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Cool Creek (BY, C.)
R. Hannon Desert Style Shining Creek (Pedigree) Bering €52,000 [TIE]

Racing Summary
April 2nd: Declared
for Kempton 5f
  • Made good price at Tattersalls (Ir) sales.
  • Sire has solid record with 2yos 2003-4 and can get 5f winners, including in early season and occasionally on debut. The trainer has had success with his 2yos and in 2004 he had two from the sire and both won STO (April & May).
  • Dam has a 7f+ pedigree and was a 2yo winner in Italy.
  • Trainer does not target FTO wins and debut wins are usually by the best runners. The earliest debuts 2002-4 have a variable record but fit the same pattern with only useful runners with potential to develop winning FTO. 
  • Trainer has run three moderate to average type so far in 2005 and they have not been competitive to place on debut although two have front run before fading.
  • In summary a good pedigree to be a 75+ winner for the stable in the style of their previous runners in the race and for the sire. However would probably need to be the first of their better class 2yos to run to win FTO (if the race is up to its normal class). Debut runs so far in 2005 not an encouragement but this one probably a little better than those 3 runners. Profile [63]
  • April 2nd: Kempton
    Post Race
  • Opened 5/2 jf but drifted to 100/30 third favourite. The stable has had a similar number of runners so far in 2005 as in 2004 but they have not been as competitive (he had 3 wins from 5 runs by a similar stage in 2004). 
  • Lost at least four lengths as he stayed in the stalls. Still well off the main group, who set a reasonable pace, until closing up on them quite well between 2f and 1f from home. With the leaders stalling the jockey had to slightly check and take him for a gap on the rails. This was shut-off as Getbuzzin hung left to the rail. The jockey had to stop riding, and then pull back and around Getbuzzin and kept on again to finish on Getbuzzin's right side. 
  • Beaten only 2.5 lengths despite his problems in a slow race.  Estimate [59]
  • April 12th: Declared for
    Newmarket 5f Conditions
  • Trainer's chosen runner from two entries. The trainer usually runs the best of his early season winners in this race but has made a slow start tot he season and has had no winner prior to the declarations stage for this race.
  • This runner made a good debut in the context of the trainer's runners in 2005 and could have rated higher if he had been more professional (& luckier). Declaration here suggests he is close to the best of the trainer's early types.
  • Receives 6lb from the three previous winners. Profile [73 + 6 =79]
  • April 12th: Newmarket
    Post Race
  • Strong favourite here at 4/5 with the trainer having had his first 2yo winner of the season on the previous day. He was again slow at the start but probably only lost 2 lengths and this was not a great problem as the pace was not strong. He travelled well in behind the leaders and looked best suited to the '2f sprint' at the end of the race showing the most natural sprinter actions of the first three. He showed some change-of-pace to go past the leaders and was not hard pressed to hold on. He can rate notably higher than this and probably 88+ at least and is presumably the best of his trainer's earliest runners. Estimate [77]
  • June 14th: York
    6f Group 2
  • Two month break although has been entered in various Conditions and Listed races. Trainer usually runs the best of his 6f 2yos in the race but has a moderate record with one place in the last 5 years in the weaker 2000 race. He does not appear to have a strong group in 2005 and being the best of them is not a high level.  Profile [89]
    Horse Run # Date Course Dist Gng RcCls RcTyp SP Postn [Est] Run Style Hdgr Notes
    COOL CREEK102/04/2005KTON5GSS5M3.33-558BBS-4, GdPrg-2, ChlRl, QHmp
    COOL CREEK212/04/2005NMKT5GF4Cnd0.81-477T43BS-2, T2H, GdProg-1+, KOn
    COOL CREEK314/06/2005YORK6GF1Gp2669-1476M-2+1f, -3+Hf, SOtpcd&Fd-2f
    COOL CREEK427/06/2005PFCT6GF3Cnd0.731-577T22f Spr, T1Hf, Ef-2f, KOn, Cmf
    COOL CREEK506/07/2005NMKJ6GSG1G2c334-1184BModPc Cent, -5Hf, Ef-2, KOLt
    COOL CREEK627/07/2005GDWD7S1Gp2142-788HT7ModAvPc, -3+Hf, FrSd, Kon-2f
    COOL CREEK709/09/2005DONC7GSG1G2c3.34-781T6Rail, -2+Hf, Prg TvWL-1 ModRsp
    COOL CREEK817/09/2005NWBY6GF1Gp251-1384M8GdPc, -3Hf, Prg to 3rd-1, KOn
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    Cool Creek:-  Pedigree Details
    DAM Name Previous Foals and their Racing Performances Foal Years General Notes
    Shining Creek 1 previous foal.
    Half to :-
    • unr 2yo/unp 8f 3yo Sally (€9k, Ir, rtd 23)
    dam 2-3yo wnr (It)
    DAM 93 =
    • 01 S;

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