BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2013 Season Race Result
Race 26 : Fri, April 19th
Bath 5:00, 5f Maiden (5)

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
GSG 63.18
0None None

Horse SP [EST]Run Wnr Trainer Dw Hf Run Notes
1Beldale Memory1055.01 L C. G. Cox 8
Drift 7/1, BkWL, NE & Ld, XF+1f Cmf, 1Clr+1.5f, HfClfHf, IncrPc-2f TvOk, Eff-1f+ SInx SHgR, PO ins-1f, PoLt, Ath & Rangy, OR80+
2Beau Nash0.9152.52 M R. Hannon 12
BkWL Wd, 2nd+0.5f Sttld, H-1 +1.5f 2R, -1.5L Hf, TvOk-2f, Ef-1.5f+, Po, 2nd-1f+, Po Clear 2nd, poLt
3Capitulate345.81 E. S. McMahon 13
Supp 11/2, BRh-1, NE TTR, NglOv, Dv+1f Drop Mdfld, -4L Hf Cent Inx, Resp-2f+ Prg, Eff ins-2f Po to 3rd, po ins-1f, FdLt
4Iseemist5037.82 M J. Gallagher 7
BkWL, LdgLn Erl, H-2 +0.5f, Ngl+1.5f Resp & 3R, -3.5L Hf, TvOk-2f, Blckd-1.5f, Eff-1f SInx po, 4th ins-1f, po, FdLt, OkIC Low Level?
5Fantasy Justifier1442.61 R. Harris 6
BRear-1 PResp, Ngl+0.5f LsGrnd, SHmp+1f Inx HgR, -7L Hf SwcR Cent, Prg-2f+, TvOk-2f, Eff-1.5f Cent, Po, po-0.5f+, FdLt
6Sartori1640.41 M. R. Channon 2
B-3 ins, Resp Erl, 3R+1.5f RL, -4L Hf, Eff ins-2f po, SBlckd-1.5f+ SwcR, po-1f HnH, FdLt, NPIR
7Rush2031.61 P. F. I. Cole 4
B-2 P-2, JkQt Erl LsGrnd, XB+1f, -8L Hd RL Ngl Inx, SwcR-2f Cent, HgR-1.5f Whip, po ins-1f HgL, FdLt
8Dancing Sal6621.91 P. D. Evans 10
BkWL, LdgLn Erl, Fre+1f Hld, Unbal+1.5f LsGrnd Drop Last & Ngl, -10L Hf, LsGrnd-2f+ JkQt, Eff-1f+ SResp to Fdrs, FdLt
9Caledonia Laird2821.61 Joanna Hughes 5
BkWL, H-4+0.5f, Ngl+1f SInx, -6L Hf Ngl SHdUp, Dv-2f+, po-2f, Fd-0.5f+
10Under Your Thumb407.61 P. D. Evans 16
B-1 PLh-1, Dv Erl Resp, QEff+0.5f & Prg, 2nd+1.5f & XF to Ldr, -Hf Hf Fre Hld, Dv-2f+, po, Fd-1f FrSd
11El Duque258.83 S W. G. M. Turner 1
BkWL RL, 2R Erl Dv, Bmp+1f RL NL Sunbal, Allow XFr+1.5f, -2L+ Hf Ngl, Dv-2f+ LsGrnd RL, Unbal-1f+ NoResp, Fd ins-1f HgR
12Astral Rose502.31 Paul Fitzsimons 9
BOk, Ngl Erl SInx Resp, 2R+1f SFre Hld, SFFH for 1f, -1L+ Hf Ngl, Dv-2f+ RL Outpcd, Fd-1f, Small
13Sleeping Angel100-2.92 J. M. Bradley 11
BLh NL, H-3 +0.5f, Hdd+1f Unbal, -5L Hf, LsGrnd-2f+, JkQt is-2f, NPIR
14Brockholes Flyer662.03 B. G. Powell 3
BkWL, 2nd Erl RL, H-2 +1f & Sttld, -3L Hf Dv, Jk Try PU? -2f+ or H-3, HgR ins-2f NoResp, Fd-1f
15Urban Dreamer20-16.01 B. R Millman 15
Panic Stalls JkOff, B-1 Wd, Dv Erl, Resp+0.5f Eff, SHmp+1.5f Cnt by XFr, Dv-2f+, LsGrnd-2f, Bmpd-1.5f, Eased-1f, Small
NRExtortionist M O. Stevens 14
NR = Going. Declared 14:34 the previous day.

GSG from GSS on Decs. GStick from 06:30am. Why can Extortionist be an NR with 'Going' as the reason? 12DegC.

Light to Medium NNW wind = Close to Half Headwind from Right.

4,500 guaranteed For 2yo which are E.B.F. eligible, and whose sire established one or more yearling sales in 2012 with a median price of not more than 21000 Weights colts and geldings 9st 5lb, fillies 9st Entries 31 pay 22 Penalty value 1st 3,067.65 2nd 905.85 3rd 453.15

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