BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2010 Season Race Result
Race 555 : Wed, August 18th
York 2:50, 6f Group 2 (C&G) (1), "Gimcrack Stakes"

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
GGF 71.67

Horse SP [EST]Run Wnr Trainer Dw Hf Run Notes
1Approve8757 g W. J. Haggas 3
Supp 12/1, BkWL, LdgLn Erl Sttld, H-2 +0.5f & 2nd Rank, Dv-2f+, PO, 3rd-1.5f, -1.5L -1f, PO, Ld Lt & Po
2Crown Prosecutor (t)7.5704 a B. J. Meehan 7
BkWL, LdgLn Erl Hld, Bmpx2 +0.5f Rsp & Fre to Ld, Hdd+1.5f, TvCmf-2f+, PO, Eff-1.5f, PO, Po-0.5f+, Ld-0.5f, Hdd Lt Stall
3Sir Reginald14624 m R. A. Fahey 10
BOk, H-2, SFre+0.5f & Hld, TTR+1f Sttld & Drop Back, Eff-2f+, SwcR ins-2f, Po-1.5f, Resp ins-1f, Po to Ln
4Temple Meads2.5623 m/G E. S. McMahon 9
B-1 PNgl, QFre+0.5f & Pull to Prg, Bmpx2 +1f, Pull to Ld+1.5f, StdsRL+2.5f Sttld, TvCmf-2f, PO, Eff-1+, Po, Hdd-0.5f, Fd
5Premier Clarets33616 d R. A. Fahey 11
BkWL, LdgLn+0.5f SFre ,Sttld+1f, Cut Off+2.5f RL & 2nd Rank, Dv-2f+, SOutpcd-2f, Po-1.5f RL, Resp-0.5f & Po to Fdrs
6Trade Storm50594 m J. Gallagher 1
B-1 P-1 Wdst, Last Erl, Ngl+1.5f SAdf, Dv-2f+ TTR ,Po-1.5f Cent to Stallers, 5th-1f, po ins-1f, Fd Lt
7Move In Time33445 m B. Smart 2
BOk Wd, H-2 Erl Drop Back, SOutpcd-2f, PO ins-2f, 4th-1f+, Fd ins-1f
8Casual Glimpse6434 d R. Hannon 5
Drift 4/1, BOk, LdgLn Erl Ngl, SHdR Ov, Ngl+1.5f SOutpcd, SOutpcd-2.5f+, HgL-2f+, Po ins-2f, HgL-1f+, Fd ins-1f
9Gold Pearl25283 m S. C. Williams 6
BkWL, LdgLn Erl SFre, Bmp+0.5f & H-1, 2nd Rank+1f, Dv-2f+, SOutpcd-2f, Po, Fd-1f SHmp & Eased ins-1f
10Shropshire4252 m B. W. Hills 4
B-1, 2nd Rank Erl SFre & Hld, FFH for 1f, TvOk-2f & Eff, SOutpcd ins-2f, Po, HgR-1f+, Eased ins-1f
11Dubawi Gold8-134 m/D M. Dods 12
Trbl Ldg, BOk, H-2 Erl, Ngl+1f TTR SLsGrnd, Dv+1.5f, SPrg+2.5f RL, Bmp-2.5f Unbal, Blckd ins-2f, Eased-1f+
NRFormosina m J. Noseda 8
NR = Vets Cert (Blood Analysis Abnormal)

Stalls Far Side. Field start moving Right early on and in Centre Track after 1.5f. Temple Meads running too freely and jockey Fortune (Mullen suspended) unable to hold him. Eventually barged through to lead around this point and either drifting right or taken over to the Stands' Rail by Jockey and onto the rail just before halfway (cutting off PC as he did. Pressing Leading Line early of SR, CP, GP & CG barged through by TM bumping CP more than once and setting him off to run a little more freely.Approve behind this line in stalking midfield and always running professional and listening to the jockey. Look at him at halfway and he appears to be looking across and sizing up the opposition (who are tanking along head down). PC the other in Second Rank early.
MIT, Shropshire & (eventually) SirReg in third rank going ok with DG & TS further back and struggling to go with the pace to different extents.
First 4 through halfway within 2.5L of lead. Next 6 within 5L and spread form 3.5L back. Trade Storm around 3L off the back.Three Why They Ran Badly (WTRB) made after the race. Jockets on DG & Shropshire both saying their horses hung badly right handed. Fortune on TM reported his mount ran Too Freely.

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