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Racing Preview - April 24th 
Races :-
  • 36: Beverley 2:00, 5f Claimer (5)

  •   April 24th Summary : 
    • [A couple of points from the Catterick race on Wednesday for the early viewers of the page. If you can find a way to then you should look at the VT of the race going to halfway and the winner is just plain bigger and rangier than the others. It was predictable at this point that the winner would pull away from the rabbits who were going as fast as they could to keep in the race and those exertions would tell in the last two furlongs. The guys who stand around the racecourses making money by trading on the exchanges using the lesser time delay must have found that an easy race to find a margin. The other point would be that it was such a weak race in profile that the two best backed horses, including the favourite, were the Ron Harris trained pair. This from a man who has never had a 2yo finish closer than 6th on debut, remember (and that in a 6 horse race). Well, he improved his record here because one managed to get to 4th but how can betting on horses with that profile be sensible unless you can see them. Even then the clumsy performances of his pair here tell you for him to have a good debut of his home preparation will need a good horse who is also a natural.]

    Race Virtual Paddocks FTO P&L Qualifiers
    • None.

    ~ BVLY 2:00 ~ Today's Race Best Run FTO Run
    Name [PRF] WCor Run Class Level Best [Est] Best Run FTO [EST] Ave % FTO
    1 DAZZLING DUST [20] - 3 15 2 10 11
    6 TALULAH BELLS [10] +17 3 -7 2 -123 32
    4 KHELEY [7] +13 2 -13 1 -13 17
    5 RON'S PRINCESS [7] +13 1 33
    3 DISPOL DIVA [0] +11 2 -38 1 -38 23
    2 QUADRIFOLIO [0] +8 2 -24 1 -24 12

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