BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2010 Season Race Result
Race 202 : Wed, June 16th
Ascot 5:00, 5f Group 2 (Fillies') (1), "Queen Mary Stakes"

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
GFG 59.17

Horse SP [EST]Run Wnr Trainer Dw Hf Run Notes
1Maqaasid2.25732 m J. H. M. Gosden 18
Supp 3/1, B-1 Wdst, H-1 Erl Drop 2nd Rank FrRL, TvCmf-2f & Wait For Gap, SwcL-1.5f, Eff-1f+, ko ins-1f, Ld-0.5f PO, PoLt
2Meow (t)3.5723 D. A. Wachman 17
Supp 4/1, BkWL, LdgLn Erl FrRL, ko-1.5f+, Ld-1f+, PO ins-1f, Hdd-0.5f, Resp & Po to Ln
3Ladies Are Forever10712 m/L G. R. Oldroyd 16
BOk P-1 Ngl Resp, 2nd Rank+1f, Ngl-2f+, Eff-2f Resp, PO, 3rd ins-1.5f, SHgL-1f+, Po ins-1f, SResp Lt
4Serena's Pride50543 m A. P. Jarvis 15
B-1 PNgl Resp, LdgLn Erl FrSd, Eff-2f TTR, Po ins-2f, 4th ins-1f, po, Fd Lt
5Catalinas Diamond100533 B. W. Duke 12
BkWL, LdgLn Erl, H-2+1f Drop Back, Eff-2f STTR, Po ins-2f, 7th-1f, Po, Fd Lt
6Purple Glow20506 J. S. Bolger 14
BkWL Hld Immed, H-2 Erl Drop Back, Eff-2f SOutpcd, Po-1f+, Fd-0.5f
7Moonlit Garden8452 D. K. Weld 1
P-1, QEff Erl & Prg, LdgLn+0.5f Cent-Stds RcAlone, Eff-2f+ & Ld Ov, PO, Hdd-1f+, 4th-1f, Stall ins-1f, Fd-0.5f
8Dress Up33433 m S. Kirk 13
BOk PWL, LdgLn Erl & Eff, Eff-2f Resp, Po, 4th-1f+, Stall ins-1f, Fd-0.5f
9Primo Lady (v)16374 l G. A. Kelleway 3
BkWL, LdgLn Erl, SwcCent+1.5f, Dv+2f, Whip Hf, Resp-2f, po, Fd ins-0.5f
10Swiss Dream5.5343 m D. R. C. Elsworth 10
Supp 8/1, BOk, H-2 Erl Drop Mdfld, SwcR+1.5f Cent-Stds, Eff-2f, po, Stall-1f+, Fd ins-1f
11Saskia's Dream100331 J. Chapple-Hyam 4
AP Blanket, BOk PDv Resp, H-1 +1f Drop-in Cent, Eff-2f+ SOutpcd SInx, po, Stall-1f+, Fd-0.5f+
12The Sydney Arms25264 d R. Hannon 7
BkWL, LdgLn+0.5f Cent, Ngl+1.5f, Eff-2f Resp, Po, Stall-1f+, Fd ins-1f
13Penny's Pearl16242 mV R. Hannon 2
BOk PAwk-1, Ngl Erl, RcAlone Cent-Stds, Last+1f, Eff-2f Resp, po, Stall-1f, Fd ins-1f,
14Marlinka20203 mD R. Charlton 6
PDv Resp, Eff Erl & Prg, Fre+1f & Ld Cent Grp, LdOv+1.5f 1Clr, Hdd-2f+, Stall-1.5f+, Fd ins-1.5f, 11th-1f
15Overwhelm10082 M A. Reid 11
B-2, SFre Erl & Hld, SOutpcd-2f, po, Fd-1f+
16Masaya6642 m/D C. E. Brittain 9
B-1 PNgl TTR, Resp+0.5f & SFre, Outpcd-2f ModResp, Fd-1.5f
17Yarooh6625 m C. E. Brittain 8
BkWL, H-1 Erl Drop Back, Eff-2f SOutpcd, po, Stall-1f+, Fd-1f
18Cerejeira200-83 E. J. Alston 5
B-1, H-1 Erl Drop Back, Ngl+1f, Dv+2f, SOutpcd-2f, po, Fd-1f

Juvenile 5f Course Record on day where several Course records broken. Tailwind and drying ground. Previous races suggest Far Rail faster and field race centre to far side in this race. First eight home include the 7 drawn in 12-18 boxes plus Moonlit Garden who steamed down the centre to stands strip on her own from stall 1 and initial reaction would be she was at a real disadvantage doing that.
Field wide spread after 1.5F with Marlinka going too quickly and at least 1L clear in centre track. Line of pressing filies spread behind her with MG along around 10-12 lanes width off Stands' rail, Primo Lady & the Sydney Arms ither side of Marlinka, Dress Up around 10 lanes off the Far rail with Serena's Pride 4 lanes urhter out then Meow on the far rail with Maqaasid having been held back at the start to take a lead from her (Gosden had said before the race how fast he thought Meow was so presumably that was the plan and suited the Hills way of riding these 2yos at Ascot).
First 3 home pull clear together and in a small group of three on the far rail at halfway. Conditions perhaps extend their distances back to the others but probably the best three fillies anyway.
Answer to question of why LAF was not a runner in the Hilary Needler (connections had second in that moderate race with a lesser filly) was that owner RC Bond was out of the country or she would have run there.

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