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Fault  (BY C, Feb 15) [Picture]
R. Charlton J Livock Bahamian BountyTrundley Wood (Pedigree)Wassl 48000 gns []

Racing Summary
05 May Trainer Roger Charlton has his first runner of the year with Fault for owner John Livock who must be due to run out of tennis related names at some point (Third Set, Ball Boy, Top Seed, etc.). 'Fault' is pretty lame you could say. Anyway, this is an early start for the trainer and normally he begins with a 'sighter' in late May. This is often a usable but limited type or a nursery development project. You would have to say that Fault looks better than that on pedigree and sales price and raises the issue that this might be a better one running because he got some real ability. The trainer did use to get debut winners and double figure strike rates were not uncommon. In the last two years the record is a single FTO success from 64 goes.
Run Rc # Date Course Dist Gng RcCls RcTyp SP Postn [Est] [Prf] RnSty RcPc Notes Hdgr
159May 5WDSR5GGS5M31-62934 1FMAvStds RL, XF Cmf+1, Eff, F3Hf, POn Cmf
298May 19WDSR5GF2Cnd44-4340 T2OkDrift, SFre, -1Hf, Fd-2f, Eased-1f
334Jul 12YORK5GS3NurNR38 .
3348Jul 17BATH5GGF5Nur2.751-73836 .
4451Aug 2GDWD6G2Nur7.59-10-344 .
5513Aug 12LNGA5STD5Nur3.37-72840 .T
6607Aug 29SDWN5GFG4Nur203-1237 .
7839Oct 2NMKT6GF2Auc4014-2820 .
8866Oct 6WDSR5GS4Nur3.53-728 .
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Fault:-  Pedigree Details
DAM Name Previous Foals and their Racing Performances Foal Years General Notes
Trundley Wood 5 previous foals.
Half to :-
  • 6f 2yo Squanto (It)
  • wnr Flaviatore (It)
  • plcd 2yo/7f 3yo River Royale (2yo 31k, rtd 55/78)
dam 7f 2yo
  • 99 TM
  • 02 RR
Foal 22,000 

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