BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2015 Season Race Result
Race 182 : Wed, June 17th
Ascot 3:05, 5f Group 2 (Fillies') (1), "Queen Mary Stakes"

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
GF 60.03
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Horse SP [EST] LBRun Wnr Trainer Dw Hf LBL Run Notes
1Acapulco2.558.0-2  W. A. Ward 20
1.0Supp 3/1,
2Easton Angel6.553.51.53 d  M. Dods 1
4.5Drift 6/1, NewOwner,
3Besharah646.04.03 v/G  W. J. Haggas 3
3.7Drift 11/2,
4Kurland1438.56.52 m  M. Meade 16
5Kassia2034.08.03 m/N  M. R. Channon 22
6Little Voice6631.88.83 M  C. B. Hills 6
7Ring Of Truth2530.39.33 m  R. Hannon (Jnr) 13
8Delizia1027.310.33 l  M. Johnston 8
1.7 , SEnq = Trnr unable to explain the poor run
9Rebel Surge10026.610.43 M  D. Morris 14
10Rah Rah826.510.53 d  M. Johnston 21
1.5Supp 10/1, NewOwner,
11Abberley Dancer10022.012.03 a  J. S. Moore 12
12Bruised Orange1218.313.32  W. A. Ward 10
13New Road Side6616.813.85 d  A. C. Coyle 4
14Silk Bow337.816.84 m  J. G. Given 2
15Pity Cash1004.018.02 A  P. D. Evans 5
6.0 , WTRB = Stewards noted Saddle Slipped after 1f
16Cry Me A River91.818.82  T. Stack 15
17Secret Tale50-5.021.04 a  J. A. Osborne 23
5.0 , Sold 120k at the London Sale at on Mon 15th
18Just Emma50-6.521.54 m  J. M. Tuite 19
19Rosealee66-42.533.52 m  J. R. Gask 13
20Shaden33-57.538.52 m/N  J. Cecil 9
7.0SFre+1f, SStmbl+1.5f -1L+ , , WTRB = Stewards noted hrs hampered after 1f and Clip Heels & Stumble
WDDark Side Princess  C. A. Dywer 18 WD AP = Arrived AP and went behind first alone & WD. Vet's advice?
NRCaledonian Gold  P. W. D'Arcy 17 NR = Self Cert (Not Eaten Up). Declared 05:51am. Ran the Previous Day.
NRCobana Sand m  G. C. Bravery 7 NR = Self Cert (Cast in Box). Declared 10:54am. Retained for 60k at the London Sale on evening of 15th.

Going change to GFF after this race. GF in early am from GGF on Decs. GF on first day of meeting. GStick 9.3 Stands, 9.2 Far side, 9.1 centre.

Stalls centre.

Stiff+ Westerly Wind = 3/4+ Headwind. Notably different from Tuesday which had a Light to Medium 1/2 Headwind.

=== Post Race ===

Field raced in Two distinct groups with 10 fillies racing Far Side but off the rail. That group led by New Road Side early after a fast break then headed by Bruised Orange (slow break then hustled to get going). That group ahead by perhaps 3-4L after 1.5f with the 4th filly in that group ahead of the Cent-Stands group leader Rah Rah Moore on Acapulco alongside RR at that point and already starting to take positive steps to close the break that the Far side group had on the stands side group of 10 fillies. Acapulco going to the lead of her group before halfway and taking the lead overall just before 2f out with BOrange & NSR creaking by Halfway and starting to fold back before 2f out. This forward effort from Moore on Acapulco meaning she was able to do a smooth pickup of building intot he lead and then making an effort. Jks on Easton Angel & Besharah riding more traditional races sitting in 3R behind their group leaders (alongside each other before making forwards efforts) waiting to make their efforts around 2f out. With their leaders not carrying them forward Acapulco (travelling so well as to make the move comfortably) got a jump on the Far Side group into the last 2f despite having been behind before halfway. Kurland & Kassia benefitting from being able to follow Acapulco's move through and are clear 2nd & 4th overall, with the fading RR in betwen in 3rd, overall at 1f out Acapulco kicks clear. EA & Besharah then complete their forward moves from further back to get to 2nd/3rd in the last 1f, EA and Besharah alongside each other intot he last 2f but EA gets a clear run and gains 1.5L while jk on Besharah is waiting for a gap. But, EA then making a 1L+ better effort int he last f and looking bulkier and scopier than Besharah.

Picture below of a relaxed Acapulco going from the Pre-Parade to the Parade Ring :-

Ward pair of Bruised Orange (Dettori) & Acapulco (Moore, Coolmore owned and by a Coolmore US sire) ridden by 'British' jks so hopefully would not 'overuse' the fast breaks and early speed that Ward drills into his 2yos. 60secs up a hill on the straight on turf a different test from 5f around a long bend on the flat on dirt. Dettori going forward on Bruised Orange and leading the Far Side group and overall from early on. Tame fade from BOrange and others in her group looming around her by halfway. Stands Side group probably took over lead before halfway. Acapulco a slightly slow break but Moore saying he was just cruising along and that didn't worry him and leading around halfway. Acapulco kicking 4-5L clear and seeing out the 5f well.

Profile ratings based on the racecourse performances of the Ward pair and clearly well off track. Acapulco fell apart in the HS having led over 4.5f on debut and not looking especially big in that field. Trainer Ward has said (now known) that the problem was the Dirt. He reported her work on Turf since had been terrific and the best he had seen. Acapulco had beaten BOrange comfortably in works since. Ward saying he had identified Acapulco at the breeze sales (presumably after the breeze) and convinced the Coolmore 'boys' to buy her.

In Prev Acapulco & Bruised Orange the biggest in the field with Acapulco notably stronger than BOrange. Neither looking like an earlyish 2yo and Moore said after the race she "rides like a 4yo" meaning both in movement and temperament.

Very good last 2f kick by Easton Angel. The strongest sprinter physically of the British 2yos and bigger and stronger than her dam who was 4th/20 in this race but did not develop much. EA not helped by being dawn 1 on the far side and finding herself in the group that had lost ground to Acapulco & co. (stands side). EA giving strong achse and might have been closer but Acapulco just looking a 'monster' and could presumably have found a bit more. Acapulco matching size and power with efficient and rangy movement along with a professional attitude. A good effort to chase her so hard by EA.

Besharah a lesser effort than EA out of the Far Side Group and a clear 3rd. A likeable result with the differences between the best types and just 'useful' types visually demonstrated. Great to see these better types display it. Also, a reminder to people who think that an 'Ascot runner' is some sort of 'achievement' that the majority of runners in the 2yo races at RASCT are 'Social' runners, handicappers of some sort. The term 'Ascot runner' is meaningless in performance terms.

Picture below of a relaxed Acapulco going from the Pre-Parade to the Parade Ring :-

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