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24th November, 2007.
2007 Season - Trainers' Performance Review
New & Returning and Missing Trainers in 2007
  1. Trainers with at least one runner in 2007 after having none in 2006 (New or returning in 2007)
  2. Trainers with no runner in 2007 after having had at least one in 2006 (Missing in 2007)


    The following trainers had a runner in 2007 having had no representative in 2006.

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    The following trainers had at least one runner in 2006 but no 2yo representative in 2007. The vast majority are smaller stables who may well only have one or two runners in a season at most and the absence is simply a matter of not having a suitable horse to run. The exceptions include a small group of foreign trainers whose previous runners were in higher class races or on the all weather. The only notable points from the British based trainers on the list would be firstly that F. Johnson-Houghton retired at the end of the 2006 season and his daughter Eve took over the licence. M. J. Polglase was a salaried trainer employed by owner Paul Dixon at his Haygarth House Stables and lost his post in 2006 and has not returned to training in his own name yet.

  • D. Bridgwater
  • A. D. Brown
  • M. A Buckley
  • R. Collet
  • C. Collins
  • A. Crook
  • B. J. Curley
  • R. Curtis
  • L. A. Dace
  • D. J. Daly
  • Z. C. Davison
  • P. D. Deegan
  • R. Dickin
  • C. R. Dore
  • J. S. Doyle
  • C. Drew
  • C. A. Dwyer
  • B Ellison
  • F. Ennis
  • T. J. Etherington
  • G. Fierro
  • J. R. Gibney
  • P. L. Gilligan
  • R. Gray
  • J. S. Haldane
  • M. Halford
  • W. G. Harrison
  • C. Maarek-Head
  • B. Hellier
  • L. Herries
  • M. R. Hoad
  • F. Johnson-Houghton
  • J. M. Jefferson
  • B. Jones
  • T. M. Jones
  • F. Jordan
  • A. G. Juckes
  • S. Lamyman
  • E. C. Lavelle
  • A. J. Lidderdale
  • C. Llewellyn
  • J. Mackie
  • H. J. Manners
  • M. Meade
  • D. Morris
  • W. A. Murphy
  • G. O'Leary
  • E. R. Oertel
  • M. J. Polglase
  • J. A. Quinn
  • A. Sexton
  • L. C. Siddall
  • A. D. Smith
  • J. Southcombe
  • B. Storey
  • R. Thompson
  • J. R. Turner
  • D. Wachman
  • J. Wade
  • T. D. Walford
  • E. A. Wheeler
  • D. J. Wintle
  • S. Woodman
  • G. Woodward
  • L. J. Young

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