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Godfrey Street (CH, C.), [Picture]
R. Hannon Compton Place Tahara (Pedigree) Caerleon 6,000 gns [DSL]

Racing Summary
March 19th: Entered for - 
Lingfield 5f (AW) 
Conditions Race (D1)
  • By good sprint sire who can get early runners but better types tend to have some size and develop through season. 
  • Fifth foal of a dam with a mixed pedigree who showed moderate form at 6-7f at 3yo after being unraced at 2yo. She has produced minor older winners abroad.
  • Reviewed at the sales and rated 71. Lacked the size of sire's better types and was notably weak in front. However, had potential to be a minor early sprint winner but lacking scope to develop to mid-season.
  • Trainer does not target FTO wins and debut wins are usually by the best runners. The earliest debuts 2002-4 have a variable record but fit the same pattern with only useful runners with potential to develop winning FTO.
  • Trainer has entries in this race for the first time and has also entered Slack Willy Hilly.
  • In summary has the profile to be a minor early sprint winner rating around 70 but not to develop. Trainer methods mean he is likely to be below that rating on debut and more likely to win STO. Profile [60]
  • March 26th: Entered for - 
    Kempton 5f 
    Maiden - (5)
  • Did not run in the Lingfield race either because not declared or balloted out. The trainer had the favourite in that race that finished 6th.
  • Comments and profile remain valid for this race. Profile [60]
  • March 26th: Kempton 
  • Didn't seem to have developed from the sales and rating dropped slightly. Slightly compact and weak in some areas. A minor early season winner rating around 70 on review.
  • Broke well in a ragged race and crossed from stall 3 in front of the field to the far rail. Led for 4f before fading to fourth. Estimate [59]
  • May 24th: Lingfield
    5f AW Maiden Div I
  • Two month break from early debut that was typical for the trainer. The trainer's first 8 debut runners this season have all run STO, or more, other than this one. 5 of the 8 have won STO and the other two have looked moderate types. 
  • Probably a limited 60s type but ought to be able to run to that level today. Profile [68]
    Horse Run # Date Course Dist Gng RcCls RcTyp SP Postn [Est] Run Style Hdgr Notes
    GODFREY STREET126/03/2005KTON5GS5M84-1059FXFF F-1Hf QFd-1f
    GODFREY STREET224/05/2005LNGA5STD6M2.251-1080T32T1Hf, TvWell, Eff-1.5f, SQkn
    GODFREY STREET325/06/2005CHES5.1GGS4Nov1.882-779T3Rail, T1.5Hf, Ef-1f+, KOn
    GODFREY STREET416/07/2005NWBY5.1GF2Sal1424-25291T6Stds, -2+Hf, -3Ov, QFd-1.5f
    GODFREY STREET526/07/2005GDWD5GS1Gp3506-1584MP-1 -4+1f&Hf SOtpc-2, SwR KO-1
    GODFREY STREET630/07/2005GDWD6GS3Nur2.53-1375T64-3+1, -1+Hf, PrgToLd-1f, SFdLt
    GODFREY STREET705/08/2005LNGA5STD5Nov1.751-779FF1Hf, SQkn3Clr-1f, SFdLt
    GODFREY STREET817/08/2005YORK5GGF1Lst92-1088T3-3+1f, -7Hf, Ef-2, Chal-1 KOn
    GODFREY STREET907/09/2005DONC6GFG2Sal165-2274M11-3+Hf, Prog-2f, 4th-1f, SFdLt
    GODFREY STREET1010/09/2005DONC5HV1Gp281-987T5-1+Hf, Ef&Ld-2f, 2Clr-1+, KOn
    GODFREY STREET1108/10/2005SALS5GGS1Gp357-1282T4-1+Hf, Ef-1.5f, SOtpcd, SFdLt
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    Godfrey Street:-  Pedigree Details
    DAM Name Previous Foals and their Racing Performances Foal Years General Notes
    Tahara 4 previous foals.
    Half to :-
    • 3-4yo wnr The Name Game's (It)
    • 3-4yo wnr Zaizatah (Be/De)
    • +plcd 8.5f AW 2yo Tamora (10k, SRev 58 x 2, rtd 60)
    • +unmd 3yo
    dam unr 2yo/unp 6-7f 3yo in 2 runs (rtd 50)
    DAM 94 =
    • 99 TNG
    • 00 Z
    • 01 unmd
    • 02 T

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