BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2014 Season Race Result
Race 721 : Tue, September 16th
Chepstow 2:20, 7.1f Maiden (5)

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
GGF 82.71
0None None

Horse SP [EST] LBRun Wnr Shp Trainer Dw Hf LBL Run Notes
1Dark Kingdom1043.0-1 N  Ed Walker 1
4.0Supp 12/1,
2King Jerry1.7542.60.23  R. M. Beckett 8
0.1Supp 9/4,
3Chain Of Daisies3337.20.42  H. Candy 6
1.7B-1 ins, NE, Resp+0.5f SFre, 2R+1f Ln1 Sttld, TvCmf -2f+ SwcL, SBlckd-2f SwcR, Po-1.5f+, po ins-1f, Resp to Ln, OkSz, SInx on Downhill
4Cymro1.535.73.62  T. G. Dascombe 5
5Beauty Of The Sea729.24.43  Roger Varian 2
6Follow The Faith6613.212.44 M  M. R. Channon 4
6.5DvOv, LsGrnd Hf,
7Eagle Empire1618.012.51  R. Hannon (Jnr) 7
-0.1Drift 10/1, Fre & HldOv, Ld+1f Take Fld StdsSd.
8Keen Move1616.513.34  I. M. S. Mohammed 3

GGF from G on Decs.

Race Delayed and this the 'Racing Post' summary while the delay & Course inspection in process = "RACING has been delayed at Chepstow on Tuesday after jockeys voiced concern about the state of the ground. George Baker alerted the stewards to his concern after walking the course and finding loose clods of turf from last Thursday's meeting when there had been criticism of what was seen as overwatering to produce good ground which left jockeys reporting it loose and softer. Baker, Richard Hughes, David Probert, Adam Kirby and Franny Norton are out on the track with officials.".

MPR sales blurb wet to Eagle Empire includes = "We believe our latest sone of Jeremy could well emulate Kool Kompany. We fiirst saw this colt, our latest acquisition by Jeremy at Tattersalls Guineas Breeze Ups. We were thoroughly impressed by his breeze, very solid, very sensible and with no little substance to it too. It was a very decent time on the breeze. He reminds us of the breeze of Victoire de Lyphar when we purchased him for 25,000 gns. He did us proud. When we saw him back in his box, we were mightily impressed. A really strong, deep set horse with presence and scope and immense substance both in his shoulders and behind the saddle. He's the perfect Hannon type that you would look for, the 'archetypal' if you you like".

Interesting to watch the Breeze Video for Eagle Empire after reading the MPR blurb. Remembering that EE only cost 28,000 as a 'ready to run' May purchase. No quote marks around - only - in the previous sentence because 28k is cheap. Lookes a medium one and deep enough and ok strongly built as they suggest. In the gather section seems to promise some range in his movement. Before he breaks into a Gallop for the Breeze the same question - will the Breeze explain the low price? The answer being 'Yes' and he does a moderate Breeze. Never gets above a Middling pace and never lookig at is he is fully organised nor synchronised Front & Rear. Stumbles in front at times on the undulating ground. Looking a galloper if the organisation in his movement improves. Presumably people at the sale looking for fast breezes didn't like EE's Breeze and Pedigree Analysts would be underwhelmed by his Pedigree. If you like the Sire Jeremy (died 2 or 3 days before this race) as MPR do then you look at a solidly built horse and forget the Breeze (presumably). They report that he was Green when he got to the Hannon stable in May which would fit with the learning-on-the-job feel to his Breeze. Which makes EE and interesting PRev & Profile call on debut. If he has grown a bit and sorted out his movement int he 4.5 months since his purchase he should be fine for 70+ and a competitive debut. If he is still green and a bit of a slower galloper then he might find this fast, and undulatating, track too much FTO. Market has a very large 'Hint' because jk Hughes rides King Jerry foe Beckett & Levey rides EE.

=== Post Race ===

Odd race to watch if you have mixed feelings over King Jerry - liking his size but put off by his laboured galloping style and lack of pace. KJ supported here which made you wonder whether he had 'snapped together' well and perhaps starting moving properly. But, you can't support a horse looking that slow when efforts are required even up to 7f but on a downhill course. Eagle Empire running too free and pulling to the lead on the Stands' Rail with his A5 jk and KJ attending him. KJ still looking slow but hanging on for a long time as a number of horses, Beauty Of The Sea for e.g., seemed to loom up behind and look threatening and then fade. Perhaps, big old lumbering KJ will get the job done by Grinding It Out. But even with the good & loose ground you just know 'something' will have too much pace for him in the end. Which turned out to be newcomers Dark Kingdom from a whole group of horses who, on Profile, might run into the low 60s and have a bit more zip then KJ. Even if his size means the stride length is ok even if it does take some time to turn a stride over.

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