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Klynch  (BY C, Mar 28) [Picture]
B. J. Meehan L P R P'ship KyllachyInchcoonan (Pedigree)Emperor Jones 32000 gns [DSL]

Racing Summary
20 Apr Klynch was Brian Meehan's first 2yo runner of the season and his debut runners can be variable although the better ones usually show some ability and place and occasionally win this early in the year. He tends to run his better ones at Newmarket and used to start his best early sprinters at the Craven Meeting. With the colts' maiden at the meeting history he would have had to run Klynch in the conditions race at that course and clearly didn't think he was up to it. He has run newcomers in that race in recent years with Major Eazy & Deadshot Keen (both for the Comic Strip Heroes owners) both making the first 4 on the way to being dual winners during the season. 
  • He ran the seller winner Rough Rock in the race last year behind Winker Watson and on physical grounds Klynch looked better than that and more a 75+ sprinter. But he was too inexperienced to run well and gave trouble loading into the stalls and didn't appear to handle the ground after blowing the start. He may run again quickly having been declared to run at Windsor two days later unless that was a mistake.
  • 21 Apr Klynch is interesting and is also covered in the 20th April week's review. He made his debut only 3 days ago on holding ground at Newbury. On looks he seemed a solid 75-85 sprinter and better than the seller winner Rough Rocks that Meehan ran for the same owners in the Newbury race in 2007. He was too wound up (2 handlers, gave trouble loading) to show his best and didn't appear to go on the ground at all and was left behind off a moderate pace. The fact he's running so quickly could be for a good reason - Meehan thinks he didn't get the chance to show what he's capable of a Newbury and worth another go here. Or, it could be for a negative reason in that he's another seller type like Rough Rocks and therefore expendable. The trainer, like Mick Channon, can be ruthless with these sorts and get rid of them. The fact that Robert Havlin is booked doesn't suggest the senior jockeys were anxious to get on him (nothing against Havlin as a rider, just fashionablity). 
  • But, he is a better type physically than Rough Rocks and ought to be a solid maiden winner. You can't be sure what you will get here because of the muffed debut so the profile is low but if he runs to his potential it wouldn't be a surprise to see him compete well.
  • 23 Apr Which brings us to dear old Klutz, err.., Klynch. Not without ability but a bit of a daft lad at present. He's followed the same route for the trainer/owner combination as Rough Rock did in 2007. He managed a fourth, in a Windsor maiden, in three goes before struggling in nurseries off OR72. Switched to a seller and equipped with blinkers he ironed out seller field at Yarmouth (home of the juvenile seller). That got him sold for a too high 28,600 guineas at the post race auction (and had the Yarmouth management pretty pleased no doubt with their cut). Up to OR75 and uncompetitive in three later runs for a new trainer.
  • Now, Klynch was fourth here in his Windsor maiden having sat in 7th at halfway and making some progress in centre field when asked. He didn't look proficient doing this and not entirely in control of his movement but he did it, and he was chasing three solid types in front of him. On physical grounds he's better than Rough Rock so, by comparison, ought to prove a better prospect. Not the seller route and Fire Sale for him.
  • ~Comm~
    Run Rc # Date Course Dist Gng RcCls RcTyp SP Postn [Est] [Prf] RnSty RcPc Notes Hdgr
    129Apr 18NWBY5.1GS4M5.56-6-18 B6MAvTrbl Ldg, BP-4 Inx, DvOv, -3.5Hf, Eased
    234Apr 21WDSR5Gd5M204-113326 M7AvCent, -3.5Hf, Ask-2f & AwkProg, pon
    63May 8CHES5.1G2MNR36 .
    3105May 22SALS5GF4M7.52-936 T4OkRail, -1.5+Hf, Prog-1.5f to 2nd, Pon-1f
    4152Jun 4KTNA5STD6M11-114237 .
    5209Jun 19ASCT5GF1Gp2207-115268 .
    6280Jul 4BVLY5GFG4Nov86-824 .
    7327Jul 12ASCT6GS3Nur84-73547 M4.
    8445Aug 1HYDK6GSG4Nur85-103945 .
    9471Aug 6KTNA6STD4Nur7.51-83943 .B
    10567Aug 22NMKJ6G2CSa4014-1925 .B
    563Aug 22NWBY6GSG4NurNR A3,B
    11658Sep 6KTNA6STD1Gp3258-114748 .B
    12761Sep 20NWBY6GGS2Nur4011-1623 A5,B
    13801Sep 27GLGH6STD4Clm54-1122 .B
    14862Oct 6WWCK6S3Nur258-84 .B
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    Klynch:-  Pedigree Details
    DAM Name Previous Foals and their Racing Performances Foal Years General Notes
    Inchcoonan 1 previous foal.
    Half to :-
    • +unr 2yo/unp 6-7f 3yo Heavenly Encounter (5k, 52x1.2)
    dam unr 2yo/8f 3yo/7-8f AW 4yo (15k, rtd 45/59), related to four winners from 7 of 8
    DAM 98 =
    • 05 HE

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