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G. A. Butler

2014 Debut Runs Page

Background Information
  • Banned for 5 years in late 2013 for admitting to buying a Steroid preparation used by human body-builders, concealing the purchase, and then administering the drug via injection despite having no Veterinary training. In late 2013 had lodged an appeal against the ban which seemed an odd move and giving the Disciplinary Board the chance to increase the duration.
  • Worked as assistant to John Dunlop prior to being recruited by Swedish businessman Erik Penser (the 'Compton' & 'Beauchamp' prefixed horses) to be salaried trainer at his Churn Stables. In early 2008 Mr Penser announced that the training establishment was not making money as he had planned and Mr Butler would be moving out. He noted this was not a falling out but a business decision.
  • Mr Butler moved to Newmarket and reported he had a around 60 horses and would still train 12 for Mr Penser after the move.
  • 2005 to 2013 Wins List.
  • 2012 FTO RAG Files - (a) By Date, (b) By [Est] & (c) by SP.
  • 2013 FTO RAG Files - (a) By Date, (b) By [Est] & (c) by SP.

Horse Run
Date Course Dist Gng Rc
RcTyp Hf Postn [Est] SP Hd
MARCH - all 5f
APRIL - all 5f
May 5-5.5f
May 5.6f to 6.5f
June 5-5.5f
June 5.6f to 6.5f
June 6.6f to 7.5f
July 5-5.5f
July 5.6f to 6.5f
July 6.6f to 7.5f
August 5-5.5f
August 5.6f to 6.5f
August 6.6f to 7.5f
August 7.6f to 8.5f
August 8.6f & Further
September 5-5.5f
September 5.6f to 6.5f
September 6.6f to 7.5f
September 7.6f to 8.5f
September 8.6f & Further
October 5-5.5f
October 5.6f to 6.5f
October 6.6f to 7.5f
October 7.6f to 8.5f
October 8.6f & Further
November 5-5.5f
November 5.6f to 6.5f
November 6.6f to 7.5f
November 7.6f to 8.5f
November 8.6f & Further

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