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Amosite (BY F, Mar 28) [Picture]
J. R. Jenkins Rowley Central ParkWaterline Dancer (Pedigree)Danehill Dancer 1200 gns [TO4]

Racing Summary
10 May Thursday brought a good example with Amosite running a close second at 40/1 on her fourth run and it took the evens favourite most of the race to close her down have granted her an easy lead. Amosite was in first time blinkers which no doubt aided her improved showing but try looking at this Picture of her. She's a tall girl by precocious 2yo standards and well enough built. She'd have been the biggest in that field at Nottingham even though favourite Art Princess is a solid size. Turn up on the course and just back the biggest and you would wonder where the 50s and 40s came from.
Run Rc # Date Course Dist Gng RcCls RcTyp SP Postn [Est] [Prf] RnSty RcPc Notes Hdgr
11Mar 22DONC5GS4Cnd6617-19-364 1M7AvTckCnt, -5.5Hf, QFd-2f
29Apr 4LNGA5STD5Mf334-6244 FAvTallerInGrp, Rail, FHdHf, Hdd-1+, SFd
326Apr 17KTNA4STD5Auc169-11-1 M5OkA3, -1+1f, 3Wd, -4Hf, Hmp into Str, JkEs
467May 9NOTT5.1GGF5Mf502-153815 FAvEasy Lead, F3+1f, F4Hf, 3Clear-1f, SFdLtV
597May 19WDSR5GF5Mf4.53-112438 T4OkRail, -1.5+Hf, Prog-2 & Led, Hdd-1 QFdLtV
6205Jun 18ASCT5GFF1G2f10013-173348 .B
4293Jul 5NOTT5.1GF5Acf3.36-10234 .V
8467Aug 5CHEP5.1S5Mf5.57-9-2529 .V
9605Aug 29SALS6GF5Auc282-1122 A5,
10772Sep 22LEIC6GGF4Nrf3317-17-42 .
11947Oct 18NMKT7G1G2f15015-15135 .
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Amosite:-  Pedigree Details
DAM Name Previous Foals and their Racing Performances Foal Years General Notes
Waterline Dancer Amosite is her first foal. dam 5f 2yo/plcd 6f 3yo (Ir£3.8k, rtd 48/54), half to 1 winner from 4 of 7 DAM 00 =  

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