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Campbeltown (BY, C.)
E. J. O'Neill Mull Of Kintyre Jallaissine (Pedigree) College Chapel rs 32,000 gns [DSL]

Racing Summary
May 7th: Beverley 
5f Maiden
  • Made a good price at the Doncaster St Leger sales and a reasonable increase on the foal price.
  • By First Season Sire that won over 6f in first half of its 2yo season. Sire made good impression at sales and likely to get some early sprint winners. 
  • The sire has has made a solid start with two 5f winners in slow races early on. He has a number of moderate types make their debuts since and one of the early debut runners returned to win a maiden at Chester this week.
  • The dam was placed over 5f as a 2yo in France.
  • Trainer used to have his own small stable but was appointed as private trainer in owner J. Fretwell's new, purpose built stables in 2004. 
  • When the trainer had his only stables the better 2yos used to rate around 60-65 on debut and improve 14lbs STO. Interesting to see his approach in his new position.
  • The trainer has had four runners so far in 2005. The first expensive runner for this owner ran a poor debut after each-way support but improved notably STO. The next two runners won on debut which probably gives the wrong message. Neither of these were 'wound up' and won at 14/1 and 8/1 after only needing to be mostly competent to win moderate races where the favourites failed. His fourth debut yesterday for this owner was well beaten.
  • In summary has a solid profile to be at least an average sprint winner in the season. The percentage call is still that he'll need the debut to develop from but he has an ok draw in 9 and the field lacks depth so he may be able to place.  Profile [59]
  • May 24th: Lingfield
    5f AW Maiden Div I
  • 5/1 second favourite at Beverley. Race was run in a rainstorm on softening ground and with a too fast pace. Three of the first four cam from well off the pace and finished up the centre of the track. Broke well and pressed the pacemaker and a legth second at halfway. Slightly outpaced at 2F out and then faded from there to 7th. The other pacemakers, who had all run previously, were 3rd, 6th & 9th in line with their ability. Estimate [31]
  • A poor level of form on debut but the race was not run in an efficient manner. On the positive side he showed good professionalism and reasonable early pace. That race looks ok quality now with a number of the outpaced runners who plugged on late running well or acceptably since. The 2nd has won a similarly stiff 5f race with another staying on run; the notably outpaced 5th has stepped up to 6f to win a moderate race on a stiff course. Trainer's 2yos have shown solid improvement STO.  Profile [66]
    Horse Run # Date Course Dist Gng RcCls RcTyp SP Postn [Est] Run Style Hdgr Notes
    CAMPBELTOWN107/05/2005BVLY5GFG5M57-1331P2P1Hf, SOutpc, SQFd-1f
    CAMPBELTOWN224/05/2005LNGA5STD6M3.52-1071T5T3Hf, EffStr, Kon
    CAMPBELTOWN301/06/2005YARM6GF5Nov62-854T2T1Hf, 2nd-2f, QOutpaced-1.5f
    CAMPBELTOWN424/06/2005FOLK7GFF6M47-1148MSFre&Hld -2+Hf Ef&Prg-2f QF-1f
    CAMPBELTOWN501/07/2005WTON6STD6M21-1173FGoClr-2f, kon-1f
    CAMPBELTOWN609/07/2005LNGA6STD5Nur3.52-1177M5Wd, -3+Hf, EfStr, Kon-1f
    CAMPBELTOWN722/07/2005WTON6STD5Nur1.52-972FFHfHf, Dv-2f, HddLt, POn
    CAMPBELTOWN830/07/2005NMKJ6GFG2Nur7.56-1069T2-1Hf, SEf-2f, SFd-1f+
    CAMPBELTOWN913/08/2005RIPN6GSS3Cnd1.881-872T3-2Hf, Eff-2f, Ld-1f, Chall Kon
    CAMPBELTOWN1029/08/2005RIPN6GF1Lst113-973T3-2Hf, Dv-2f, SFd-1f
    CAMPBELTOWN1116/09/2005AYR5G1Lst122-1069T4-1+Hf, Ef-2f, kon-1f
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    Campbeltown:-  Pedigree Details
    DAM Name Previous Foals and their Racing Performances Foal Years General Notes
    Jallaissine Campbeltown is her first foal.

    dam plcd 5f 2yo (Fr)

    DAM 98  €20,000 

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