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Firth Of Fifth  (BY C, Mar 30) [Picture]
T. G. Dascombe Daniel Perchard TraditionallyWish List (Pedigree)Mujadil 5000 gns []

Racing Summary
07 Apr Then we have First Of Fifth and at least there is something positive to say. He cost 5,000gns so there isn't much of him of course but he's neatly put together and well balanced. On the real positive side he's a good, active mover and he shows that off by looking like he's mentally mature and here to do business. Not clinging to the lad but pulling forward and showing some spark.
  • That's all very well but the horse still needs to know what's expected from it to compete. He gets out of the stalls ok but needs driving along to pick up and loses 5 lengths as the others go off in a line-of-four. They aren't very good so he manages to close on them downhill and pick off the shirksome Shadow Bay. He continues that progress as the leaders stall to various extents and battles to the finish with the experienced Gone Hunting who has 7lbs less with his apprentice aboard.
  • A good effort and believable he can rate just 70+ and win something early. Size and lack of scope will catch him out after that. A positive for his trainer in getting a usable cheap one but he still hasn't proved he can produce one ready to win FTO despite the effort here. Getting the horse competent is part of the readiness and pick-up bumbling ("What Me?, Now?", "Yes, YOU....") cost the debut win here. If First Of  Fifth had been trained by David Evans he would have won this by 3 lengths.
  • ~Comm~
    Run Rc # Date Course Dist Gng RcCls RcTyp SP Postn [Est] [Prf] RnSty RcPc Notes Hdgr
    111Apr 5LNGA5STD6Auc122-52625 B4OkP-5 Dv, -4.5Hf, Prog-2f, 4th-1, pon Chal
    226Apr 17KTNA4STD5Auc33-1132 B7OkB-1 Held XB, Rail -5Hf, Outpcd-2, PON Lt
    343Apr 30ASCT5GS3Cnd102-74440 FAvFarSd, -H+1f, FHfHf, Hdd-1.5f, ko
    4194Jun 14YORK6GGF3M1.53-122543 .
    5223Jun 21LING7F6Auc21-144444 XF Cmf to Stds' Rail, big rail bias.
    6322Jul 11NMKJ7G1Gp281-95849 FAvCent, EsyLd, F2Hf, Eff-2f, kon
    7430Jul 30GDWD7GF1Gp2107-106058 .
    8797Sep 27ASCT8G1G2c208-839 .
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    Firth Of Fifth:-  Pedigree Details
    DAM Name Previous Foals and their Racing Performances Foal Years General Notes
    Wish List 5 previous foals.
    Half to :-
    • unr 2yo/3yo wnr Wishbone Raffle
    • 7f 2yo Sunstroke (rtnd 2yo 1k, rtd 24, HiT 4.5k)
    • +plcd 7f 2yo Granted Wish (Ir, rtd 45)
    • plcd 8f 2yo/plcd 7f 3yo Crimson Flame (32k, rtd 50/57)
    • unmd 2yo (23k, Ir, Celtic Swing)
    dam 5f 2yo (Ir, rtd 74) ran once in UK, unplaced in Ayr Listed race
    DAM 96 =
    • 01 GW
    • 02 WR
    • 04 Sun
    • 05 unmd
    Foal 20,000 

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