Mary.
72 Grand Prix HannonR 01/06/06 SDWN 5 GS 3 ---
72 Always Fruitful JohnstonM 03/06/06 EPSM 6 GF 3 ---
71 Lord Charles TurnerWGM 22/05/06 WDSR 5 GS 4 ----
71 Bicoastal MeehanBJ 26/05/06 NMKT 6 S 2 Probably her trainer's best 6f filly so far and did well to win a race which turned into a sprint. Scope for better and ought to be a good contender for the Albany
71 King's Bastion BellMLW 27/05/06 ASCT 6 GF 3 ---
71 Steelcut FaheyRA 29/05/06 RDCR 5 G 2 ---
71 Danebury Hill MeehanBJ 31/05/06 YARM 6 G 1 Intended runner in the Newbury maiden that Cadeaux Genereux won but a non-runner. Debut winner (usually significant) for trainer in a Yarmouth novice beating previous winner Captain Marvelous (who gave weight). Ought to progress well from a good debut.
71 Steelcut FaheyRA 31/05/06 BVLY 5 G 3 ---
71 Minaash NosedaJ 07/06/06 KTNA 6 STD 1 Very good debut on AW against Karayel and should progress well.
70 Lord Charles TurnerWGM 18/04/06 NMKT 5 G 2 ---
70 Crystal Gazer HannonR 03/05/06 LNGA 5 STD 2 ---
70 Fairfield Princess CallaghanNA 03/05/06 LNGA 5 STD 3 ---
70 Hucking Hill BestJR 03/05/06 LNGA 5 STD 5 ---
70 Cav Okay HannonR 10/05/06 CHES 5.1 GF 2 ---
70 Chief Editor WallaceMJ 17/05/06 YORK 5 GS 3 ---
70 Strategic Prince ColePFI 18/05/06 SALS 5 GS 1 Good debut winner given his pedigree and scope to develop further. Trainer's 2yos can show erratic development from debut efforts these days.
70 Amber Valley RyanKA 19/05/06 YORK 5 SHV 3 ---
70 Mubaashir DunlopEAL 03/06/06 EPSM 6 GF 3 ---
70 Bahama Mama NosedaJ 04/06/06 BTON 6 GF 2 Competent winner of two races and a little scope to improve but probably less than Bicoastal whom she beat on debut.
70 Non Compliant HillsJW 09/06/06 GDWD 6 G 1 Well above average debut by trainer standards and in a race he often runs his better 2yos. Ought to be capable of 80+ in the season.
69 Vital Equine EJ O'Neill 10/05/06 NEWC 6 G 1 Looked the best of his trainer's 2yos to date. A surprise to see him running at Yarmouth a week before Royal Ascot
69 Jo'Burg AJ Perrett 20/05/06 NWBY 6 S 1 Second to Major Cadeaux at Newbury and ought to be able to rate 80+ STO.
69 Simply Perfect J Noseda 05/06/06 WDSR 5 G 1 Second to Dutch Art and with the profile to develop to be a strong contender at Royal Ascot.
68 Steady As A Rock M Johnston 03/05/06 PFCT 5 GF 1 Well above average debut for trainer in early season. No run since while Always Fruitful has run in better races for Mr Johnston.
67 Champlain MA Jarvis 20/05/06 NWBY 6 S 1 Ran freely on debut and third behind Major Cadeaux, probably less scope to develop than that one and Jo'burg but a solid 80ish maiden winner.
66 Deadshot Keen BJ Meehan 02/05/06 BATH 5 GF 2 Good debut in Conditions race and comfortable winner STO, capable of rating higher and to high 70s at least.
66 Lovelace M Johnston 21/04/06 THSK 5 GS 1 M Johnston's other debut winner in 2006 (along with Always Fruitful & Steady As A Rock). Non runner since but capable of higher ratings.
68 Going Straight IA Wood 03/06/06 EPSM 6 GF 4 Has improved with racing and has scope to rate 70+. Has speed and professionalism to compete to the top of her ability at Royal Ascot.

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