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British 2yo Racing - Racing Previews Changes

    In the two seasons (2005-6) since the B2yoR website began the preview of the 2yos events has been targeted at individual races. The 'Green Table' race profile format will be familiar to regular readers and all the profiles written are still on the site under the relevant season homepage link. However, what will also be apparent is that these profiles have not continued much after Royal Ascot. The reason is simply that the time and effort required to produce this level of race preview proved beyond the resources of a non-commercial site. If you want to get a feel for how much the amount of 2yo racing ramps up in July try looking at the tables of 'Races Per Month' & '2yo Debuts by Month' on the '2yo Racing 2002-6' section of B2yoR.

    With the aim of ensuring coverage throughout the 2007 season the format will change to a be a preview of the next day's racing rather than an in-depth profile of individual races (which does not scale). The previews will draw on three main elements :-

    The previews will also, of course, cover any other pertinent information available but the key will be to provide interpretation rather than stats and data. This will mean that the previews will highlight interesting points and angles to watch for in the next day's racing rather than analysing individual races to death. The aim is that this freer format will take less time to prepare than the 'Green Table' profiles. Along with other changes to the site which will mean less raw 'stats' publication this will release more resources for the interpretive writing. (The overall caveat of external, commercial, demands on B2yoR still applies and may change the outcome - but the overall plan is there so we will know if it isn't being met.)

    The other change to note is that the 2007 Preview pages will be on a password protected area of the Website and you will need a 'Username' and 'Password' to access them. To get the required login data just send an e-mail to the B2yoR Contact address and an e-mail will be sent back to you. Please note that there is nothing sinister in this in the 'Marketing' sense, there's no plan to make it a commercial site with 'Wallet Deposits' required, www.racingpost.co.uk style. The reason is at the technical and programming level and checking problems caused to the site's operation.

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