BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2015 Season Race Result
Race 1 : Sat, March 28th
Chelmsford 2:55, 5f Maiden (4)

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
STD 60.29
0Link None

Horse SP [EST] LBRun Wnr Shp Trainer Dw Hf LBL Run Notes
1Buratino2.2528.0-1 V  M. Johnston 5
0.0Bggst, B-1 Wdst, NER, LdgLn+0.5f 2Wd SHld, XF+1f & LdRL, TvOk-2d, Eff-1.5f+ Po HnH, poLt
2Young John1.7517.53.51 M  R. A. Fahey 4
0.0B1, Hdd+0.5f 1Wd SHld, Allow XFr+1f, Eff-2 to HS, po SInx, FdLt, Smaller IP SWkBlw, -veOv, Even a 70?, Need 6f Quote a smokescreen for the owner?
3Yeah Baby Yeah169.04.01  G. A. Kelleway 3
0.0BOk P-1, SHfflBck+0.5f to 3R+1f to Bnd, Ngl-2f+, po HS, FdLt, Small, WTRB = Vet said Hrs Fin Lame OF
4Lil's Joy2.58.05.01 N  N. Quinlan 2
0.0BOk ins, LdgLn+0.5f RL Ngl, Allow XFre+1f SHld, Dv-2f SOutpcd, Drop 4th-1.5f RL, po, Fd ins-0.5f, Smaller
5Blue Smoke8-27.016.01  W. G. M. Turner 1
0.0B-1 P-2, Dv Erl TTR, InxOv, 2Wd Bnd try get OOKickback, Wd to HS SResp, Fd-1f, Smallest, NoInt

Strong Wind from the SW = 3/4 Headwind in the BS & 3/4 Tailwind in the BS.

Fahey quote in his SL piece = "Our first two-year-old runner of the season is Young John in the Maiden Stakes. Hes not a whizz-bang juvenile and it may be that he will be better at six furlongs but hes nice. I hope he comes home strongly and hes a horse who is ready to run.".

Note :- Track has reopened over the Winter. While the bends are still long and 'sweeping' (2f of this race on the bend) there was an awful lot of kickback both as lumps and dust. 2R here close enough to the leader to keep their heads out of it. YBYeah did ok to put up with and not seem to let it affect here much. Blue Smoke (smallest?) got behind and drifting wide on the bend as if trying to get out of the 'cloud'.

Summary of the race would seem to be that the winner is probably OR79+ but not real long term better class and hard to work up any enthusiasm for the other 4. Buratino is ok tall but a bit narrow bodied. On the plus side he uses his range in front and still going forward at the line. Probably had the best run through the race having been allowed to get to the lead on the rail for minimal effort from the widest draw. Took some time to put 2-3L into Young John.

Only brief shots of Buratino & Young John on the ATR coverage with them much more interested in Adverts/Dubai that showing anything of the 2 x juvenile races available to them. Picture of YJohn on the Fahey website an odd one showing him a lunge ring and photographed by someone stood above the lunge wall. Makes him look ok build but a question mark over the size. Looked a smaller one here and lacks range in movement. A bit green overall, looking very 'young' & a bit mousy attitude, and some build positive but looking a 60s type. A poor favourite against anything with a bit of size and real OR75 possibilities.

Lil's Joy a well enough related filly for an oner breeder. Out early and before Mick Quinlan died the stable was capable of getting FTO wins including in March/April. Since brother Noel took over the stable that FTO readiness, especially early, not really 'there'. A tocuh taller than YJohn but more lightly made. Did not pick up in the HS and allowed the limited Yeah Baby Yeah to get past her. LJoy seems like a smaller one out early to try to get some sort of win so she can become a broodmare as a 2yo winner and a sibling to a 2yo Group winner. Which will 'sound' great on 'the Page' but would need some extra work to assess what that meant in real ability terms. Should improve STO and see if she picks up but no real interest.

No interest in YBYeah nor Blue Smoke who look small and low class ones. Seemed another negative for YJohn that these two fillies were catching him back up again towards the line.

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