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British 2yo Racing - 2006 Season Listed Race Schedule

    Notes - The table shows the 2006 schedule for the 29 Listed races which were run in 2005. They are split down by the four main distance categories over which the races are run. The only exception is the last Listed race of the season - The Zetland Stakes - which is run over 10f. Races marked with an 'F' are restricted to fillies.

    Doncaster racecourse started a major redevelopment in January 2006 and will not be ready for use until March 2007. The races normally run there will be allocated to other courses.

5f 6f 7f 8f
MAY 19th, Marygate (York, F)
24th, Aubigny (Gdwd)
29th, National (Sdwn)
31st, Hilary Needler (Bvly, F)

24th, Windsor Castle (Asct)
3rd, Woodcote (Epsm)

20th, Chesham (Asct)

7th, Dragon (Sdwn)
1st, Empress (Nmkj, F)
6th, Rose Bowl (Nwby)

27th, Star (Sdwn, F)

19th, St Hugh's (Nwby, F)

23rd, Roses (York)

28th, Ripon Champion (Ripn)
31st, Dick Poole (Sals, F)

18th, Washington Singer (Nwby)

22nd, Acomb (York)

25th, Stonehenge (Sals)
15th, Harry Rosebery (Ayr)

30th, Redcar Trophy (Rdcr)

30th, Oh So Sharp (Nmkt, F)
9th, Stardom (Gdwd)
7th, Rockingham (York)

21st, Doncaster (Donc*)
27th, Bosra Sham (Nmkt, F)

21st, Radley (Nwby, F)

16th, Silver Tankard (Pfct)

28th, Montrose (Nmkt, F)
28th, Zetland (Nmkt, 10f)

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