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One Trick Pony (CH, G.)
W. G. M. Turner Timeless Times Lavernock Lady (Pedigree) Don't Forget Me 2000 gns [DOC]

Racing Summary
March 28th:
Entered for
Redcar 5f Maiden
  • Cheap price at moderate DOC sales.
  • By sire with long career and hanging on with reputation for getting minor sprint 2yos. Has poor record and no quality in 2003-4.
  • Dam was moderate but has produced 3 foals to the same sire and two have been minor 5f 2yo winners.
  • Trainer gets 2yos ready and professional on debut and better ones can win. Normally enters runners in suitable races and has two entries in this race. Has moderate record with northern debuts recently.
  • Trainer had two runners in first 2yo race of season and some evidence he doesn't get his runners as near peak fitness on debut as he used to.
  • In summary the profile of a 50s sprint 2yo and not quite ready here. Profile [46]
  • March 29th: Entered for
    Yarmouth 5.2f
    Auction (E)
  • Comments for Redcar race valid here. Receives 5lb from topweight colt in this auction race. Profile [46+5 = 51]
  • March 29th:
    Yarmouth 5.2f - POST RACE
  • As uncompetitive as his trainer's other 4 debut runners so far and none have shown the expected zip. Estimate [28]
  • April 4th: Declared for
    Yarmouth seller
  • Drops to seller after poor effort in a weak auction race here. Has a 5lb apprentice.
  • Trainer's runners have mostly been in very poor form including STO runs. He had his first winner of the season though two days ago (his first competitive run).  Profile [32]
  • April 16th: Thirsk
    5f Claimer
  • Showed modest improvement STO in line with trainer's record with moderate types in 2005. Has cheekpieces for the first time and this was the common approach with seller level types in 2004 by the trainer.
  • Receives 10lb from the topweight colt and has a 5lb apprentice so the trainer is using any help he can to make him competitive.  Profile [40 + 10 = 50]
    Horse Run # Date Course Dist Gng RcCls RcTyp SP Postn [Est] Run Style Hdgr Notes
    ONE TRICK PONY128/03/2005YARM5.2GS5Auc3.57-728MBA5, PSS, NPrg
    ONE TRICK PONY204/04/2005YARM5.2G7Slr3.52-536T3A5, T1H, Dv-2, pon
    ONE TRICK PONY316/04/2005THSK5SHV6Clm41-844FPA5, FHfHf, Hd-1+, Pon-1
    ONE TRICK PONY407/05/2005THSK5G5Clm2.751-1051FPA5, F2Hf, SFd-1+, pon
    ONE TRICK PONY519/05/2005NEWC6GGF6Clm2.754-1142FPA5, Led4f, F1Hf, Hdd-2, SFd
    ONE TRICK PONY628/05/2005EDIN5GGF5Slr32-1256FPA5, F1Hf, Pon-1.5f, Hdd-1f
    ONE TRICK PONY730/05/2005LEIC5GGF5Clm3.55-950FA3, Hdd-1f, SFd
    ONE TRICK PONY806/07/2005CATT5GGF6Slr1.51-1146FPAvPc, F1Hf, Eff, pon-1f+
    ONE TRICK PONY905/08/2005HYDK5GF5Nur2013-1425T37PA5, -1+1f, -3Hf, Fd-2f
    ONE TRICK PONY25/08/2005EDIN5GFF4NurxN-P
    ONE TRICK PONY1012/09/2005RDCR5GGS5Nur2513-1415T7PStrgPc, -1+1, -3+Hf&Otpcd, QFd
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    One Trick Pony:-  Pedigree Details
    DAM Name Previous Foals and their Racing Performances Foal Years General Notes
    Lavernock Lady 3 previous foals.
    Full to :-
    • 5f 2yo Robwillcall (1.2k, rtd 72)
    • 5f 2yo Lavish Times (8k, rtd 54)
    • +unp 5-7f 2yo Steal The Thunder (2.2k, rtd )
    dam unp 2yo/unp Hrdlr (rtd 35)
    DAM 95 =
    • 00 RWC
    • 01 LT
    • 02 STT

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