BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2013 Season Race Result
Race 468 : Thu, August 8th
Chepstow 6:20, 5.1f Maiden (Fillies') (5)

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
G 59.56
1None None

Horse SP [EST]Run Wnr Trainer Dw Hf Run Notes
1Heavens Edge1257.03 C. J. Mason 6
Drift 7/1, SEff Erl, LdgLn+0.5f Cent, PO-2f, po ins-0.5f, RTLn SInx, Bggst
2Kanz0.6649.53 A M. R. Channon 4
Supp 10/11, BkWL, Ld Erl, Po-2f, Hdd ins-1f, po, FdLt
3Raajis2.2546.53 N R. Hannon 3
Drift 2/1, -2L+ Hf, po-2f, Fd-0.5f
4Rosita (b)1025.53 H. Candy 2
BOk, H-2 Erl, -4.5L Hf, ModResp-2f,
5Clapperboard3315.01 Paul Fitzsimons 5
Dv+2f, -4L Hf, Fd ins-1.5f, Small,
NRBy Rights A. W. Carroll 7
NR = Late Notification. No Report.
NRRural Affair S H. J. L. Dunlop 1
NR = Going. Declared 08:45am.

G from GS on Decs. 20mm rain Mon. GStick 06:45am.

Medium WSW Wind = close to 1/4 Headwind from Right.

Kanz led erl racing Centre-FrSd with Raajis & Rosita lined up at distances bhd her. Heaven's Edge raced centre in LdgLn but away from Kanz. Small Clapperboard 2L+ bhd her and never able to handle pace. HEdge wearing down Kanz last 1f as the bigger filly.

Kanz smaller & neat & has OR76 after this which seems a bit high and wonder about whether she has much scope.

Raajis another smaller one and fading before LdgPr despite off pace.

Rosita given a blitzing Front-running ride here LTO by same jk. Held up here and 4.5L off a mostly usable pace by Hf. But, ModResp when asked for an effort-2f & then fade.

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