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Granny Peel (BY F, Feb 8)
K. A. Ryan J Hopkinson Redback Bacchanalia (Pedigree) Blues Traveller €12,500 [TIE]

Racing Summary
March 26th:-
  • Declared for the 5th race of the season at Kempton on the new AW course. Was entered for the first race of the season at Lingfield 9 days ago but did not. get a run. A rare debut for the trainer in the south. With a cold spring there have been few runners at all from Yorkshire trainers.
  • Trainer does not target strong debut runs and as a typical rule a runner capable of rating 50+ on debut for him will indicate a winner during the season. However, his very earliest debuts tend to be competitive 2yos and the 4 that have run in March in the period 2003-5 have all been winners during the season with two of them winning FTO. His two fillies to debut in March in 2005 both won STO in early April after showing promise on debut.
  • By a first season sire who is still the only 5f winner at 2yo out of his sire. However, he needed to be trained by R. Hannon and have three attempts to do it and proved much better at 7f at 2yo. The sire has two runners in this race and his first runner was unplaced in the first race of the season.
  • Dam a moderate 7f 2yo winner.
    Run Rc # Date Course Dist Gng RcCls RcTyp SP Postn [Est] RnSty RcPc Notes Hdgr
    15Mar 27KTNA5STD5Auc85-827M5AvRail, -2.5+1f, -4Hf & Dv, SResp, QFd-1f+
    210Apr 4WWCK5GSS6Slr3.34-833FAvF1+1f & Hf, 1+Clr Str, Veer Rh-1+, poLt
    322Apr 17RDCR5GF6Slr3.51-840T4Av-1Hf, Ef-2f & Chal, 4way Duel, pon
    435Apr 22THSK5G5Clm33-1144T5GdCnt, -3+Hf, Ef-2f & Prog, pon-1
    540Apr 26CATT5F6Slr1.12-744FOkFNkHf, Ef-2f, 1Clr-1f, poP
    579May 15WTON5.1STD6Clm1.751-1050FAvRail Adv, XF+2f 2Clr, F1Hf, Pon-1f+
    7114May 29LEIC5GS5Clm0.81-750P2FMAv-Hf+1f, FHfHf, Ef-2f & 2Clr, Pon
    8172Jun 14BVLY5GF6Clm2.751-852T3Ok-1.5Hf, Chal-1.5f, Ld-1f, pon
    9257Jul 3EDIN5GGF4Nur3.52-752T2Ok-1+1f & Hf, SOutpcd-1.5f, pon-1
    10365Jul 24BVLY5GF5Clm1.252-943.
    11484Aug 12RDCR6GF6Slr210-1310Claimed 6k by M Brittain
    12613Aug 31WTON5.1STD6Slf1.753-933A3,
    680Sep 13BVLY5GF6NrsNR-.
    14953Nov 2WTON5.1SFS6Nur1010-130.
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    Granny Peel:-  Pedigree Details
    DAM Name Previous Foals and their Racing Performances Foal Years General Notes
    Bacchanalia Granny Peel is her first foal.

    dam 7f 2yo/unp 7-10f 3yo (Ir25k, rtd 67/40), half to one winner

    DAM 99  

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