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British 2yo Racing - Pedigree Layout Explanation

The site has individual 2yo summary pages for all of the horses that are declared to run each season. These pages include pedigree information which is presented as a table at the bottom of these individual horse pages. The following table is an example.

DAM Name Foal Summary Foal Years General Notes
Alzianah 6 previous foals.
Half to :-
  • 5f AW 2yo Waffles Of Amin (rtd 75), 
  • 5f 2yo+ Leozian (23k, rtd 85), 
  • unp 5f 2yo/6f AW 3yo Patientes Virtis (14k, rtd 30/60), 
  • unp 6-7f AW 2yo/6f AW 3yo Voluptuous (rtd 52/64), 
  • 6f 2yo Desperate Dan (40k, rtd 90),
  • +plcd 6f 2yo Flying Dancer (58k, rtd 64, HIT 16.5k); 
dam 5-6f 2yo/6f 3yo (rtd 85/88), half to Gp2 10f Hasty Example
DAM 91 = 
  • 97 WOA; 
  • 98 L; 
  • 99 PV; 
  • 00 V; 
  • 01 DD; 
  • 02 FD; 
Foal €14,000 

The information given in the "Foal Summary" section is :-

The information in the "Foal Years" part gives the year (shortened to two figures, 99 = 1999, 00 = 2000, etc) that each foal was born in. So Waffles of Amin was Alzianah's first foal in 1997, Leozian her second in 1998 and so on. This information is particularly useful in assessing how a broodmare's career is progressing.

For example an old dam may have produced 10 or more foals and one of these may have been a notable winner. It would then be common to read in the racing press that a 2yo making it's debut was related to the notable runner - but what use is that information? If the dam produced the notable runner as her first foal more than ten years ago and has produced moderate runners more recently then relating the latest runner to the notable runner is clearly misleading.

As a general rule if you look through the dams in this website or in a sales catalogue you will find it is common for a dam's career to 'tail off' after producing better runners among her earliest foals.

The "General Notes" section is used to present any other information relevant to the current year's 2yo's breeding and sales performance. It is most commonly used to present information about sales prior to the most recent sale which is given in a different table at the top of the individual page for the 2yo. In this case the 2yo was sold for €14,000 (euros, normally indicating a sales in Ireland, or sometimes France) as a foal.

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