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Danidh Dubai  (BY F, Mar 28) [Picture]
M. R. Channon Jaber Abdullah NoverreDani Ridge (Pedigree)Indian Ridge 28000 []

Racing Summary
20 Apr Channon's Danidh Dubai also got a positive Paddock Review and it was a surprise to see her so unfancied at 20/1. She fell off the back of the group as soon as the later race sprint started and looked an awkward mover or ride, or possibly both. As with a number of Channon's runners (all ages) during the week she showed bouts of wilfulness and energy mixed with more down sections and this is unusual for the stable's horses. You could easily get the feeling the horses aren't quite 'right' at the moment. Anyway, on physical type grounds she has the strength and size to be an OR80+ rater at least so another to track for how she develops in condition to STO.
10 May Which brings us to the Haydock 6f maiden field. If you look at the Virtual Paddock for this race below you will see three horses. The first is the filly Danidh Dubai who was a long price and ran poorly at Newmarket behind Art Princess. On Paddock Review she scored a positive for size, strength, etc and the problem looked to be more on the mental side. Too wound up and also in moderate condition coatwise etc. In early season a number of the Channon horses looked like this (all ages) but seem to have got past that now and he had a 2yo winner with a filly who faded badly FTO and looked similarly short of condition. Give that positive she comes out joint top on profile and a much better showing should be expected today. 
Run Rc # Date Course Dist Gng RcCls RcTyp SP Postn [Est] [Prf] RnSty RcPc Notes Hdgr
127Apr 17NMKT5G5Mf209-1017 B6Mod-3+1f, -2.5Hf, QOutpcd-2f, Inx, AwkMvr?
270May 10HYDK6G5M4.51-124240 FOkSupp, FHf+1f, FNsHf, Chal-1f+ Resp, kon
3214Jun 20ASCT6FGF1G3f253-145970 .
4408Jul 26ASCT6GF1G3f59-163261 .
5756Sep 20AYR6HV1G3f6.57-1428 .
6844Oct 3NMKT7GF1G3f1413-13-9059 .
7951Oct 20PFCT8GSG1Lst144-4-3 Slw.
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Danidh Dubai:-  Pedigree Details
DAM Name Previous Foals and their Racing Performances Foal Years General Notes
Dani Ridge 1 previous foal.
Half to :- dam 6f 4yo/6f 5yo (rtd 83), related to 3 winners, incl full to Gp3 7f Blomberg
DAM 98 =  

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