BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2015 Season Race Result
Race 116 : Fri, May 29th
Haydock Park 6:45, 5f Maiden (5)

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
GS 63.96
0Link None

Horse SP [EST] LBRun Wnr Shp Trainer Dw Hf LBL Run Notes
1Jazz Legend930.0-1  J. G. Given 9
2Miniaturist2.523.32.32 M  M. Johnston 6
2.5Supp 7/2,
3Top Of The Bank520.33.32  K. A. Ryan 4
4Corridor Kid4016.54.52  D. Shaw 5
5Paddy Power1.637.57.52  R. A. Fahey 7
2.0Drift 6/5, , SEnq = Trnr's rep unable to explain poor run
6Alshalaal65.38.31  B. J. Meehan 2
3.7Supp 11/1, BOk Wdst, 2R+1f Wdst, Dv+1.5f, Drop 3R+2f DvOv, po-2f+, Fd ins-0.5f
7Putemintheboot66-3.59.51  P. D. Evans 3
NRAlkhor M  R. Hannon (Jnr) 1 NR = Going. Declared 08:49am.
NRMemyselfie  D. Shaw 8 NR = Going. Declared 12:15pm.

GS by later am after rain. G from GGF in Early am but raining at that time. Going Stick reading from 06:30am.

Inner HS in use as on Thursday.

Stiff+ WNW Wind = close to Direct Headwind

=== Pre Race ===

Jazz Legend very expensive at the Doncaster breeze sale. Breeze Video shows a medium size one with medium build and some length. Active and bouncy in the gather. Shorter and strong neck, Presuma a fast time ans showing a fast action and moves straight. Little head movement and cadence making the speed rather than reach. Can he keep that up for 5F? Showed all of what he had in the breeze.

Putemintheboot cheap buy at ABU and lacks a 5f pedigree. Breeze Video shows a smaller medium and bit compact one but with some build and not a rabbit. Breeze suggests he is in the wrong sale on movement (if size shape more like it), Shows a slower, staccatto and touch ponderous action. Doesn't move like a sprinter and wouldn't have seen which way Jazz Legend went. Usable at some lower level if not plain slow. Why start 5f in a better maiden? (not at CHEP say in a 6f Auction class 6).

=== Post Race ===

Field raced Cent-Stds strip. Nothing else wanting to lead so Jazz Legend able to get a comfortable lead by getting into the rhythm he showed in his breeze. Joined by Miniaturist JL able to keep the pace going best and only starting to stall late on. Only running 63.96s for 5f and a slow time. Still doesn't look a powerhouse and a neat medium/medium one with some length. Balanced and rhythmical movement making him. Would expect him to be better on a faster test getting into his rhythm. The question being how good is he really? On size and power grounds a ready Listed sort of type. Perhaps has a bit of scope to strengthen but may well not. As Limato showed in 2014 (and again in early season 3yo in 2015) movement efficiency can get you a long way even if you are not notably big/powerful. But, JL not showing anything 'different' in the way Limato could cruise along effortlessly then find as many kicks as you asked for. JL looks more one dimesional and what he has (his fast, efficient cadence) is on display all the time and there is little else to 'see' beyond how long he can keep it going. Leave it at a Listed level type and vulnerablke if he gets taken on or taken out of his preferred pace/rhythm for some reason.

Looking at Twiiter after JL's win crystallised a lot of negative thoughts about how it is used. It seems to be 75% people popping up and making a song-and-dance about a winner, good call, etc. Or brown-nosing someone else with the same hugely cherry-picked stuff. Given and his followers all chipping in about JL and reading the tweets he is Limato. Because he was a fast-timer at a Breeze sale all the 'Breeze Timers' and their followers commiting the same nonsense. Twitter seems to be getting mostly people involved in terrible egs of positive bias, WYSIATI, etc. For example, where was Given on twitter when the expensive Girls In A Bentley was bombing out at CATT later on, or when Strands Of Silk was making a world-class arse (or tit) of herself in the National Stakes. Where were the Breeze Timers when ?AShdaf was getting beaten in a weak BTON maiden early in the day? Or when any of the expensive Breezers who have failed FTO have run (Discreet Hero, Alizoom, etc,). Why dont we all go in for a more considered analysis of what is going on and how the careers might play out? Look at the tweets and everything bloody horse is terrific, marvellous, going-on-to-better-things, blah blah. Painful. Oh, and Timeform announced that they have turned the Sectional Timings they do as a best effort off the dodgy camerawork for races into 'product'. Which got the converted sectionalistas brown-nosing away in a contented, closed, huddle. Has to be a better way.

Meanwhile, back at the race, Miniaturist a similar sort to JL and perhaps a touch more build. But lacking the movement effciency presumably. Top Of The Bank perhaps a bit more build but like a typical Ryan sprint 2yo with the sides shaved off. A bit narrower body. Sort of '74' thing and given too much too do by Spencer. TOTB making an ok forward effort to get 2.5L+ back on Miniaturist but fading back in the last 0.5f.

Strength of JL's finish made to look visually better by the placed horses faded back and that shown by Corridor Kid closing back up to them having been left behind.

Alshalaal running widest and too green to get involved or finish the race off. [June 25th] Alshalaal running a bit better than that summary. Ok break and up in 2R after 1f but then driven along and dropping to 3R. Some response to hang onto the group until-0.5f+. Smaller medium probably, IP body with ok depth. Shorter than TOTB and that fram prob the limiting factor. Ok build within that.

Putemintheboot the smallest and a bit of tail flashing and looking a bit unwilling and or laboured. Not fast enough even for a 64s 5f.

What to make of Paddy Power? Quietly lorded by Fahey as something pretty good but blew out on debut and the same here. In a race with mostly more medium build sprinters the visual effect PP made actually postive. A very different type and no taller than the average but much broader, bulkier and stronger. Very different to JL, for example. While B2yoR likes bigger & rangier types you could certainly see how the power PP owns could make him look good in a blast if the movement and attitude were right. Stewards asked why the poor run and got a 'Dunno' answer. Looking at the video you could suggest two problems. Firstly that he ran too free to the slower early pace and got into a bit of a fight with the jk. Not enough to explain fading by 1f out but an issue. On debut PP didn't find as much as expected into the last 2f then started hanging right and finally moving a bit awkwardly. Looked very similar here. Lesser effort into the last 2f and hung right to end up on the stands rail along. Not responding to the whip then folding around 1f out and looking 'pained' as dropping back. Looking like something physical getting to him that needs fixing.

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