BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2014 Season Race Result
Race 185 : Tue, June 17th
Ascot 3:05, 6f Group 2 (1), "Coventry Stakes"

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
G 72.99
1None Link

Horse SP [EST] LBRun Wnr Trainer Dw Hf LBL Run Notes
1The Wow Signal579.0-2 m  J. J. Quinn 1
0.5Supp 11/2,
2Cappella Sansevero673.81.84  G. M. Lyons 13
5.7Supp 7/1, New Owner,
3Jungle Cat1273.61.83 m  M. Johnston 15
1.0Supp 16/1,
4Justice Good1673.02.05 v  D. R. C. Elsworth 2
-0.5Drift 14/1,
5Kodi Bear2072.42.22 L  C. G. Cox 8
6Angelic Lord2071.52.52 m/D  T. G. Dascombe 14
7Dr No2571.22.63 m  R. Hannon (Jnr) 16
8Adaay570.62.83 v  W. J. Haggas 12
9War Envoy5.569.13.33  A. P. O'Brien 11
5.7Supp 7/1,
10Bossy Guest2067.63.82 m/D  M. R. Channon 7
11Cock Of The North2067.53.93 d  S. P. J. Dixon 9
12Kool Kompany665.24.64 v  R. Hannon (Jnr) 10
5.0Supp 8/1,
13Kasb2851.79.13 m/N  J. H. M. Gosden 6
14Portamento1436.714.13 m/V  C. Appleby 3
PUCase Statement663  M. D. O'Callaghan 5
NRProphesize m  N. Quinlan 4 NR = Other. Declared 12:45pm.

G from GGF on Decs. Not sure how. 18mm rain on Sat following 10mm of watering Wed & Fri.

Stalls Centre with GStick as 8.9 Centre, 8-7 Stands' Side and 8.6 Far Side. Stiff to Medium NNE Wind = 1/4+ Tailwind.

Hannon on his website = "The Coventry Stakes has been a lucky race for us over the years, and, though we don't have another Canford Cliffs, we run two very nice horses in Kool Kompany and Dr No. Kool Kompany is as chilled as his namesake (Vincent Kompany), and he has done nothing wrong, winning all three races, culminating with a Listed win at Naas, where War Envoy was behind us. He won there, despite racing with the choke out early on, and, though he has plenty of speed, we think this stiff six furlongs will suit him well. Dr No showed us at Nottingham second time what we expected to see from him on his debut, and the ground is drying up again which is a bonus for him." = Most interesting inference from this is that they think KK & Dr No are not the Group 1 types they knew the likes of Canford Cliffs were before they made their debuts. Which would explain while both have been useful looking winners to date neither has shown anything 'Different' - like CCliffs finishing zip FTO as an eg.

Bossy Guest's last work Video is from June 10th working with Popeswood (sub 75) over 6f. Clearly just a 'breeze and finishes with Popeswood and travelling more comfortably and looking stronger build. [Update] = Interesting to compare the note about BG's last Work Video with this on Channon's website on am of the race = "This is a smashing colt who only ever seems to do just enough. There are far more touted runners but I really don't know how good Bossy Guest is because he only won his maiden by a neck and regardless of what we work him with at home, that's all he ever does. In my experience, that can be the sign of a very good horse and we'll find out today. Hopefully they'll all run together because it's often frustrating when they are spread across the track with a horse winning his battle on one side only for another race to develop on the other side. It's a big field though and we'll have no control over that - all I know is our fella is in great nick, he'll handle the occasion and is well above average".

Cappella Sansevero won all three races in Ireland with the highlight a slowly run Listed 5f Marble Hill Stakes on Heavy ground. Goffs have created a new General Sale at KTNA for the Monday Evening and a wide range of horses sold incl the first foal by Frankel and her dam for 1M+. The ridiculously inflated prices at the sale suggested a masterstroke/lucky accident in choosing the timing. Lots of wealthy people and their agents in attendance and all in excitable mood with the Royal Meeting starting the next day. CS sold for 1.3M which ought to mean he ends up favourite because at least two groups of agents, presumably highly skilled, thought he would win this and go on to be a sire which is the only reason for such a high price. [Update] Bought by Qatar Racing and Spencer now to ride.

[Initial Thoughts] a) Not a Strong Edition on Profile looking like 'Parbolds' at the top of the Prfs and lacking any Gp1 7-8f types (like Dawn Approach & Olympic Glory). 2) Unusual Halfway to Final Positions with very little 'Deeper Closing'. The first 3 at halfway in the first 4 at the finish 3) Look back at the last three editions of the race and the large majority of the first 6 home in each from 10th+ at Halfway and the pace usually too strong. 4) Why did the 'Pace' last out here = usable pace? Note the race run only a little slower than 2013 when War Command won by 6L and the Going Stick here 0.1 slower. Tailwind having that much effect?. 5) Halfway to final positions and ground made seeme to show a similar set of horses to the leading 3 at halfway in 5th to 8th at the finish and making minor ground. 6) Heap of runners within 3L of 2nd at the finish feels like the High class ones (say between 1-3) were missing who should have been off the front at the finish and we have the middle peak of the ability distribution present but not much spread. 7) Given the Result Shape the Spencer ridden Cappella Sansevero seems to have made the best job of closing and going on at the finish. Probably needs marking up. 8) War Envoy at the back alongside CS and made some progress from a tough spot but less good than CS (Update = But note the Jk made a WTRB saying WE hung left during his late race effort. Onto the faster going if the WCastle Result Shape is factored in). . Didn't look like an O'Brien 'Type 1' Coventry runner on profile and more the 'Type 2' only a 2yo and a marker horse for Ballydoyle to check their best ones against. WEnvoy run behind Kool Kompany STO looked a worrying effort and smaller and getting unbalanced and not picking up. 9) Holds the overall ratings down because too many 'early-mid 2yos' are dragged too high given the heaped finish if The Wow Signal just outlasting Jungle Cat & Justice Good is counting as being real high class form.

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