BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2014 Season Race Result
Race 304 : Sat, July 12th
Newmarket July 2:40, 7f Group 2 (1), "Superlative Stakes"

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
GS 86.73
0None Link

Horse SP [EST] LBRun Wnr Trainer Dw Hf LBL Run Notes
1Estidhkaar1.8880.0-3 m/G  R. Hannon (Jnr) 7
0.7Supp 2/1, BOk, LdgLn+0.5f , SFre+1f Hld for 1f, Ld-3f+ OwnPc & IncrPc, LoB-2f+ Eff from 1.5Clr PO, 3Clr ins-1.5f, Po-0.5f+, poLt
2Aktabantay771.04.54 m/G  H. B. R. Palmer 4
2.0B-2, Resp Erl, 2R+1f Sttld, SwcR-3f+ STTR -1L, Dv-2f+ PO HgR, Resp ins-1.5f UpHill HgL, Po ins-1f, poLt
3Cock Of The North966.56.84 d  S. P. J. Dixon 2
0.5BOk Rl, LdgLn+1f, Eff ins-2f, PO, Po-1f+, po ins-0.5f, Grown? Sim Siz to Wnr?
4Natural Order2563.08.54 m  K. R. Burke 6
4.2BOk Cent, H-3 Erl, SwcL-2f SPrg, Po-.5f, po-0.5f
5Mister Universe662.09.03 m  M. Johnston 3
-0.5Supp 7/1, BOk ins, Ld+0.1f Hld, SFreOv, Hdd-3f+, Resp OwnPc, Eff-2.5f PO, 2nd-1.5f Po, po-1f+, Fd-0.5f+, BTR if Sttld?
6Lieutenant Kaffee561.69.23 v  R. A. Fahey 9
5.0Supp 6/1, B-1 Wd, H-4 Erl, Last+1f, SFre & HldOv, Pull to Preg Hf, -2L-3f TvOk, Eff-2.5f PO, Po ins-1.5f HgL, po ins-1f, Fd-0.5f
7Bossy Guest953.613.23 m/D  M. R. Channon 10
4.0Drift 8/1, BOk Wdst, H-2+0.5f Drop-in, H-2+2f, SFre & HldOv, Hld Hf but Pull Prg, -1.5F ins-3f Eff, PO, pO ins-2f, po-1f+, Fd ins-1f
8Smaih833.623.23 v/L  R. Hannon (Jnr) 5
3.2Drift 13/2, B-1 Cent, RE, Fre+1f, H-1+1f to 2R, Drop Mdfld Hf , Prg-3f+, Eff ins-3f -1.5L, Po, po-1.5f, Eased-1f+, WTRB = Trnr said Hrs unsuited GS
NRArchie m  T. G. Dascombe 8 NR = Going. Declared 06:43am.
NRGleneagles  A. P. O'Brien 1 NR = Going. Declared 13:48pm.

GS by Race Time. S from GF on Decs.

Gleneagles just a Medium one, poss a bit bigger, on VRev. Neater Galileo type and presumably a good sign he has been running early although his dam was a ready 2yo. FTO race has a bit of pace around a bend and gets himself from 4th to challenge 2nd before fading in the last 0.5f+ over 7f on June 6th behind a 3TO all the way winner. Won a 7f maiden on June 29th at the CURR and a slow pace race which developed into a 2f spint. Travelled best in that and a straight mover with an upright front in going 2-3L clear. But the 2nd was a smaller 66/1 shot who had run prominently so didn't look any different from a regulation maiden win from a lesser type. Unlikely to be able to travel so comfortably against this competitive and tougher group and hard to see the finishes he has shown being good enough against the best here.

Fahey in his SLife piece = Lieutenant Kaffee faces a big step up in the Superlative Stakes and we'll find out where we are after this. I think it's a warm race, whether he's good enough I doubt it but we'll see what happens.

1f Times :-
1st 1f = 14.86s
2nd 1f = 12.23s
3rd 1f = 11.78s
4th 1f = 11.74s
5th 1f = 11.32s
6th 1f = 11.84s
7th 1f = 13.01s.

Interesting set of 1f Times when compared to the more Slowly run Nursery on the card. The Nursery ran each of the the First 6f in progressively Faster times with the 6th 11.27 and 0.57s faster than Estidkhaar Ran here. The Nursery also faster for the Final 1f despite running diagonally to finish Far Side with the winner running straight on Cent-Stds strip here. Estidkhaar a full 3.05s ahead of the Nursery winner leader after 5f run & carrying 5lbs more). But the lauded 'Strong Finish' here by Estidkhaar presumably not what it seemed. He was staying on in the last 2f and would have lost the 2f 'sprint' to, a less taxed in early race, an OR73 horse. Estidkhaar always close to the lead and went to the lead after 4f and ran the fastest 1f of the race as the 5th 1f at 11.32s. He did that with the jk mostly sat still and everything niggled or driven along in that 5th 1f.

Hannon Website very bullish about Estidkhaar the next day and said that after consulting the owner they were looking at 2 more races at 2yo with the Dewhurst the second of those races. They said the obvious possibilities for those would be Vintage Stakes or the Champagne Stakes.

Palmer resported as being very bullish after the race and said that Aktabantay had proved he was worth an entry in all the best races with his 2nd here. Also said the distance he was beaten at the line was the head start he had given Estidkhaar which doesn't stand up. He was beaten further in Visual lengths at the line than inside 3f out when the race kicked off and he went through that point in a slower time. He did look to go best on the uphill climb. More believable is the trainer's statement that Aktabantay would be better on firmer going. The Champagne Stakes & the Dewhurst suggested as his possible agenda witht he trainer thinking the (downhill HS) at GDWD unlikely to show the horse to his best.

One good question which follows on is where is Mustadeem going next? On the right in the picture and giving Estidkhaar all the trouble he could handle after giving him a head start. Mustadeem also bigger.

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