BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2014 Season Race Result
Race 504 : Thu, August 14th
Newmarket July 2:10, 6f Maiden (Fillies') (4)

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
GS 78.24
-1None Link

Horse SP [EST] LBRun Wnr Shp Trainer Dw Hf LBL Run Notes
1Luna Moon2.2539.0-1  J. Noseda 9
-1.0Drift 2/1, EasyLd,
2Cockney Island838.40.21  P. J. McBride 3
2.7Ngl-2f, Po-1.5f, 2nd-1f Upgill SResp, SChal-0.5f+ SHgR, Po, poLt
3Maybe Now Baby3335.41.23  D. M. Simcock 2
4Poyle Jessica5.535.11.31  R. M. Beckett 10
2.0Supp 8/1, B-1 FrSd, NER, 2R+1f Sttld, TvOk-2f, Eff ins-1.5f Po SHgL, Chal 2nd ins-1f, po ins-0.5f
5Stone Roses734.81.43  M. L. W. Bell 4
5.5Drift 6/1, BOK HldImmed, H-2 Erl, SFFH+0.5f, H-2+1f, 4R+1.5f SHld, Drop Last Hf SHld, TvCmf-2f Blckd, SwcR ins-1.5f, Hmp-1f+ until-0.5f, Po HnH when Clear BTR
6Theydon Bois2530.62.12  P. Charalambous 1
1.7BOk Wdst PRH-1, RE, 2R+1.5f Cmf to SlowPc, TvOk-2f+, po ins-2, FdLt
7Matron2525.84.41  J. R. Fanshawe 6
8Avenue Du Monde1021.35.92  R. Hannon (Jnr) 7
3.5Drift 8/1,
9Gleaming Girl813.88.41  D. M. Simcock 12
10Pudding6612.38.92  J. Cecil 8
11Courier810.89.41  J. Noseda 11
2.71stCols, B-2 PRh-1, Last Erl, OntoGrp+0.5f, Prg+1.5f to Mdfdl+2f FrSd of Grrp, FoB & Dv ins-2.5f, SInx SHdUp, po-2f FrRL, Chal 2R-1.5f, Fd-1f & Eased
NRMullion Cove  J. R. Best 5 NR =


Bell website regular Blog quote = "On Thursday we started the afternoon off with STONE ROSES at Newmarket. We had been impressed with her work leading into the race and expected a decent effort. She would certainly have finished a lot closer had she been able to get out when her rider wanted her to do so. This is her best effort so far and on this evidence a win is very much on the cards for her.". The latest work video for Aug 10th shows her working with 2 x unraced colts - Le Rouquin & Mezajy. As a filly she sits in behind the other pair and loses 1L+ on the uphill finish and working harder than LR and a bit short in front uphill. LR a bigger, and flashy, chestnut and goes best in what looked a slower paced work. LR finished 4th on his 15th Aug debut at NMKJ over 7f. Mezajy by Makfi and looking a typical smaller 'ball' type of the sire. Works notably harder to hang with LR on the uphill.

Interesting Breeze by Lipstickandpowder & seems a type at the 'wrong' sale if you accept that most Breeze attendees are looking for readier 2yos with some pace. LAP looking raw and a 'Development Project Galloper'. A bit green in the breeze but moves straight and okish size. But, not a speed type and looking perhaps more 8-10f type.

Stalls Across the Course and field started racing Centre then drifted over to the Far Side led by Luna Moon getting a very Soft Time in front. Jk Moore looking like he was happy to keep the pace slow and perhaps drop it a bit if no-one was going to press him. Moore able to Delay the full efforts inside the final 2f to turn the race into a 1.5+ Sprint. Which meant she might have beaten better horses.

Odd Visual Split in the late race split with Luna Moon Cent-FrSd with the small looking Matron alongside h and LM making a solid forward effort and dropping Matron. The horses racing closer to the Far Rail never getting involved and fading early. The last 4 home all adrift by 0.5f+ out and closest to the Far Rail. Including Courier who was eased early by Buick but no WTRB made. [Sep 15] Gong back and reading 214 Noseda said Courier was a lazy filly who was in fast work in April and he thought she was built like a sprinting type. This debut late than he expected at that time. The 'Lazy' tag could be fitted to how she ran here with a slow start anf having to be niggled along to get into the slow moving field, First off the Bridle by 2.5f out with everything else still travelling ok. Hustled into making some sort of forward effor tint he last 2f but then eased 1f out and perhaps not staying but perhaps packing it in (?). Drops back to 5.1f STO at WTON which would fit with the early fade here if that was not staying. But, drawn 12 at WTON for STO so she is going to need to be a lot livelier overall to get a usable position unless the race falls apart for Closers to get involved.

The four fillies who made ground to finish 2nd, 3rd, 5th & 6th doing os racing in Centre track together. Given the Slow Pace those 4 seem worth marking up a bit (Stone Roses running better than the result reads.

Trainer McBride noted pre-season as one who has done very well with Cheap Buys in previous seasons (a new realisation). Cockney Island cost 1,000gns and as her VP picture shows she isn't a small rabbit. The picture shows also just how hard trained and fit she was for this debut. Many trainers never get a horse looking that fit. The side-on picture perhaps hiding that she is a narrow body (?) and light frame and pehaps looked like 'two planks nailed together' as a yealing. Probably has low scope but and ok effort for 70+ to make ground from midfield against the slow pace to challenge LM.

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