BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2011 Season Race Result
Race 254 : Sat, June 25th
Newmarket July 1:45, 7f Maiden (5)

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
GSG 86.78

Horse SP [EST]Run Wnr Trainer Dw Hf Run Notes
1Rockinante4.5521 G R. Hannon 16
BkWL Wdst, H-3 +0.5f, Drop-in +1f, Eff-1.5f+, Po, Resp-1f+ & PO, Chal-0.5f, Ld ins-0.5f, Po
2Burano25511 B. J. Meehan 10
BkWL, 2R+0.5f, H-2 +1f, Prg-2f, Eff-1.5f & Ld, PO, Po-1f, Hdd ins-0.5f, Po to Ln
3Elkhart20442 M M. Johnston 5
LdgLn Erl, 2R+1f Sttld, Eff-2f, Po, po-1f, Fd ins-0.5f
4Tudor Empire6.5422 J. H. M. Gosden 15
1stCols, LdgLn Erl, H-1 +0.5f, Eff-2f+, Po ins-2f, Chal-1f+, po-1f, Fd-0.5f
5Paladin4.5411 M. A. Zarooni 4
BRear-1 PBmp, Resp Erl & SFre, Prg+1f, Fre+1.5f & Hld, FFH for 1f, TTR-2f SInx, po HnH SHgL, FdLt
6Fiscal20401 J. H. M. Gosden 9
2ndCols, B-1 PBmp, H-2 +0.5f, SOutpcd-2f, po ins-2f, FdLt
7Mister Music10361 M R. Hannon 1
B-3 RL Inx P-3, Last Erl SAdf Dv Inx & XB Out, OntoGrp+1.5f, Prg-2.5f+, Eff-2f Mdfld, po SInx, FdLt
8Acer Diamonds9322 J. Feilden 6
B-2 PNgl, SFre Erl, H-2 +1f, SFFH for 1f, SBlckd-2.5f Bmpx2, Eff ins-2f, po HnH, EasedLt
9Flying Trader4.5322 J. Chapple-Hyam 12
BAwk-1 PNgl, Resp Erl & Fre Hld, SFFH for 1f, Outpcd-2f HgL, SResp ins-1f, Fd ins-0.5f
10Voodoo Rhythm80301 B. J. Meehan 11
BRh-1 Bmp, Resp Erl, Ngl+0.5f, Dv+1f Drop 14th, Dv-2f+ SHgL, po ins-2f, HgL-1.5f, Fd-0.5f
11Palus San Marco20271 P. W. Chapple-Hyam 8
B-3 Inx P-2 Dv, Resp+0.5f, Eff-2f, po ins-2f SInx HgL, Fd-0.5f
12Dollar Bill12231 A. M. Balding 2
BOk PLh, H-2 Erl, Mdfld+1f Sttld, Fre+1.5f & Hld, SFFH for 1f, Outpcd-2f+ SInx SHmp, Fd-1f, OkType?
13Ocean Tempest100171 J. Ryan 3
B-1 Ngl P-1, Resp Erl, Outpcd-2f+, Bmp-2f x2, Fd-1f
14Ooi Long200132 M. E. Rimmer 14
Swtg, Eff Erl & Ld, SFre+0.5f 1Clr, 2Clr+2f, Eff-2f+, Po, HgL ins-2f, po-1.5f & Hdd, Fd-1f+ HgL to FrSd
15Like Clockwork66-161 M. H. Tompkins 7
BOk Hld Immed, H-2 +0.5f, SFFH for 1f, H-3 +1.5f, Outpcd-2f+, HgL-1.5f, Eased Lt
NRThecornishcockney (b) J. Ryan 13
NR = Self Cert (Pulled Muscle)

GSG with 7mm of rain overnight. Going Stick 7.2 at 7:30am. Stiff to Strong Breeze as a mostly Crosswind from the Right (very slight Tailwind).

Meehan wrt his two runners = "Two nice newcomers who have shown plenty of promise at home but will probably be better for the outing" Meaningless, empty guff...

Mark Tompkins on his, very good, blog = "Like Clockwork makes his debut in the 1.45 pm race at Newmarket, the 7 furlong maiden. He is a half-brother to Zenarinda and Barwick by Rail Link and is a horse that I have always liked. Typical of that family, he has done nothing but improve all year and he will continue to develop right through into next year. This looks a typically competitive Newmarket maiden with plenty of well bred individuals but Like Clockwork will appreciate the overnight rain and I would expect him to run an encouraging race with plenty of promise for the future."

Hannon on his website = "We still have plenty of unraced youngsters to come out, and two head to Newmarket for the opener, Mister Music, and Rockinante. They are both nice and there would not be much between them at home, and the 7f should suit them well."

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