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British 2yo Racing - Trainer & Sire Updates

    The 2007 season individual trainer and sire pages have had an 'Update' section added, beneath the name title, in this format :-

A. M. Balding (Kingsclere (Newbury))
To:  31 May Rnrs Runs Wnrs Wins Win%
[2008] 2 4 1 1 25%
[2007] 3 5 0 0 0%

    The purpose of the section is to track the season progress of the sire or trainer and compare the performance to that in 2006. The top left cell gives the latest date, from the start of the season, that is covered by the update information. The following cells give the current totals and figures for number of runners ("Rnrs"), runs, winners ("Wnrs"), wins and strike rate ("Win%") for the two seasons.

    Where the trainer or sire is ahead of their 2007 total for winners and/or runners the cell will be light green and if the figure is behind the 2007 schedule the cell will be in pink. Where the totals are the same or there is no data up to that point the cells will be the usual white colour.

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