BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2010 Season Race Result
Race 77 : Thu, May 13th
York 4:20, 6f Maiden (3)

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
GF 71.43

Horse SP [EST]Run Wnr Trainer Dw Hf Run Notes
1Elzaam2701 M. A. Jarvis 6
1st Cols, Eff Erl SFre, Ld+0.5f, SFre+1.5f, SttlPc Hf, Hdd-2.5f, Eff-2f QResp, Ko, SInx ins-1f SHgL, Resp & ko, SEsd Lt
2Sir Reginald9681 M R. A. Fahey 12
Supp 12/1, B-1 PBmp, Fre+0.5f & Hld, Resp to LdgLn+1f, Ld-2.5f, Eff-2f Resp to Clr 2nd ins-2f & SOutpcd by Wnr, ko to Ln
3Rerouted6601 M B. W. Hills 1
BAwk-1 RL SInx P-1 Ngl, Resp+0.5f, SPrg-2f+ as PcIncr, 5th-2f SInx, Eff ins-2f Resp, PO & 3rd ins-1.5f, Po HnH
4Rojo Boy20522 A. M. Balding 17
2nd Rank+1f Sttld Wdst, Eff ins-2.5f, 4th-2f -0.5L, Outpcd ins-2f, Po, Stall ins-1f
5Jibaal18371 M M. Johnston 8
2nd Cols, LdgLn Erl, Dv-2f+ SOutpcd, SResp ins-2f, po, SHgL-1f, Stall ins-1f
6Tinkertown12261 M P. F. I. Cole 2
BSJmp NoLoss PNgl resp, LdgLn Erl, Outpcd-2.5f Drop 12th FrSd, NoResp-1f+ SwcR to Cent, SRespLt to fdrs, LckPc?
7Juliet Capulet5192 A. P. O'Brien 14
BLh-1 PBmp, Resp Erl, LdgLn+1f, Eff-2f SOutpcd, po, Fd-1f, Eased, GdSz
8Mariachi Man50221 A T. D. Easterby 9
B-5 Inx P-2, Dv Erl SInx TTR, SResp-2.5f, 12th-1.5f+ SInx, po ins-1f thru Fdrs, QKA & Galloper
9Bonjour Bongee100202 A. J. McCabe 11
BRh-1, Fre Erl & Hld FFH, H-2 +1f Drop Back, Outpcd-2f, Fd-1f+
10Comrade Bond18172 M. H. Tompkins 15
BOk Wd PNgl Resp, Outpcd-2f+, 6th-2f & SHmp, po, Fd ins-1f
11Move In Time33151 M B. Smart 7
B-1 Inx PLh-2, Ngl Erl, H-1 +1f Drop 14th Hld, TvOk-2f+ ShgL, Eff ins-2f Resp, QHgL-1.5f, Eased-1f+, BTR
12Market Maker66121 T. D. Easterby 3
BOk, H-2 Erl Drop-in Cent, Outpcd-2f Inx Drop Back, NoResp ins-2f, Fd-1f
13Dreamweaving2552 N. Tinkler 4
BOk, SFre Erl, HgL+1f Fre & Hld, QOutpcd-2f, Fd-1f
14Windward Islands9-21 M. A. Zarooni 5
BOk, Eff Erl & LdgLn, Ngl-2.5f SHgL SLsGrnd, SOutpcd-2f, Eased-1f+ (Dettori), No WTRB
15Scatty28-282 S. Kirk 10
BAwk NoLoss, Resp Erl & LdgLn, SOutpcd-2f+, QHgL ins-2f, Fd-1.5f, Eased-1f
16Little Oddy100-861 M. A Barnes 13
B-3 Inx P-3 Dv, Whip+0.5f, Outpcd-2f+, Fd-1.5f
NRLouis The Pious K. A. Ryan 16
NR = Going

Field race centre track. Usable pace that put pressure on field enough to spread horses by ability unless had some form of excuse. First 14 in group wide across track from after 1F & less than 5L from leader to 14th. LOddy 4-5L off this Group after 1F & Mariachi Man around 10L off group in last.
Times over 1st 2 days of York Meeting not quick overall but various complaints about fast ground & 1 x NR here citing the fast going as the problem. More than 20 x NRs the day after this as there seemed to be a (somewhat ill informed) response to some complaints. Clerk Of Course insisted it was GF going and nothing unusual. This a solid time for this race with No Hubris winning in 2009 edition in 73.94s on GGF.
A race where you presume the distances back from the winner allow placing a Changeover Point (CP) & Garbage Gap. Jibaal is somewhere around the CP & 5L back from the 4th & suspect he might be a bit below Open Maiden winner class (OR75+). Elzaam is clearly Group quality and won this despite being green at various points and running a bit freely. Presume he will go to the Coventry Stakes and a very strong contender on this effort.
Sir Reg. a strong debut and presume OT90+ and should be a certain Open Maiden winner STO (as the trainer's runner-up in the race in 2009 was on the way to being well beaten in the Coventry).
Rerouted very green and made his ground initially when the pace was increasing. Did this comfortably. Not able to go with leading pair but keep going well and can improve. Presume OR85+.
Rojo Boy smaller and left behind by leading three and probably only OR70s and average chance in Open Maiden depending upon it's strength.
Jibaal quality depends how he progresses.
Another big Gap behind Jiball and the Garbage Gap and anything behind that needs a valid excuse to be better than OR60s or worse. Tinkertown look on the slow side and not real 6f.
Juliet Capulet big for a filly and big for her sire (small himself). Attended the pace comfortably but soon left behind as the 2F efforts went and then eased. O'Brien 2yos perhaps not really going yet. Obviously she is better than OR70 but how much better?
Mariaci Man finish with some Garbage but adrift in last early. Showed a knee action (KA) and moves like a galloper needing 7f+. Got into the well beaten horses by plugging on late. A good size and perhaps an 8f development type.
Comrade Bond and early Tompkins runner so will probably develop to win at some level. Attended pace ok here.
Most interest in the beaten horses probably in Move In Time. Trainer Smart said in interview in April he had a good 2yo by Monsieur Bond to run but was waiting for it to be named and owned. Presume Move In Time is that 2yo and a surprise to see it as long as 33/1. A good size and running freely early and jockey seemed to take his main job as teaching him to settle. The increase in pace in the race towards the 2F pole outpaced a number but this one still travelling Ok. Hung badly left when asked to make his effort but some progress until eased and drop back. Trainer said the good one was better than Boundless Spirit (runs tomorrow at Hmiltion on STO). Check this one NTO.
Windward Islands another moderate effort for a Zarooni 2yo. Outpaced and then a typical Dettori easing very early. Jockey occasionally look down but not report anything to the Stewards.

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