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Percys Corismatic  (BY F, Feb 13) [Picture]
J. Gallagher Coombeshead Rcg SystematicCorisa (Pedigree)Be My Guest rtnd £ 500 [ASC]

Racing Summary
12 Apr Percy's Corismatic cost £500 to retain at the Ascot sales (third tier in Britain) and presumably the minimum bid for that sale. She looks what you would expect and although neat enough is just too small and light to compete against these bigger horses. The lass leading her probably isn't 5 foot and the horse's withers are well below the top of her head which makes her borderline pony size. Struggled to go the pace at any stage in the race but a positive in that she never gave in and plugged on into the eased runners late on. She probably did a time close to the winner of the later seller but flat out all the way and carried by better horses compared to a more leisurely pace in the other event.
Run Rc # Date Course Dist Gng RcCls RcTyp SP Postn [Est] [Prf] RnSty RcPc Notes Hdgr
12Mar 24WWCK5GS5Mf3313-14-529 B14AvB-5 P-2, Inx, -13Hf, NIR
213Apr 9BATH5GGS5M408-10-30 B8AvDvErl, NGoPc, -5Hf, SFd-2f
3101May 21GDWD6GGF5Mf1007-9-170 B8Av-4+1f, -6Hf, Fd-2f
4184Jun 12YARM7GF6Slr204-873 .
5296Jul 6BTON7F6M333-4116 .
6343Jul 15YARM7GF6SNr5.55-9-424 A3O3,
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Percys Corismatic:-  Pedigree Details
DAM Name Previous Foals and their Racing Performances Foal Years General Notes
Corisa Percys Corismatic is her first foal. dam unp 7f 2yo/unp 10f 3yo in 2 runs (Ir£4k, rtd 10) DAM 00 =  

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