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British 2yo Racing (B2yoR) is dedicated to following 2yo racing in England, Scotland and Wales during the Turf Season (March to November). All-weather (AW) juvenile races run on artificial surfaces during this period are also incuded in the coverage. The number of AW races has increased notably in recent seasons and in 2011 accounted for nearly 20% of all 2yo races run in the coverage period.

The site contains a wide variety of information about Horses, Trainers, Sires and Races which is specifically targeted at 2yo racing. B2yoR aims to make this information better than existing sources and, as importantly, suggest how the information should be interpreted and used.

The main goal of B2yoR is to raise the profile of 2yo racing and improve the general standard of knowledge about how juvenile racing 'works' in Britain. The primary part of this approach is to promote and extend the use of Paddock Review and 'Horse Standardisation' as tools for assessing the participants. 2yo racing necessarily involves analysing many races where the runners are making their debuts or have had a small number of previous runs. Given that much of the mainstream analysis of racing is done through studying previous form, and there's little or no form available in many cases, 2yo racing provokes a number of different responses. For example:-

All of these approaches are inferior to actually going to the paddock to see the 2yos and reviewing them as physical specimens. It is possible to see a group of 2yo horses making their debut and be able to assess their relevant abilities and their likely level of performance through the 2yo season. With the information gained from reviewing a field of 2yos it is then relatively easy to assess the likely level of form that they, as a group, could produce at best. This is preferable to the 'Race Standardisation' approach described above for example.

The paddock review information brings in a 'Horse Standardisation' approach where current and future performance can be assessed from the physical types that ran in the race. The review information for a horse should include an overall rating which relates to the Official Rating (OR) scale and a full description of its physical type and athleticism. This subject is covered in more detail in the 'Paddock Review' section on this site.

The use of paddock review information for 2yo races needs to be used more extensively and needs to be of much greater depth. Current generally available 'Paddock Review' information is usually of moderate quality. With some honourable exceptions the paddock analysis in the media tends to show similar problems:-

B2yoR envisages a time in the future when the report from a maiden 2yo race will include :-

B2yoR has produced various examples of the menu above over the years since the website started in 2005 and a number are linked to by the Anthology Article. The tools and the expertise are available but have still made very little impact on the major commercial Racing Information providers and tipsters. From the B2yoR viewpoint it is an interesting balance. On one hand it would be terrific to have the Paddock Review approach developed by a wider base of practitioners. On the other it might lessen the 'edge' it still provides in finding value bets.

The following Sections give an overview of the type of information available in the major areas of the B2yoR website. Starting with the resources made available, and updated regularly, as each individual season unfolds.

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Access to all information resources relating to 2yo racing during the individual seasons is made through the Index Page for that season. These Indexes are linked to from the top level webpages on the site and from a number of those at the second level. The regular sub-sections for each season are :- On the main Index Page for the Season there are also links to a supporting Information Pages which provide background details to the B2yoR data. These currently are :-
It is worth noting the position with the ratings published on the website which are termed 'Estimates', with the abbreviation [Est] used. Developing these ratings has been an ongoing process as new approaches were tried. This means that the ratings can be using a different baseline in different seasons and are therefore not directly comparable. The 2010 and 2011 seasons Estimates have been reworked to the same base and all season pages have been re-published to reflect the reworked figures. Therefore 2010-11 are directly comparable and will form the reference basis for all ratings going forward.

These two years are now on the same baseline as the reworked 2007 season. However, the 2007 season Pages have not been re-published and the ratings on the website for the season are not comparable to 2010-11. The decision on whether to re-publish the whole, or parts, of the 2007 pages to allow full comparability to 2010-11 is under consideration.

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3. TRAINERS 2002-2011

This Section contains statistical summaries for the 2yo runners only of Trainers that had at least one 2yo runner declared in at least one of the seasons from 2002 onwards. For some major trainers the information provided includes the statistics for seasons between 1996 and 2001.

There are two Summary Pages for each trainer which are termed the 'Trainer Stats Page 1' and the 'Extra Stats Page 2'. The 'Page 1' Summary is linked to from the main Index Page for the section and from the Trainer's individual Season Pages. The 'Extra Stats' Pages are linked to from Page 1 and from the individual Season main pages.

The summaries cover a range of information about trainer's methods which are not generally available. The information available on Page 1 are :-

The information available on the Extra Stats Page 2 are :-

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4. SIRES 2002-11

This Section contains statistical summaries for the 2yo runners only of Sires that had at least one 2yo runner declared in at least one of the seasons from 2002 onwards. For some major Sires the information provided includes the statistics for seasons between 1996 and 2001.

There is one Summary Page for each Sire which is termed the 'Sire Stats Page'. The Stats Page is linked to from the main Index Page for the section and from the Sire's individual Season Pages.

The Stats summaries cover a range of information about sires which are not generally available. The information available is :-

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5. 2yo RACING 2002-11

This section provides information summaries for the 2yo season for the years from 2002 on. The 2yo season covers all juvenile races in Britain during the flat turf season, including 2yo races on the all-weather during the turf season.

The information is useful for anyone interested in 2yo racing and gaining a general understanding of the 'size and shape' of the season and what factors influence it.

The data covers the following areas each with it's own Webpage :-

The information is split by a range of interesting questions about 2yo racing which it should help to explain. This 'question' format helps to introduce some of the factors that someone should be thinking about when trying to analyse juvenile racing in general and particular 2yo races.

Examples of the questions posed :-

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Paddock Review describes the activity of going to see the 2yos in the pre-parade and paddock rings and assessing their abilities and aptitudes using a simple system. The review will produce a rating of each 2yo as a physical specimen, a full description of physical type and an outline of its prospects for its 2yo career.

This section contains an overview of the the type of Paddock Reviewing B2yoR believes is appropriate for 2yo races. It covers the overall approach and what areas to look for and what to ignore. The section encourages the use of paddock review and explains why this should not be seen as a 'black art' and the preserve of 'horsey insiders'.

The section includes a number of 'Virtual Paddocks' with picture examples of actual sets of 2yos for you to try to split into known types.

Late 2011 Note - The Paddock Review Section was written in late 2004 and the B2yoR approach has developed further since that time. The 'Paddock Review' approach has not changed fundamentally but there have been a number of incremental improvements. During the intervening years B2yoR has also been involved in a large project, betting syndicate funded, to collect on-course review information using 'Classical Paddock Review' methods. Updating the section to integrate all the new knowledge would be a major undertaking and the information available would make an interesting book. Currently the decision has been taken to leave the 'Paddock Review' section on the website in it's current form. While not fully current in detail it does capture the ideals and thrust of B2yoR's belief n the use of Paddock Review with some energy.

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Contains all of the site documents related to thoroughbreds and racing, especially 2yo racing. The section includes the publishing dates for titled future documents.

What's the difference between an article and a discussion document? Articles are intended as explanatory and informational documents for a general audience. Discussion documents will include more personal opinion and can express any view so long as it is backed up by some worthwhile knowledge and thought.

Anyone can submit a article or discussion to this website for inclusion if suitable. Please send any contribution to Contact Info. Note that the author retains the copyright of any article published on the B2yoR website.

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Resource containing pictures of 2yo horses from the 2002 season onwards. The pictures are of varying quality but are not intended to be used for professional or commercial purposes. They are made available here for people interested in 2yo racing and in thoroughbred conformation and types.

Note that all pictures of horses, aside from the reference Stallion images, are filed under the season when they were 2yos whenever the picture was actually collected. The main Picture Archive Index Page contain tables which link to individual seasons. The photos within a single season are presented in separate Alphabetical Index Pages.

All picture files on the website have a standard naming format :-


Where Date is in format - YYMMDD - and Racecourse (Crse) is in an easily identifiable four letter standard code. Suffix numbers (1, 2, etc.) are used to identify multiple pictures of the same horse taken on the same day.

Back in 2002 and when the website began in 2005 there were very few sources of pictures available. In recent seasons this position has changed and a number of Internet sites now make pictures available. A range of trainers now publish pictures of all their horses and some of the sales companies publish pictures of horses offered at their various sales. Some trainers have gone further and provide Videos of some of their horses and work gallops. B2yoR now collects some of the pictures from these sources and aggregates them in the Picture Archive. These will typically be photos of current 2yos and preserving these images in a permanent Archive will be useful. These pictures will often be removed from their parent website over time and be 'lost'.

The increased range of sources has meant a small extension to the standard naming format. To reflect that pictures in the archive are not just collected on the racecourse the 'Crse' element of the format can now include other four letter codes. For example, 'Stab' is short for 'Stable' and 'Work' for horses on the Gallops.

It is worth recording that the Picture Archive is one of the most used parts of the Website and has a Worldwide audience. Whenever a horse is sold to race in Hong Kong the pictures on the B2yoR site of them get hundreds of hits. The racing community in Kuwait has downloaded the entire Archive (several times and perhaps a request for a DVD might work). It is also fascinating to see how the old 'Eastern Bloc' countries along with Turkey look to Britain as a source of information and horses. B2yoR gets large usage of pictures, and general contact, from these nations including Slovenia, Hungary, Rumania, Russia & Kazakhstan. The importance of a permanent Archive which does not remove pictures when they believe they are not 'current', as a trainer or Stud would do, is also demonstrated by sites such as 'Pedigree Query' linking to pictures on the B2yoR site.

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