BRITISH 2yo RACING - Trainer 2yo Pictures Page 2002-2014
P. N. Dutfield
(Axmouth, Devon)

  • Table below lists the avaliable 'best' pictures for 2yo horses.
  • Horses that ran for the trainer between 2002-14 are covered and listed by Year.
  • The links from the Horse names link to the preferred picture for publication.
  • Data in brackets are the 2yo Horse's Sire, Dam and Sales Price or Owner Bred (OB).

2002 :- P. N. Dutfield
    • Aoninch       (Inchinor ex Willowbank)
    • Bless Her       (Piccolo ex Bliss)
    • Chardane       (Danetime ex Lady Charlotte)
    • Convent Girl       (Bishop Of Cashel ex Right To The Top)
    • Dance Class       (Desert Prince ex Dance Ahead)
    • Eagles View       (Eagle Eyed ex Rock On)
    • Highness       (Titus Livius ex Highland Crumpet)
    • Kawagino       (Perugino ex Sharakawa)
    • Kawagino       (Perugino ex Sharakawa)
    • Kenley Lass       (Danetime ex Big Fandango)
    • Kitali       (Atraf ex Mari-Ela)
    • Mulan Princess       (Muhtarram ex Notley Park)
    • No Borrowing       (Tagula ex Tisima)
    • Nutty       (Sri Pekan ex Mitra)
    • Pooka's Daughter       (Eagle Eyed ex Gaelic's Fantasy)
    • Rockspur       (Flying Spur ex Over The Rocks)
    • Sesary       (Sesaro ex Dunfern)
    • Streaky       (Danetime ex Solo Symphony)
    • Sweet Finesse       (Revoque ex Moira My Girl)
    • Titian Flame       (Titus Livius ex Golden Choice)

2003 :- P. N. Dutfield

2004 :- P. N. Dutfield

2005 :- P. N. Dutfield
    • Lucky April       (Whittingham ex Lucky Dip, 2400 gns )

2007 :- P. N. Dutfield
    • Alannah       (Alhaarth ex Aljeeza, 1600 )
    • Charlie Be       (King Charlemagne ex Miriana, 8500 )
    • La Varrosa       (Josr Algarhoud ex Ebony Anne, 600 )
    • Shybutwilling       (Best Of The Bests ex Reticent Bride, 8000 )

2010 :- P. N. Dutfield
    • Lady On Top       (Oratorio ex Ascot Lady, 8000 )

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