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E. M. Burke
(Leyburn, Middleham)

2014 Debut Runs Page

Background Information
  • Elaine Mary Burke. Daughter of trainer Alan Jarvis and married to former trainer Karl (KR) Burke. Mr Burke lost his training licence in August 2009 when disqualified from racing for 12 months for passing on betting information. During this period his father-in-law ran the Leyburn stable with limited success. A number of owners moving their horses to other yards including those of Henry Cecil & John Weymes.
  • Mr Burke came out of his disqualification period at the sart of the Ebor Meeting in August 2010 but said he would not be applying for a licence immediately. During the hiatus he had undertaken other activities including charity work. Interviews suggesting that being off the 24 hour-a-day treadmill of racing had allowed him to develop a wider perspective on life outside of racing. His wife had been his assistant previously and applied for a licence when her husband's disqualification expired.
  • Relinquished her nominal position as the trainer in charge of the Spigot Lodge Yard in mid 2013 when her husband finally applied for and got his trainer's licence back from the BHA. All Burke 2yo runs for 2013 remain under her name in the B2yoR records.
  • 2005 to 2013 Wins List.
  • 2012 FTO RAG Files - (a) By Date, (b) By [Est] & (c) by SP.
  • 2013 FTO RAG Files - (a) By Date, (b) By [Est] & (c) by SP.

Horse Run
Date Course Dist Gng Rc
RcTyp Hf Postn [Est] SP Hd
MARCH - all 5f
APRIL - all 5f
May 5-5.5f
May 5.6f to 6.5f
June 5-5.5f
June 5.6f to 6.5f
June 6.6f to 7.5f
July 5-5.5f
July 5.6f to 6.5f
July 6.6f to 7.5f
August 5-5.5f
August 5.6f to 6.5f
August 6.6f to 7.5f
August 7.6f to 8.5f
August 8.6f & Further
September 5-5.5f
September 5.6f to 6.5f
September 6.6f to 7.5f
September 7.6f to 8.5f
September 8.6f & Further
October 5-5.5f
October 5.6f to 6.5f
October 6.6f to 7.5f
October 7.6f to 8.5f
October 8.6f & Further
November 5-5.5f
November 5.6f to 6.5f
November 6.6f to 7.5f
November 7.6f to 8.5f
November 8.6f & Further

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