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Violette (BY, F.), [Picture]
M. Prescott Observatory Odette (Pedigree) Pursuit Of Love [Owner Bred]

Racing Summary
June 5th: Bath  
5.7f Maiden Fillies'
  • Bred by Limestone Stud and owned by C Nicholson.
  • By a first season sire with a mixed pedigree that showed 2yo form over 6f. Sire made a moderate impression with yearlings and many were small although often with better builds.  
  • Sire has had seven moderate debuts so far over 5f (one won STO at 100/1) and two ok at 6f (one a targeted debut win for this trainer at Wolverhampton).
  • Dam with the same trainer showed placed for at 2yo and average winner form at 3yo. Her first foal had a similar career with the same trainer. The two other foals have been sold at the sales. The first won a 6f Listed race at Royal Ascot at 2yo and the Nell Gwyn in early part of her 3yo season. The other was much more expensive and reverted to type by showing just moderate to average placed form at 2yo.
  • Trainer has just started running his 2yos and this is the 6th after 5 in the previous 6 days.
  • The earliest runners in each season will include most of the winners. He assesses his 2yos at home before they run and will have a plan with most of them depending upon the ability they have.  
  • He does not not target strong debuts and gets occasional winners with better types that can rate 70+ FTO usually in weaker races. A shorter SP (less than 3/1) has been significant in the last two seasons. 
  • His record to date is 1 win (drifted in market with others supported), 3 x seconds (1 x targeted FTO win at Wolverhampton at 7/4) and one unplaced.
  • In summary the trainer's debuts so far have looked mostly ready without being wound up and have competed well in moderate races because they are better physical types. The one targeted win attempt showed inexperience. In summary the market should indicate whether this is a win attempt but on balance likely to need the run to sharpen her up.  Profile [57]
    Horse Run # Date Course Dist Gng RcCls RcTyp SP Postn [Est] Run Style Hdgr Notes
    VIOLETTE105/06/2005BATH5.7GF6MF0.661-1163T4T2Hf, 4Wd, Eff-2f, Ld-1f, Kon
    VIOLETTE211/06/2005BATH5F5Nov0.82-361T32-2Hf, Eff-2f, SPrg, Kon-1
    VIOLETTE323/07/2005NWBY6GF1G3f257-12762M-5+1f, -4Hf, SEf-2f, Fd-1f
    VIOLETTE406/08/2005HYDK6GF5Nvf2.752-575T3-2Hf, Eff-2f&Prog, kon-1f
    VIOLETTE510/08/2005HTON6GFF4Nov1.11-479T232f Spr, -HHf, Ef-2f 1Clr, Kon
    VIOLETTE607/09/2005DONC6.5GFG2Nrf5.51-1782B17Hld XB, -3+Hf, 7th-1, KOn SCmf
    VIOLETTE717/09/2005AYR6G1G3f2.251-1286M8Rail, -3Hf, Prog-2f, Ld-1, KOn
    VIOLETTE801/10/2005RDCR6GFF1Lst1.52-24801M-5Hf, Ef-2f & GdPrg, HgL&Kon-1
    VIOLETTE915/10/2005NMKT7GSG1G2f42-1486MXB RL -3+Hf, Ef-2 to 2nd-1 Kon
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    Violette:-  Pedigree Details
    DAM Name Previous Foals and their Racing Performances Foal Years General Notes
    Odette 3 previous foals.
    Half to :-
    • Lstd 5-6f 2yo/Gp3 7f 3yo Silca's Gift (40k, rtd 104/104)
    • unp 5-6f AW 2yo in Dec/5f 3yo On Point (M Prescott, rtd 60/70)
    • +plcd 7f 2yo Resistance Heroine (125k, rtd 66, HiT 26k)
    dam plcd 5f 2yo/5-6f 3yo (M Prescott, rtd 75 2yo 4 runs, rtd 70 3yo)
    DAM =
    • 00 OP
    • 01 SG
    • 02 RH

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