BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2010 Season Race Result
Race 64 : Sat, May 8th
Warwick 6:20, 5.5f Maiden Auction (5)

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
G 69.38

Horse SP [EST]Run Wnr Trainer Dw Hf Run Notes
1Ladyanne40411 S. Kirk 5
B-2 Inx P-2 HgL, Dv Erl, Resp+0.5f, Last+1f RL, RLWL to Str, Eff-2f Resp, Prg-1.5f+, 2nd-1f+ Cent, HgR-1f, Ld ins-0.5f
2Where's Romeo3451 M D. H. Brown 2
Supp 4/1, BkWL ins, Ld Erl Erl, Ld to Str Cent, XF-1.5f to FrRL-1f 2Clr, Stall ins-1f, Hdd ins-0.5f
3Two Feet Of Snow14262 A R. Hannon 10
BRh NoLoss, LdgLn Erl Sttld, Eff Str Resp & po, 4th-1f, po, Stall-0.5f+, Fd Lt
4Darwin Star12292 D. K. Ivory 11
B-1 PSqz-1, Dv Erl Resp, 2nd Rank+1f Cnt, SFre+1.5f SUnbal H-1, Dv to Str & SHdUpOv, 8th-1f Stds RL, SRsp ins-1f to Fdrs
5Da Ponte25311 A P. Eddery 12
BOk Wd, Shffl Bck+1f, LsGrnd+1.5f Dv NoResp Drop 12th, po-1.5f in, 7th-1f, SResp ins-1f thru Fdrs HnH
6Temptingfaith66151 A M. G. Quinlan 4
BRh NoLoss, LdgLn Erl ins, po Str, 3rd-1f+ & Stall, Fd-0.5f+ SHgL
7Henrys Air150152 D. Bridgwater 8
PDv Resp, LdnLn+1f Cent, Dv+1.5f ShfflBck, SOutpcd+2f, SOutpcd to Str, SResp-1f to Stallers, Stall-0.5f
8Lovat Lane2.7572 E. Johnson-Houghton 6
Supp 10/3, Eff Erl & LdgLn, po Str, SOutpcd-1.5f, Stall ins-1f, Fd-0.5f, WTRB = Jk said Hrs unsuited by the Going
9Boundaries7112 A T. D. Easterby 17
Supp 12/1, Supp 12/1, BOk Wdst, Eff Erl & Prg, LdgLn+1f Wdst SFre, SOutpcd to Str, Stall-1.5f, Fd-1f+
10Justbookie Dot Com2881 L. A. Best 14
Eff Erl Wd Resp, LdgLn+1f Wd, SOutpcd-2f, SHmp ins-2f, Unbal-1.5f+, Fd-1f+
11Three Scoops66-22 D. J. S. Ffrench-Davis 3
PDv Resp, LdgLn Erl, H-1 +1f Drop Back, SOutpcd to Str SHgR, po Cent Str, 7th-1f, Fd ins-1f
12Bendigedig100-32 S. Kirk 13
BOk Wd, Outpcd+1f Drop Back, JkQt Str, SResp ins-1f to Fdrs
13Fred Willetts50-12 S P. D. Evans 1
BOk RL, H-2 Erl Drop Bck, SHgR to Str, SResp ins-2f Cent JkActg, Fd ins-1f
14Reposer5.5-102 M J. R. Best 16
Drift 7/2, BOk Wd, H-2 Erl Drop Back, Mdfld+1f Sttld, Wdst to Str SOutpcd, SResp ins-2f FrRL, JkQt-1.5f in, Eased ins-1f
15Prison Cat33-201 E. F. Vaughan 9
BOk PBmp-1, Buck Erl & LsGrnd, Fd-1f, Tiny
16Layla's Princess12-201 K. A. Ryan 15
B-1 Wd, Dv Erl Resp, 2nd Rank+1f Free, Wd to Str SOutpcd, Fd-1.5f, WTRB = Jk said Hrs Lost Action
NRFuriosa E. J. Creighton 7
NR = Self Cert (Bruised Foot)

40/1 FTO success for a trainer who does not do strong debuts and for a jockey who rarely rides winners. How did that happen? A number of contributary factors but an accident to some extent. Ladyanne clearly has some ability (probably OR60s) but lost 5-6L at the start and that would normally have meant no chance of winning on a fast track. The ability would have shown by plugging on to 6th at the line under 'Tender Handling' and then be readier STO.
First point some recent rain and going eased a little. Field kicking up divots and the VT shows the bulk of the field not looking that balanced at points. Firner base and kicking the top off? But, not a firm track to support a strong pace. A wide range of abilities, and sizes, here and a multi-way bit of pace pressing. The field also spread all across the track from the start. Six of field within a length of each other at halfway and no grouping but spread in a wide line. From inside (important to note) WR leading with T'faith & Lovat Lane outside him. A strong group of pressers racing wide in the chute and kicking on towards the inersection and halfway. Front three of these as TFOS, JBDCom & Boundaries from Centre track outwards. DStar behind LL inside then TScoops with LPrincess & Reposer out widest. Treat the last two of those as the changeover point from the first race to the 6-7 horses behind them. Reposer 5-6L off the lead at halfway but very wide on track.
The pace was strong enough to have all of this group (Reposer a question mark) struggling to get home. Fading or stalling by the final furlong and recording a slower time. They drifted over to the stands' rail in various ways in the straight before fanning out as they faded. So, we have a race between these ten whereby missing the worst of the pace was an advantage and racing on the inside of the dogleg also a plus. This bunch faded in line with their power reserves pushed through the pace/track bias filter.
WR set the pace but ran around the inside of the bend. The biggest in the group (along with Reposer?) and able to survive best of the leading 9-10 but fading inside the final 1F so softened up for a closer. But the bulk of the field have been dragged along too close to the pace and raced wider than him so fade as well and spread out behind him. Plus mark for TFOS for attending the pace and racing wider but hanging on 2nd best of the leading group. Darwin Star actually run similar race to her in second half of race starting from 2L further back. Never looking happy about being a racehorse and plugging on for strong pressure. LLane small and suspect form from a slow race at Beverley and a poor favourite. Faded in line with being overmatched in a stronger pace race.
So we have a race of 9-10 pressing horses spread all over the course and walking home to various degrees. A race set up for a decent ability closer to come and pinch it late. But, this is a moderate to poor event and most of these will never win at 2yo and are poor athlete. Probably a better than even chance that WR will last home despite being knackered. Can one of the 6-7 in the out-the-back-early set get to him? Well, this is a Whodunit where we know the outcome & the culprit already but let us work through to her.
Oh dear, Reposer. What was all this about? Good debut and not topweight in a weak race here. But, he drifts in the Market in a way that shouts that today he is not going to be competitive. Held back from a wide draw and an Ok decision given the pace. But continues to race very wide and never drops in. Jockey takes him widest around the bend and over to the stands' rail early. The pilot then competes with two other jockeys for the worst bit of acting (alledgedly, of course, we should remember they are on green horses) in a Warwick Auction race on the night. You can almost hear him hoping for something to roll over to the rail and cut him off so he can pack it in. The bunch in front of him are expiring by numbers so he could progress just by jogging on. He never gets cut up but a horse vaguely comes in his direction towards the final furlong and the jockey eases the horse soon after. Not very edifying given the Market drift.
Henrys Air is 11th through halfway but his jockey is the exact opposite of Reposer's. He is all action throughout the race. The horse is too slow to keep up as the pace presses on but he keeps at to get back to 7th through the driftwood. Put that jockey on Reposer and who knows what would have happened.
12th at halfway is topweight Da Ponte is was losing ground after a furlong, probably green, and the jockey niggling him along. With just a hands & heel ride he got back to 5th at the line. Ok promise at a low level given he was giving weight.
13th through is FW and made a bit of easy progress by going around the inside of the dogleg. Perhaps this worried the jockey because it appeared to be bad acting time after that. Switching the whip from one side to the other and back without using it. Probably a case of who cares if he is a bit better than he showed but please just ride him out HnH to the line so we can see.
14th at halfway is Ladyanne and finally we have the right mix to produce a surprise win. Missed the pace by being green at the start. Dropped to the far rail early so ran closest to the inside of the bend saving ground. And, crucially, a jockey who wanted to win (or even achive the best possible placing). Made ground very quickly between the 2F to 1F poles in centre track past the stalling group on the far side. Hung over to the far rail later but always going to get to the tired WR. She must have some ability relative to most of the field but the circumstances produced the win rather than a promising finish in 3rd-6th range.
15th through the tiny Prison Cat and while the jockey never looked helpful she was just too small and slow to compete despite missing the pace and running on the inside.
Bendigedig (2nd string to the winner) was a more typical S. Kirk debut. Anonymous at the back so you have little idea what it is actually capable of. Another jockey busy doing nothing and 'advanced' to 12th for a bit of 'Tender Handling.
Hmm, much better than watching Whodunits full of Toffs, Flappers & Exotic Foreigners bumping each other off, pointlessly.

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