BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2010 Season Race Result
Race 419 : Wed, July 28th
Goodwood 2:45, 7f Group 2 (C&G) (1), "Vintage Stakes"

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
GFG 87.13

Horse SP [EST]Run Wnr Trainer Dw Hf Run Notes
1King Torus2.75724 g R. Hannon 6
BOk Inx, Ld Erl RL, Hdd+1f, Allow XFr+2f, TvCmf-2f+, Eff-2f Resp, ko ins-1f, 3Clr-1f, ko, Eased Lt
2Stentorian8564 m M. Johnston 3
BOk PNgl TTR, Eff+0.5f & Prg, Ld+1f, XF+2f, 2.5Clr Hf, Eff-2f, Po, Resp to Ln
3Major Art5563 m R. Hannon 5
Supp 13/2, BOk, SFre Erl & LdgLn FFH, H-1 +1f Drop 2nd Rank, Ngl-2f+, Cutoff-2f Drop 6th SInx, Resp-1f+, PO, Resp To Ln
4Chilworth Lad12546 m M. R. Channon 1
B-1 Wdst, Resp Erl, 2Wd Ov, SPrg-2f+, Eff-2f Resp, Po, po-0.5f
5Waltz Darling11533 v R. A. Fahey 7
Unsttl Stalls, B-1 RL, Resp Erl, Mdfld+1f Sttld, Eff-2f RL, SOutpcd Drop Last, po, Resp ins-0.5f to Fdrs
6Crown Prosecutor (t)1.5513 a B. J. Meehan 4
Supp 2/1, BOk, H-1 Erl Drop-in, SFre+1f & H-1 Drop Last, Bmpx2 RL to Hf, SwcL-2.5f, Eff-2f, PO, 2nd-1f+ to QFd-0.5f WTRB
7Surrey Star33504 m R. A. Teal 2
Hrs LkgRH BRear-1, BRear-1f, Resp Erl, H-1 +0.5f Drop-in Mdfld, Fre+1f & FFH for 1f, Eff-2f, po, Stall-0.5f

Rail out around bend.
Mixed pace with slower first 1.5f and horses slotting in. Dettori race wide initially to see how the race developed. With nothing other going on he took the initiative and took the lead and pressed on. Had the field stretching to halfway and 2.5L clear at halfway from KT with MA 4L off the lead. Last 3 racing in a stack off the rail and bumping each other around and CP pressed up against the rail a couple of times. Dettori settled the pace a little to prepare for the 2F out effort. Field spread out across track at that point.
KT make the best forward effort and pull 3L clear and only runner to get a clear run and finish the race off fully. Trainer seemed impressed afterwards & Hannon Jnr. musing over whether he might be getting towards challenging Strong Suit as the best 7f prospect they have.
CP held up by Fallon and got involved in a minor barging match around the peculiar square elbow set-up on the turn to the straight. The angle on that rail is just wrong, they are on horses not bicycles. Switched out wide as Dettori settled pace to be able to make a clear effort. Second best forward move and into a Clear 2nd at 3L behind KT at 1F out. Faded very quickly at 0.5f out in a manner that is untypical. Report to the stewards after the race by the racecourse Vet that he found the horses distressed after the race. Fallon also reported to the Stewards he suffered interference during the race.
Hard to believe the others are longer term top higher class pospects with one exception. In particular Stentorian seems more like a Marker horse and the connection smust have something better.
The other horse worth another go who finished in the distant ruck is Major Art. By a speed sire but the dam has produced two winners over 12f+ as 3yos who could not place as 2yos. Another sibling was by a stout sire in Lomitas and could not place at 2yo either but ran over 10f at that age. Taller and rangier than the winner but lacking his filled out build and strength. Jockey Moore missed a trick in the race as he got shuffled back towards the last 2F by Chilworth Lad going alongside. This dropped him from 3rd to 6th and he seemd to get a bit unbalanced and also green. In later race he moved like a stayer taking time to get organised but then staying on best and still going forward at the line. Could be an 8f+ developer.

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