BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2012 Season Race Result
Race 174 : Fri, June 15th
Sandown Park 2:10, 5f Maiden (5)

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
SHV 67.44
-1Link None

Horse SP [EST]Run Wnr Trainer Dw Hf Run Notes
1Faithfilly2.5564 Ed Walker 4
B1, 2Clr Immed, XF+0.5f Cmf & SttlPc, CmfLd, IncrPc-2f+, Eff-1.5f+, Po HnH, 3Clear ins-1f, Po, EasedLt
2Hasanan3.5461 C. E. Brittain 1
P-1 RL, Rsp Erl, Dv+0.5f Inx, Fre+1.5f Hld, SFFH 4 0.5f, Ef-2f Po, Clr 2nd-1.5f, po ins-1f+, Unbal ins-1f Rsp 0.5f, FdLt
3Classic Art3432 R. A. Teal 5
Supp 4/1, B-1, Resp Erl, SEff+0.5f, 2nd+1f XF 1Wd Hmp Others, -2L Hf, SOutpcd-2f, po-1.5f HgR RL, po ins-1f JkQt, FdLt
4Regal Dan2.25354 N C. B. Hills 3
B-1, Ngl Erl Resp, Hmp+1f -1.5L Swcl Cent SFre & Hld, SFFH for 1f, Eff-2f TTR, po-1.5f+ SHgL, Fd-0.5f, Uncmf Gng?
5Persian Marvel16-551 J. R. Boyle 2
B-1, Dv Erl Resp, 2R+1f, QHmp+1.5f -4L, Unbal+2f LsGrnd, Adf Hf, NoResp-2f, Eased-1f+

10k Bonus Race.

SHV from HV two days prior. 4mm of rain overnight and showers forecast for the day. Going Stick reading from 11:00am. Stiff to Strong SSW Wind = Half Headwind from the Left.

Roger Teal Blog 21st May = "Classic Art was our first 2yr old runner of the year and was a little shell shocked at the whole occasion but ran on gamely in the final furlong when the penny dropped to finish 6th and im sure will be alot wiser for the experience."

Unsatisfactory race in a number of ways with the Heavy going the first one. Another very slow time and even slower than Rhamnus' clear win this month. This the second slowest time since start 2004. Pace slow to add to the problems and running the rail a probable advantage. So Faithfilly had advantages, earned some of them, by pinging the start and being clear immediately, This meant she could cross to the raill and set a slow pace there. She then got a head start because Classic Art crossing over towards the rail behind her hampered two of her opponents. On the upside she produced a strong and sustained effort but not having t improve for the comfortable win.

Clive Brittain getting going with his 2yos and Hasanan his 7th debut in June and 9th overall after a couple of sighters in May. Somewhere in this June batch should be 1-2 really good ones who can compete to win FTO and win STO either way. Hasanan has a very non-5f pedigree but has been entered is better races and still in the entries for the Queen Mary 5 days later when running here. This not a 'speed' 5f but she ran ok being able to track the leader on the rail and find a reasonable effort in the last 2f. But, hard to place that as Open Maiden level or not given the race conditions and shape 5f let alone whether she is better class.

Classic Art's biggest effect on the race was hampering two others, Outpaced and green FTO and green and either taking time to respond or not fast enough, even in this slow race, at the 2F out efforts. Still plugging on at the finish so another worth another chance to see if he has the apparent OR75+ ability his size and the circumstantials around him suggest.

Regal Dan a 2yo season 'character' straight out of central casting as an early, smaller, ready 2yo runner for the Hills' stable. Places on debut then takes time to win. Had shown a good kick for his size LTO on very fast ground and unable to pick up on the ground here. His race had already gone wrong in a number of ways early on when happened by CA and then hanging away from the rail. He also responded after being carved up and started running too freely. Will win and should show improved form later in the season and perhaps win a nursery as well.

Persian Marvel talked up by his trainer in early season and his sales price he is a better type than his predigree suggests. Trainer not good at getting competitive debuts any more. PM going ok early but then carved up badly by CA after 1.5F and lost enough grund to get off the back of the group. Then no response after that and got entirely adrift that and jockey left it at that. Clearly worth another go to see what he can actually do.

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