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British 2yo Racing - 2006 Season Major Conditions & Sales Races

    Notes - Conditions Races are shown in blue and where they have a consistent name this is used. For those races whose sponsorship changes regularly with no consistent name the basic race type is given. Sales races which only accept entries from 2yos sold at specific sales, or nominated as yearlings to the race, are shown in red.
    Doncaster racecourse started a major redevelopment in January 2006 and will not be ready for use until March 2007. The races normally run there will be allocated to other courses.

5f 6f 7f 8f
MAY 10th, Lily Agnes (Ches)
19th, Fillies' Race (Nwby, F)
22nd, Colts' Race (Wdsr, C&G)

31st, Brian Yeardley (Bvly, C&G)

26th, Open Race (Pfct)

~ 11th, First 6f Race ~
29th, Champagne Auction (Sals)
~ 13th, First 7f Race ~
JUL 2nd, Fillies' Race (Wdsr, F)

14th, Open Race (Ches)
22nd, Super Sprint (Nwby)

3rd, Spindrifter (Pfct)

22nd, Colts' Race (Nwby, C&G)
28th, Open Race (Nmkj)
30th, Hong Kong Auction (Asct)

28th, Sapper (Ripn)
19th, Horn Blower (Ripn)
25th, Combermere (Ches, F)
26th, Colts' Race (Ches, C&G)

25th, Fillies' Race (Nmkj, F)
26th, Colts' Race (Nmkj, C&G)
~ 9th, First 8f Race ~
& Season Halfway
(500th Race)
SEP 6th, St Leger Sales (Donc*)

27th, Open Race (Sals)
29th, Tatts Oct Sales (Nmkt)

15th, Fillies' Race (Nwby)
16th, Watership Down Sales (Nwby 6.5f, F)

9th, Open Race (Ches, 7.6f)
15th, Haynes, H&C (Nwby)

30th, Open Race (Epsm, 8.5f)

21st, DBS Oct Sales (Donc*)
3rd, Open Race (Leic, 10f)

14th, Houghton (Nmkt)

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