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H. H. Adielsson
(Kingston Lisle, Oxon.)

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Background Information
  • Hans Holger Adielsson. Gained his British training licence in late 2010. Starts training at, Swedish businessman, Erik Penser's stables on the Compton Beauchamp Estates. Gerard Butler worked there as a part salaried trainer for many years before moving to Newmarket in 2008. Then Mr Penser said the training yard was not making money so was reviewing the situation as a business decision. Stable has upwards of 60 boxes but Mr Adielsson officially starting as a 30 box yard.
  • Born in 1943. Trainer in Sweden since 1972 and has been champion thoroughbred trainer there and also prominent with Trotters. Switched to training Trotters in 1988 at the request of his main owner - Lars Thulin. Mr Penser had tried to persuade him to come to Britain around the year 2000. His career with Trotters was at it's peak though then and his son was competing to be champion driver (of trotters).
  • Will be operating as a Public trainer as well as training horses for Mr Penser. He attended the Tattersalls yearling sales in later 2010 and bought 14 horses as part of setting up his yard.
  • 2005 to 2013 Wins List.
  • 2012 FTO RAG Files - (a) By Date, (b) By [Est] & (c) by SP.
  • 2013 FTO RAG Files - (a) By Date, (b) By [Est] & (c) by SP.

Horse Run
Date Course Dist Gng Rc
RcTyp Hf Postn [Est] SP Hd
MARCH - all 5f
APRIL - all 5f
May 5-5.5f
May 5.6f to 6.5f
June 5-5.5f
June 5.6f to 6.5f
June 6.6f to 7.5f
July 5-5.5f
July 5.6f to 6.5f
July 6.6f to 7.5f
August 5-5.5f
August 5.6f to 6.5f
August 6.6f to 7.5f
August 7.6f to 8.5f
August 8.6f & Further
September 5-5.5f
September 5.6f to 6.5f
September 6.6f to 7.5f
September 7.6f to 8.5f
September 8.6f & Further
October 5-5.5f
October 5.6f to 6.5f
October 6.6f to 7.5f
October 7.6f to 8.5f
October 8.6f & Further
November 5-5.5f
November 5.6f to 6.5f
November 6.6f to 7.5f
November 7.6f to 8.5f
November 8.6f & Further

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