BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2012 Season Race Result
Race 786 : Thu, September 27th
Pontefract 2:20, 6f Maiden (4)

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
SHV 80.11
-1Link None

Horse SP [EST]Run Wnr Trainer Dw Hf Run Notes
1Surge Ahead3.5422 Ed Walker 2
Ld+0.5f RL, SlowPc+1f, EasyLd, Eff-2f Resp, Po, 3Clr-1f, po-0.5f+
2Loch Moy1.75373 R. A. Fahey 3
Supp 5/2, -1.5L+ Hf, po-2f RL, Resp to Ln
3Flawless Beauty4303 M H. B. R. Palmer 9
Drift 10/3, -2L+ Hf, Eff-2f Cent SInx STTR, Po-1.5f, Clear 2nd-1f, po, Fd Lt
4Antonius14242 L. Stubbs 5
Drift 11/1, 2nd+1f 1Wd, Fre & HldOv, Po-2f, Chal 2nd-1f, po, Fd ins-0.5f
5Mizyen14153 J. J. S. Tate 7
-3L Hf, Outpcd-2f JkQt, SResp-1f Cent, NPIR
6Chocolate Block651 W. J. Haggas 6
Supp 10/1, LsGrnd+2f Ngl, -7L Hf
7Yorkshireman1691 A D. H. Brown 1
BOk RL, Inx & NglOv, 2R+1f, Dv-2.5f, LsGrnd-2f+, Hmp-2f, HgR ins-2f, Resp Str po, Fd ins-1f, Smaller
8Multifact50-73 M Dods 8
-4.5L Hf, Outpcd-2f, Fd-1f+
9Spats Columbo33-81 M. D. Hammond 4
Dv Erl LsGrnd, -9.5L Hf Dv, NIR

SHV as it had been two days prior. 60mm of rain from Sun-Tue and 2mm on Wed. Flooding in various parts of Yorkshire over period as Storm pivoted on the region. Ripon racecourse flooded and York city centre threatened. Going Stick reading from UPDATE.

Medium Westerly Wind = Half Tailwind from Right in Home Straight, Quarter Tailwind Before.

Notably slow time partly due to going but also a slow pace and a lot of pulling around and behind Surge Ahead as he set a slow pace on the rail.

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