BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2015 Season Race Result
Race 113 : Thu, May 28th
Sandown Park 6:35, 5f Listed (1), "National Stakes"

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
GF 61.3
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Horse SP [EST] LBRun Wnr Trainer Dw Hf LBL Run Notes
1King Of Rooks2.7556.0-3 m  R. Hannon (Jnr) 3
2Buratino1041.05.04 m/L  M. Johnston 4
3Steady Pace1.7538.06.02 m  S. B. Suroor 6
4Handytalk3333.57.54 m  B. R Millman 7
5Silver Wings2028.39.34 m  P. D. Evans 5
6Areen728.19.32 m  K. A. Ryan 9
7Tawdheef2522.911.12 m/V  B. J. Meehan 8
10.0Drift 16/1,
8Case Key6.59.315.62 m  C. B. Hills 1
9Strands Of Silk33-25.625.62 m/N  J. G. Given 2
0.3 , WTRB = Jk said Hrs lost its action. Vet found no issues.

GF from GFG on Decs. 5mm Watering Monday, 3-5mm Wednesday. GStick reading from 08:00am.

Far Rail out 3yds.

Medium+ Westerly Wind = 3/4 Headwind from the right.

=== Pre Race ===

[May 28th] Went back to review Case Key's Breeze Video having missed that before his winning debut. Mostly an 'unremarkable' Video but that probably being an overall positive in that CK is doing most things 'fine' and effciently. In the gather a typical medium, IP body length, deeper body and 'complete' now type of his sire. A ready balanced racer. Moves straight but with only a bit above average cadence. Still going forward atthe finish and using the range he has in a balanced way. Niggle over whether he is just a medium one lacking size and intersting how he compares to Areen in PRev. Would estimate he is a bit smaller and less powerful. CK running here rather than Shaghai Glory who was also entered.

=== Post VRev ===

First thoughts watching the video is that King Of Rooks probably the best horse and fpound the same 2-3L kick in th elast 1f as he had shown winning over 6f off a slower pace LTO. But, the 5L distance seemed to owe a fair bit to KOR getting a perfect run through the race (earnt by his basic pace and overall professionalism) while most of the others finding problems, or making them and not putting full races together. Left with the impression that Steady Pace & Areen better than they showed. Following points snap summaries.

With a lot of minor chaos elsewhwere effectively left with the job of seeing off Silver Wings to win having got to the lead on the favoured rail with SW outside him. KOR a size taller, wider and stronger than SW (narrowness and lack of neatness showing here) and able to break him before having to make the final effort. SW presumabl 78-80 handicapper type in reality. KOR's zip and nous making the best of himself but feels beatable in something like the Norfolk by something with a level more size & quality.

Steadyt Pace similar size & type to KOR but a bit less strongly made. Broke well wide but then fought jk Doyle and would not drop-in to 2R. Ended up running wide and pushed even wider after 2f by SoS barging out. Good efffort just before 2f out to close up to join KOR & SW just inside 2f out but KOR still going in hand. An early fade and hang right by SPace and a touch worrying even given the pulling and wide running. Should be able to do better putting a race together but a niggle over Appleby developing this type and probably a notch lower than KOR anyway.

Buratino the classic 'Volunteer 2nd' in a Listed 5f at this course having never really been in the race and beaten 5L. A bit different from the worst examples of the type (OR65-72 Evans' fillies) given he seems a proper 85-90 type. Held up here and not looking a real 5f type at times. Seemed to make a good move towards 2f out behind SP but part jumping the path then barged by SoS (small filly causing a lot of problems in the race). Got going again moving more slowly and staying on well enough for 2nd. Looks a 6f type.

Handytalk seeming a lesser version of Buratino in being af type staying on in these sort of races and getting to 4th because of a lot of issues elsewhere. But, ran better than the final place so might be a bit underestimated. Slowest start, then ran too free early then a bit outpaced at times. Along with SP & Buratino made a forward move before 2f out which seemed ok but got trapped in a pocket and had to wait to get out with Buratino getting a jump on him. Staying on after that and seems an 80s 6f type. Probably try 7f at some point.

Areen in stall 9 widest with Spencer riding always going to be a problem but Frank made it a bigger one than it needed to be, unsurprisingly. Broke a bit left then hanging almost to stands side as Frank concentrated on hauling him back with no heed to where he was on the track or what the rest of the field was doing. After a circuitous route ended up on the Far rail in rear. No chance from there but looking a stronger type in the field and worth another chance to show he is competitive at this level.

Tawdheef also drawn wide and ridden by Hanagan who seems to have a lot of the same negative traits riding 2yos. Also hanging wide and ending behind the field and even further back than the Areen & spencer combo. Never in the race.

Case Key really should have been able to get 2nd given jk Moore got him to be racing settled in 2nd rank on the rail. None of the pulling and 'Grand Tours of Esher' issues. But niggled along before halfway as if either outpaced or some issue. Some response at 2f out but not matching the average produced and then a notably early fade with Moore accepting it. Looking a it 'neat' in this field but a flat effort overall. Would expect the trainer to say the horse is better than he showed and some problem here. But, looking a touch underpowered against the better ones here anyway to peg his level.

Strands Of Silk the smallest and obviously a filly amongst males. Caused a lot of problems by being behind on the rail but running so freely she pulled herself up through the field and barged SP as popping out of the field widest. Then stopped very quickly inside 2f out and bumped Buratino.

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