BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2010 Season Race Result
Race 559 : Thu, August 19th
York 1:45, 6f Conditions (2), "DBS Premier Sales Race"

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
GGF 70.19

Horse SP [EST]Run Wnr Trainer Dw Hf Run Notes
1Wootton Bassett1.25813 v/A R. A. Fahey 15
SEff Erl, LdgLn+1f, Ld+1.5f 1Wd SFre & Hld, IncrPc-2.5f, Eff-2f RL, PO & Duel, Resp to Ln
2Galtymore Lad12817 m/D M. R. Channon 10
Eff Erl & Prg, XF+1.5f 4th 3Wd Sttld, Eff-2f Resp, PO & Duel, Stall Lt & Po
3Chiswick Bey33625 d R. A. Fahey 5
BOk Wd, LdgLn Erl, H-1 +1f Drop 2nd Rank, Ngl+1.5f TTR, TvOk-2f+, po ins-2f HnH, Eff-2f+, po to Ln past Fdrs
4Reckless Reward8606 v R. Hannon 13
B-1 PNgl, Resp Erl & Eff, Prg+1f, XF+1.5f 2nd 2Wd, TvOk-2f+, Eff-2f, Po & SOutpcd by LdgPr, Stall ins-1f, po-0.5f+
5Majestic Myles10596 m R. A. Fahey 16
BSAwk, H-1 Erl, 2nd Rank+0.5f Sttld, Ngl-2f+, Po ins-2f SHgL, SResp ins-1f, po ins-0.5f
6Diamond Geezah18597 m B. W. Hills 19
H-1 Erl, 2nd Rank+1.5f RL, Eff-2f, Po ins-2f RL SHgR, Stall-1f, po ins-1f, Fd Lt
7Shoshoni Wind22496 a K. A. Ryan 20
BOk ins, H-2 Erl Drop Back, LastPr+1.5f RL SFre & Hld, TvOk-2f+ RL, Blckd ins-2f SwcL, Eff-1f in11th, po to Ln
8Indieslad50533 M A. Duffield 12
P-1 Ngl, Fre+0.5f, H-2 +1f & try to Drop-in, QFre+2f & Hld, Eff-2f, po ins-2f, 9th-1f, Fd ins-0.5f
9Bahceli33524 v R. Hannon 9
P-1 Ngl, SOutpcd+1f HdR Drop Last, Dv+2f TTR, SAdf Hf SHgL, Dv-2f+, SAdf-2f, Resp-1.5f to Fdrs, 13th-1f, po
10Mappin Time (b)33517 a/D T. D. Easterby 3
BkWL Wd, Eff Erl, LdgLn+1.5f Cent Sttld, Eff-2f, Resp & Po ins-2f, 4th-1f, Stall-0.5f+, Fd ins-0.5f
11Al Madina33464 m B. Smart 6
Eff Erl & Prg, LdgLn+1f, Ngl+2.5f, Dv-2f+, Po ins-2f, Stall-1f+, po-1f, Fd-0.5f
12My Son Max50475 m R. Hannon 11
BkWL, H-1 Erl, 2nd Rank+0.5f Sttld, SOutpcd-2f+, po-2f, SHmp-1.5f, Fd ins-1f
13Remotelinx28436 m J. W. Hills 4
B-1 Wd, Resp Erl, 2nd Rank+1.5f Cent Sttld, Eff-2f, Resp-1f+ & po, Stall-0.5f+, Fd ins-0.5f
14Cape To Rio8475 d R. Hannon 7
BkWL, Eff Erl & Prg, LdgLn+1f Sttld, SOutpcd-2f, Po, Stall-1f+, Fd-0.5f+ HgL
15Tom Sawyer10314 A. P. O'Brien 8
P-1 Wd, Ngl+0.5f Resp, SFre+1f Hld, 2nd Rank+2f Sttld, Eff-2f, po, HgL-1.5f JkQt, Eased-0.5f+
16Capaill Liath5095 a/N B. W. Hills 17
BOk ins, H-1 +0.5f Drop Back, Ngl+1.5f, Dv+2.5f SOutpcd, Eff-2f SResp HdR, HgL-1.5f Unbal, Fd ins-1f
17Dubai Celebration10025 a J. O'Keeffe 1
BOk Wdst, Eff Erl & Prg, H-1 +1.5f Drop 2nd Rank Cent, Dv-2,5f+, Outpcd ins-2.5f, po ins-2f, Fd-1f+
18Bussa80-155 m P. D. Evans 18
Dv Erl & Eff, LdgLn+1.5f RL, Dv+2f TTR, Dv-2.5f+, Whip-2f+ SOutpcd, Fd-1.5f, Eased-1f
WDWelsh Dancer100 R. Hannon 2
WD AP = Vet's Advice.
NRWaking Warrior m K. A. Ryan 14
NR = Going.

Race confined to 2yos who were Catalogued (not necessarily offered or sold) at the Premier Section of the yearling sales by Doncaster Bloodstock Sales (DBS & now part of the Irish Sales outfit Goffs). Runners presumably selected on Rating if more than 20 Declared. Used to be run at the Doncaster St Leger meeting but moved to York when Doncaster was being redeveloped and seems never to have gone back with York short of races going to 4 days for the Ebor Meeting. It has also been 'On Tour' to Newmarket when York was under water. Presume the DBS Yearling Sales race on the Saturday Ripon card after this is the 'Consolation' event for the next tier of Ratings.
Usable pace despite the formation. Stalls widespread but pinned to far rail. But, field immediately working over to race Centre to Stands side. and first runners got the Rail before 1.5f had been run. Od formation at halfway with all 18 runners within just over 5L of the lead. 1L per runner would be an average around a bend on the AW. By Halfway the formation was a Line-of-7 out from the Stands rail within 1L of lead as (rail out) Bussa, WB, RReward, GLad, CTRio, AlMad & MappinT
Behind that a Line-of-8 out from the rail within 1L of each other and 3L of the lead as DG, CLiath, MMyles, MSMax, TomS, CBey, R'linx & DubC. After that, Indieslad climbing over the back of Second rank just off the rail with SWind just behind him on the rail. Bahceli the only one having any difficulty with the pace and working his was across to get onto the back of the group and make his later race progress near the rail into the faders.
Hannon Junior interviewed before race and agreed the 2yos they had run at the meeting so far had not performed well. Said that on his runners yesterday had 'scoped dirty' since and hoped this was not a more general problem.
Going Stick = Far Side 7.9, Centre 7.2 & Stands Side 7.8.

As at Newbury over the preceding weekend a disagreement between the jockeys and the Clerk Of The Course. At Newbury this was because the going was being called GSG and the jockeys were insistent it was riding Soft.
Here, the Clerk (looking very defensive as they always do, and with reason if he really believes his multi-million pound drainage installation work is 'perfect') was insistent the course was totally unbiased. You could race anywhere on the straight course and win and everywhere gave an even chance. But, the jockeys were riding down the Centre to Stands side in every race and a fashion had developed for taking this to the extreme with entire fields collapsing onto the stands' rail.
The Clerk, laughably, derided everyone else (and specifically the 'Trade paper', he could not bring himself to use it's name) for being unscientific and not dealing in objective facts. He followed this up by introducing hearsay testimony from the BHA's 2yo handicapper (as the Clerk did at Newbury oddly) to back his position up. Not objective, William, old chap.
He was on shifting ground anyway since his own Going Stick reading suggested the Centre course strip was fastest. On the hearsay level if you dig up large parts of your course and stick drains in it will introduce variable results which will only be found by running 'Tests' (races) on it. A process we are still 'learning' about at Ascot.
Whatever, watching the 3 races on the straight course here (2 x 2yos) you could come to some conclusions. You could run well from anywhere on the Stands Side to Centre Strip. Closers up the centre who got clear runs doing ok and winning the 3yo handicap. The 'Centre' as fastest only really got tested in that race. But, you could easily believe that there was a fast strip under the stands rail. The winner of the Lowther belted up the rail and never stopped. Little La Fortunata belted down it in the 5f handicap and never stopped (at 20/1) and WBassett seemed to roll on very well close to the rail in this race. A reasonably Objective view of the 'Bias' would be whether the Form stands up and the rail runners can reproduce their form. Lots of confounding variables in that test, of course.
[At Newbury you suspect both sides were right. The 'Objective' measures we have include the Going Stick & times run in the race. The Clerk of the Course works to these to back his view up. The Jockeys work mainly of a Subjective view of how their horses move and react to the ground, amount of divots, etc. After a long dry period you would expect the ground to be a soft 'skin' of wetter soil on a hard base. The times ride better than soft because the horses get though to the harder base with some cushion. The jockeys feel the horse's going into the ground and some slipping movement and see the divots and say it's 'Soft'. On days with Rain a common scenario is for the Going to be changed after a race is run with 'input from the jockeys'. Always to be softer than the Clerk's view.]

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