BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2010 Season Race Result
Race 67 : Mon, May 10th
Windsor 5:40, 5f Maiden (Fillies') (4)

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
GFG 61.56

Horse SP [EST]Run Wnr Trainer Dw Hf Run Notes
1Rimth6491 P. F. I. Cole 15
BOk, Inx Erl SHgL, Resp+0.5f, TvCmf+1f, SHmp-2f+ SwcL to Cent-2f Inx Whip, Resp ko, Ld-1f Inx Whip, Ko QCmf, Freaky?
2Fifth Commandment5362 A J. A. Osborne 9
Supp 7/1, B3, Eff Erl Resp, XF+0.5f to RL & 3rd, Allow XFrs+1f, TvOk-2f RL SBlckd, Wait for Gap, Eff-1f+ Resp, po ins-1f
3The Thrill Is Gone50341 M M. R. Channon 4
SEff Erl Wd, 2ndRank+1.5f, Eff-2f Resp & po, SHgL ins-0.5f, Stall Lt
4Good Morning Dubai12331 B. J. Meehan 8
B4 PNgl Resp, 2ndRank Erl Sttld, Allow XFrs+1f, Eff-2f Resp, Chal ins-2f, Ld-1f+, Hdd-1f, po, Stall ins-0.5f, HgL Lt
5Swiss Dream3321 M D. R. C. Elsworth 1
Supp 10/3, BOk Wdst PCarrLh-1, QEff Erl & Prg, XF+1f 2nd 1Wd, Ld-2f+, Po, Chalgd ins-2f, Hdd-1f, Stall-0.5f+
6Byrony22221 M R. Hannon 3
Eff Erl Wd, 2ndRank+1.5f SFre & Hld, Eff-2f Resp & po, Stall-0.5f+, Fd ins-0.5f
7Rum Sun N Sand1611 J. W. Hills 10
B-1 P-1, Mdfld+1f, SFre+2f & Hld, Eff-2f SOutpcd, Stall-1f, Eased ins-1f (Dettori typical)
8Rafella12-11 M R. M. Beckett 7
B-2 Inx P-1, JkQt Erl Drop Back, Ngl+1.5f SInx, Dv Hf SOutpcd, Inx-2f, SResp-1f HnH, 11th-1f, Eased-0.5f
9My Ruby33-41 J. J. Best 6
P-2, Dv Erl, Resp+0.5f, Mdfld+1f Ngl, SOutpcd-2f, SResp-1f+ HgL, Eased ins-0.5f
10Time For Applause12-61 E. A. L. Dunlop 13
BOk ins, JkQt+0.5f, ShfflBack+1f by XFrs, SHmp-2f RL SwcL, SResp, Bmp-1 ins-1.5f, po HnH, Stall Lt
11Chilworth Lass66-81 S M. R. Channon 2
B-1 Wd Inx P-1, Drop-in Erl, Dv+2f SInx, SOutpcd-2f, po HnH, 8th-1f, Fd-0.5f
12Aurivorous66-151 J. O'Neill 14
BOk ins, SEff Erl & 2ndRank RL, ShfflBck+1f by XFrs, TvOk-2f+, Bmp-1 -2 RL, SHmp-1.5f SwcL & SResp, Fd ins-1f
13Brandy Snap5-331 R. Hannon 16
Drift 7/2, B-2 RL PLh-1, JkQt Erl & Drop to Last, NoEff-2f Jk Lkg for Block, Eased ins-1f, NPIR
14Terrys Flutter33-453 M. A. Allen 5
B1 Wd 1Clr Immed, Fre Erl & Eff, XF+1f & Jnd, Dv-2f+ & Hdd, Stall ins-2f, Fd ins-1.5f
15Shutterbug100-471 S. C. Williams 11
AP Blanket, BOk, JkQt+0.5f DropBack, Outpcd-2f, Fd-1f
16I Scream40-481 D. R. C. Elsworth 12
B-2 PRear-1, Dv Erl Drop LastPr, Dv+1.5f, SOutpcd-2f, Fd-1f

Unusual shape of Halfway positions to Final to try to understand. Group of eight clear at halfway of the rest. This group of 8 covering 3.5L and nearly 4L back to the 9th with the rest spread over another 7L. The first 7 home included 6 of this leading group of 8 with only ones to fade being the free running pacemaker Terrys Flutter who does not stay 5f and Aurivorous who was 66/1 for a trainer who has not had a 2yo runner since 2003.
Which would suggest the pace was not that strong and the leading group should produce the winner. Instead we have Rimth winning and pulling lengths clear going to the line like the leading group has gone to hard and softened themselves up for the closers. Rimth was settled on the rail but 11 lengths off the lead at halfway and winners do not come from that far back without some sort of help (normally). If the race was set up for closers to finish into the faders and mingle then where are the rest of them? The next in is Rafella in 8th. Do we have a set-up like Warwick at the weekend where the winner was the only closer with the ability and the desire from the connections to get on with it and try to win rather than a 'Kind' intro. In general FTO winners for Cole are 7/1 or less and the Market often shows which are the 'Expected' better debuts. This hint can drift away in later season and Strategic Prince was a glaring exception at 12/1 for his FTO success.
Look at the Video more and, despite fighting it because high class horses are rare, Rimth appeared to do something pretty unusual. Not just 'Something Different' and definitely competitive in Group races but perhaps better than that. She effectively gave the leaders a 10 length start and was clueless for much of the race. She had to switch to centre track to make her effort and took a bit of time to know what to do at 2F out. But responding very well and had got past the leaders by 1F out while they still had some energy left & not just beating up on dead horses. 'Fetching' ok horses while they are still going forward in a Group. Strong finish to the line pulling clear with the others now stalling & fading. Not fully fit and willing but green. A typical bulky Oasis Dream in type so by The sire that might produce a really good one. An ordinary time but she can clearly do much better. How good is she? If she had run the race efficiently say by sitting 7th at 2-3L off the lead and responding with a clear run to orders she might have won by 10L and that would have been Group winner good.
The fillies in 3rd to 6th who were on debut make a believable set of OR75-85 types who will win maidens on profile to add to the view that Rimth was not putting distance on Sub OR70s fillies. Swiss Dream the size and pedigree to be OR85+. The Market said she is good and made a taking effort from wide to pass the field and cross over to 2nd one off the rail. Left in the lead when TF expired early and in general the pressers came from wider draws and cut off the odd ones who got going ok from high draws. SD plug on well enough until fading late and the early effort perhaps cause that.
FC a typical Osborne STO improver and had to wait to make her effort as the rail got traffic heavy in the second half of the race. Just an Ok effort to haul herself past SD, GDM & TTIG in the last 1F as they stalled. Probably OR70s.
GMD a non-runner in a Warwick race where the owner's Golden Shine won. This sort of debut from a Meehan horse usually a good sign and normally means OR80+. Ran well until stalling late on. Seeing how well she goes next time would be a good test of what Rimth beat. If GMD struggles in a Bath maiden then a few doubts added.
TTIG 50/1 which might hint at a duff second rank since she was involved throughout and came from a wide draw. Longer SP debuts for Channon horses who prove useful not common but not unknown. Archers Road 25/1 in the Brocklesby and he has had a 50/1 debut winner in his own colours recently. On pedigree TTIG ought to be a good class 5-6f filly. No problem with believing she is OR75+ rather than dragging the form down.
After the rush of 'at it' debut winners for Hannon in early season the efforts by his pair here more typical of previous years. When the stable apprentice Dobbs regularly used to ride the stable 2nd or 3rd string behind Hughes but regularly finished in front of the 'preferred' as Hughes gave us one of slamming-the-door-and-kicking-the-tyres trial rides. Brandy Snap not even given a trial here. Jogged along and then eased in the last furlong. Never put in the race (NPIR). Meanwhile Dobbs gets Byrony over from wide to attend the pacemakers. An ok forward effort with the others and then fade back in the last 0.5F and typical in the past of a Hannon FTO. Probably a good sign she dropped off the 2nd-5th finishers & lends more weight to then being OR75+. BSnap presumably will improve notably next time when she competes. Byrony probably OR66-74.
So, why no Closers? A big reason is that nothing in the 9th+ group other than Rimth really did want to get involved. Rafella too green to do anything more than plug on HnH & might be better.
Fascinating to watch the effect of Dettori not riding RSNS out. That filly had been 8th at halfway travelling ok, if freely, on the back of the first group. A brief effort 2F out with the others then start to stall. By 1F out Dettori had decided that was enough and not even bother with HnH riding. He eased RSNS inside the last 1F and started drifting back to the others. Dettori having eased his horse seemed to act like a roadblock to other jockeys who would not HnH their horse past him (& perhaps get him into trouble for not riding out). Or just taking their lead from him in that if Dettori can walk his horse home then I'll wait for next time as well.

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