BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2015 Season Race Result
Race 36 : Wed, April 29th
Ascot 2:25, 5f Conditions (2)

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
GFF 59.72
0Link None

Horse SP [EST] LBRun Wnr Trainer Dw Hf LBL Run Notes
1Log Out Island4.546.0-1 V  R. Hannon (Jnr) 3
-0.3Drift 7/2, BkWL Cent, LdgLn Erl SHld, Ld+0.5f Sttld, CmfLd, TvBest-2f JkWait, Chalgd-1.5f+ Resp, PO, ko-1f+ SQkn?, 2Clr ins-1f, PO ins-0.5f HgR, SCmf
2Handytalk736.54.52 m  B. R Millman 6
2.0Supp 10/1, B-1 RL, Resp Erl SFre SFFH, H-1+0.5f to 2R, SwcR+1f 2Wd SHld, DvHf, Po-2f, SwcR-1.5f, Po, poLtr, 6f
3Buratino2.533.55.52 m/V  M. Johnston 1
0.3Supp 3/1, B-1 Wdst PRh-1, Ngl Erl Resp SFre, Prg+0.5f to 2nd+1f Sttld, TvCmf-2f+ SPrg, JnLdr ins-2f Dv, PO, Po-1f, HgL-0.5f+, po-0.5f
4Gifted Master1.2526.87.82 d/V  H. B. R. Palmer 2
1.0Drift 6/5, BkWL Cent, LdgLn Erl Hld-2 to 2R SwcL, 1Wd+1f Fre Hld, BmpFwd+1.5f Unbal, FreOv, SwcL Hf, Dv-2f ModRsp Po, HgR-1.5f Whip NoResp, po-1f MvShF Issue?
5Aragon Knight204.813.82  H. S. Main 5
2.2Supp 25/1, Held Stalls B-2 ins P1, Last Erl Resp, QFre+0.5f Hld, FFH for 1f+ SwcR, Wdst+1.5f QHld Unbal, TvOk-2f+, Dv-2f+ Po, po-1.5f+, Fd ins-1.5f HgR, OkSz
6Arlecchino's Rock33-3.516.52  M. D. I. Usher 4
1.5BkWL ins, LdgLn Er SFre, H-1+0.5f, 2R+1f RL, Ngl+2f, DvHf Outpcd, SHmp-2f+ LsGrnd, Adf ins-2f, po, Fd-1f, Smallest

GGF in early AM from GF on Decs.

Stalls Stands' Side.

Stiff to Medium WSW Wind = Direct Headwind.


Hannon quote Post Race = "He is a lovely colt and is the first two-year-old we have really liked. He will go for something like the National Stakes, then come back for Royal Ascot - for which race I do not know. He has certainly shown up well at home and he will improve for that. It looks like six furlongs won't be a problem.".

=== Post Race ===

Hugo Palmer's Blog on Sat May 2nd = "Gifted Master did not concentrate one tiny bit at Ascot on Wednesday. He was in the paddock for a very long time and got more and more stewed up as time went on. That of course was the same for all of them, so much so that when Richard Hughes got on the winner the horse bolted round the paddock. It is tough for these young immature colts to be walking round the paddock for quite so long but it's the same for all of them so no excuses there. He was a prat all the way to post, he was a prat behind the gates, he was a prat in the stalls and he was a prat in the race. He is much better than that and I am yet to fully discuss with his owner what we're going to do about it but it wouldn't surprise me if he had a gender alteration at some stage. He was also a prat at Newmarket but he tried that day. If he puts it in, I'm sure there'll be lots more races to be won with him.".

Quotes from Hannon Website on May 2nd wrt Log Out Island = "RICHARD HUGHES was in reflective mood this morning, and looking back on Log Out Island's debut success at Ascot on Wednesday two words kept cropping up - 'very impressed'. The champion jockey feels that the Norfolk Stakes might be the right race for the Dark Angel colt at Royal Ascot, though he would have no qualms if Richard Hannon and the owners prefer to go up in trip for the Coventry Stakes. Hughes said: 'Log Out Island has plenty of natural speed, but he'll stay six furlongs no problem. You need to stay to win any of those races at the Royal meeting, so I would not mind which route we take, but he definitely has the class to be a player at Ascot. We'll learn more after he has taken in the National Stakes at Sandown, but it was a very pleasing start and my only worry was when he was so skittish in the paddock beforehand. It was a bit hairy for a moment or two and I was glad of my long legs for once, but as soon as we got out on to the track he was fine. He was very fast out of the stalls, so, while I had planned to tuck in behind one of the previous winners, I thought it best not to rein him back and instead let him bowl. He is pretty good, but I rode him three weeks ago and he gave off all the right vibes then. He was quite free and usually two-thirds of the way up the gallop the two-year-olds will take a blow, but he kept going and just got faster, running right to the end of the gallop. I thought then 'this fellow is useful' and he confirmed that at Ascot."

=== Post VRev ===

Log Out Island at least medium and strongly built. Clean mover. Allowed to lead at his own pace and settled doing that while creating problems for others behind. Travelling best inside 2f out Jk Hughes able to wait until Buratino moved up to join him. A strong effort around 2f out and seemed to find an extra kick towards 1f out to go 2L+ clear with the others left behind. That effort at 1f+ looked like a bit of the rare 'quickening' and a bit Different. Hanging right later on but going strongly at the finish and having to be pulled up (rather than already being tired). Going strongly on the Gallop/Run Out amd still some FFH as hard held by Hughes. On the after post shots looks medium, quite strongly built with more leg length range than expected. Moves balanced to tie everythign together. Just on what Hannon has said he will try Group races and on movement a solid prospect with a minor niggle about needing to check Size & Scope for that level. Note = Limato won a strong Group 3 for 3yos ont he card and winning clearly and a good example of how superior movement will tak you a long way without being a relative powerhouse. Interesting to see how he and, the more strongly built, Tendu fare relatively as they develop through the season.

Handytalk outpaced again and got to a voulnteer 2nd by staying on to a Volunteer 2nd. Will presumably get OR80+ but needs 6f and more a good nursery type. Will presumably be tried in the 6f Youngsters Stakes at PFCT which can be widely varying ability so Handytalk might have ok prospects there depending upon the field quality.

Buratino at least medium, soildly built and with some extra range in front. Paid for taking LOI on and stalling/fading by 0.5f out. Got a little unblanced at times on the usual loose top surface. 80+.

Waited to write this race up until there was some feedback from trainer Palmer. Gifted Master's run here the sort of thing that can make you ill if you had been very positive about him after a very good looking debut. The feedback in his blog (above in these notes) another plus mark for Palmer who is confirming the view of a serious operator and lucid and informative in interview. Good to hear that there were a lot of reasons which might explain the poor run. During the race he ran too freely including running into the back of the Leading Pair before Halfway. When asked to pick up inside the last 2f nothing much happened and GF moving short in front. A niggle that he looked a bit smaller than LOI & Buratino but if he can recover that late race zip he showed on debut he must be up to competing to win at Listed level, at least.

Aragon Knight another of those horses with unproven trainers of 2yos that you wish could be transferred to Hannon so we could find out how good AK might be. A solid size and strongly built but too raw in condition and mentally to put a race togther. Drawn next to the rail but ended up widest away from the rail, Held in the stalls, a slow start then fighting the Jk as they moved wide witht he Jk trying to find and equine backside to sit behind and hopefully get AK to settle. Never happened but AK moving ok towards 2f out and might be the strongest build. But, hanging right and soon fading within the last 2f. Might well be 80+ but will the trainer know how to fix things? Palmer seems to have a communicated plan for Gifted Master, for example.

Arlecchino's Rock the smallest and outpaced before 2f out although a touch hampered by GF. Already going backwards at that point. In the wrong race and overpowered. But, a poor effort even given that. Should be usable 60s.

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