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15th February, 2008.
First Season Sires for 2008 - Background Information
  1. Explanation of Table Information and Links
    1. Links
    2. Table Information
  2. First Season Sires for 2008 - Summary Table

1. Explanation of Table Information and Links

The table in the second section of this article covers the First Season Sires you should expect to see represented by 2yos in the 2008 season. This section provides details on the information in the table and the links from it.

1.1 Table Links

The table provides a link to the 2008 Season page for each sire. This page includes details about :-

  • the sire's racing record, in particular the 2yo season;
  • information about number of yearlings by the sire sold in Europe in 2007 and average & median prices achieved;
  • details of runs by his 2yos during the 2008 British Turf Season (starts in late March);
  • details of debut runs by each 2yo with an onward link that 2yos individual page;
  • and for the majority of sires there is also an onward link to their picture.

  • 1.2 Table Information

    Much of the information in the table is self explanatory but a few items need to be noted. The first column gives the horses name and it's height were available. For example the sire Acclamation is 16 hands high as given in the table. See the glossary section on this site if you require an explanation of the use of 'hands' in denoting a horse's height. In some cases the height is given in metres where the horse in at stud outside of the British & Ireland. For comparison 1.60 metres is equivalent to a hands heights of 15.3 (i.e. 160 centimetres is very close to the 63 inches that "15.3hh" represents).

    The second column gives the sire's own sire.

    The 'Location' column gives the Stud at which the sire stands when in Europe for the most part. Note that many of the Coolmore and Maktoum sires will be 'Shuttle Sires' and will move to the Southern Hemisphere (usually Australia) to cover mares outside of the European (i.e. Northern Hemisphere) breeding season. The thoroughbred horse has a gestation period of around 11 months which means that the covering season in the Northern Hemisphere encompasses the period from Februrary through to June. This means the stallion can then be moved to the Southern Hemisphere to cover during their breeding season which is from August through to December. This six month relative 'shift' between the hemispheres means that a 3yo Australian bred sprinter born in, for example, October will be classed as a 4yo if it came to race in Britain because of our January 1st 'birthday' for all thoroughbreds. The Southern Hemisphere group birthday is on July 1st.

    The 'Fee' column usually gives the cost of having a mare covered by the stallion in 2008 currently and not in 2005 when these sires first went to stud (in the Northern Hemisphere)..

    The 'Sales Average/Median' columns give information covering yearlings actually sold at major european sales in 2007. Yearlings which did not reach their reserve price (equals 'Not Sold' and the abbreviation 'ns' used on the B2yoR website) or were bought back by their owners (and therefore 'Retained' with 'rtnd' used as the B2yoR abbreviation) are not included.

    For those who do not understand the term 'Median' a short description is useful. The Median figure is produced by ranking all the sire's yearling sales in a group from highest to lowest. The 'middle' figure down this ranking is then chosen as the Median figure. If there are an even number of figures in the list the middle two are chosen, added together and divided by two to get the Median. Why bother with a Median figure? The main reason is that averages can be misleading and distorted by a small number of notably high prices. If a sire has 5 yearlings sold, for example, and four sell for 10,000 gns and one sells for 60,000 gns the average figure is 20,000 gns but 80% of his yearlings made much less than that so it is not a representative figure. The median in the example would be a representative 10,000gns. Comparing the Average and Median figures for the sire gives an indication of how 'consistent' the sales prices were (how small the overall range was).

    Note that the averages are given in the archaic 'Guineas' denomination because the major European Auction House (Tattersalls) still sell using them and in Britian this has long been the traditional unit of sale. The 'Guinea' is 'one pound and one shilling' in pre-metric British currency which equates to £1.05 now. Therefore, a sale at the level of "10,000 guineas" means a pounds sterling value of £10,500 prior to any sales taxes and other costs.

    Note that the majorityof European Sales now use the Euro (€) as the sales unit and reporting currency. The second biggest British based Auction House (Doncaster Bloodstock Sales) has recently linked up with the Irish based "Goffs" company and are likely to sell in Euros in future.

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    2. First Season Sires for 2008 - Summary Table
    By : 2yo Race Record Location 2008 Fee 
    (2007 Fee if diff.)
    2007 Sales Average in gns (Number sold) 2007 Sales Median in gns
    AMERICAN POST  (15.3) BERING Won 3 from 4 in a 7f maiden, 7f Group 1 Grand Criterium and 8f Group 1 Racing Post Trophy Haras D'Etreham (France) €7,000 26,500 (18) 19,950
    BACHELOR DUKE MISWAKI Ran three times, placed in a 7f Maiden and a 7f Group 3 prior to a 4th in the 7f Group 1 Dewhurst stakes. Ballylinch Stud (Ireland) €8,000 (€7,500) 43,800 (35) 30,000
    COLOSSUS  (15.2) DANEHILL Won 3 from 7 with a notably early 5f win on March 23rd and two later season wins at 6f in a Listed race and a nursery off OR 110 Berardenga (Italy) €6,000 8,900 (15) 7,500
    DELLA FRANCESCA (16.1) DANZIG Won 1 from 3. Won an Irish 6f maiden and placed second in a Newmarket 7f Group 3. Haras De Victot (France) €3,000 (€4,000) 19,600 (14) 21,550
    DEPORTIVO NIGHT SHIFT Won 3 from 4 by July 19th. Successful in a 5f maiden and at 6f in a conditions and a Listed event. Walton Fields Stud £3,000 10,500 (11) 7,000
    ELUSIVE CITY ELUSIVE QUALITY First past the post in 3 of his 4 runs in a 6f AW maiden on July 17th, 6f Group 2 and French 6f Group 1. Disqualified from the first two successes for failed drugs test. Placed 3rd in 6f Group 1 Middle Park Stakes on final run. Irish National Stud (Ireland) €8,000 28,200 (59) 20,590
    EXCEED AND EXCEL DANEHILL Won 2 from 4 in Australia in a 5.5f Maiden and the 6f Grade 2 Todman Stakes. Dalham Hall Stud £10,000 (€10,000) 53,300 (68) 38,300
    HAAFHD  (15.2) ALHAARTH Won 2 from 4 in a 6f maiden on August 1st and a 7f Listed race two weeks later. Later placed in 7f Group 1 & 2 races. Nunnery Stud £12,000 65,750 (25) 50,000
    HAWKEYE  (16.2) DANEHILL Third on sole run in an Irish 8f maiden in August. Hyde Park Stud (Ireland) €3,500 19,200 (12) 7,950
    IMPERIAL DANCER  (16.0) PRIMO DOMINIE Won 2 from 13 after a notably early debut on March 25th. Successful in a 5f maiden in April & a 7f Nursery off OR 95 Norman Court Stud £3,000 20,580 (5) 15,000
    INDIAN HAVEN (16.3) INDIAN RIDGE Won 1 from 4 in a 6f maiden on debut. Unplaced in 6-7f Group races later. Irish National Stud (Ireland) €8,000 21,550 (25) 7,070
    KHELEYF GREEN DESERT Won 2 from 4 in a 5f maiden in May and a 6f conditions event. Placed in the Norfolk Stakes as 8/13f and unplaced in the Middle Park Stakes. Kildangan Stud (Ireland) €5,000 30,750 (55) 11,000
    LUCKY OWNERS DANEHILL [Hong Kong raced where he was Champion Miler.] Widden Stud NSW (Australia) AS$16,500 5,400 (3) 4,500
    LUCKY STORY  (15.3) KRIS S Won 4 from 5. Placed at 6f on his May 29th debut then won two 6f events and two 7f Group 2 races. Tweenhills Stud £4,000 14,070 (27) 10,000
    MARTALINE  (16.2) LINAMIX Won one from 4 later season starts in an 8f French maiden. Unplaced in a 10f Group 1 event later. Haras de la Reboursiere et Montaigu (France)  €3,500 13,400 (6) 9,650
    MASTERFUL  (16.0) DANZIG Fourth in a 6f maiden on July 13th on his sole run. Scuderia Siba (Italy), previously at Damastown Stud (Ireland) €4,000 7,150 (6) 3,370
    MONSIEUR BOND  (16.0) DANEHILL DANCER Won two from 6 in a 6f maiden and 6f conditions event. Placed in a 6f Group 2 and the edcar 2yo Trophy. Whitsbury Manor Stud £3,500 20,700 (33) 10,000
    NEEDWOOD BLADE  (16.1) PIVOTAL Moderate from in two 5-6f maidens in September at 25/1 Mickley Stud £3,000 18,600 (37) 12,000
    ONE COOL CAT  (16.1) STORM CAT Won 4 from 5 in a 6f maiden, 6f Group 3, 6f Group 1 & a 7f Group 1 Coolmore Stud (Ireland) €12,500 (€15,000) 36,050 (64) 26,380
    PASSING GLANCE  (16.1) POLAR FALCON Won 1 from 3 in a 7f maiden in June. Pitchall Farm Stud £1,000 6,500 (2) 6,500
    * PYRUS  (16.0) MR PROSPECTOR Won 2 from 3 in an Irish 5f Listed race on his May 27th debut and the 6f Group 2 Richmond Stakes. Ballyhane Stud (Ireland, previously at stud in NZ) €4,000 (€3,000) 9,080 (36) 7,200
    RANSOM O'WAR RED RANSOM Won one from 5 in an 8f Novice at Southwell in November. OR at 87 before his move to Germany Gestut Fahrhof (Germany) €4,500 24,600 (3) 23,250
    REFUSE TO BEND  (15.3) SADLER'S WELLS Won both starts in a 7f maiden on August 14th and the 7f Group 1 National Stakes Kildangan Stud (Ireland) €20,000 71,600 (51) 50,000
    RESET  (16.1) ZABEEL Unraced. Darley NSW (Australia) AS$33,000 14,850 (21) 10,000
    * SAFFRON WALDEN SADLER'S WELLS Runner-up on his sole start in an Irish 7f Group 3 on October 26th as the 2/1f. Rossenarra Stud (Ireland, previously at Stud in Japan) €4,000 (€5,000) 12,700 (12) 7,000
    SULAMANI HERNANDO Unraced. Haras du Logis (France) €8,000 (£7,000) 18,400 (15) 11,000
    SYSTEMATIC RAINBOW QUEST Placed in two late season 8f maidens. Started 3yo handicap career off OR 76. Died 2005 3,500 (2) 3,500
    TILLERMAN  (16.2) IN THE WINGS Won both starts in a 9f AW maiden on August 22nd and an 8f conditions race. Hedgeholme Stud £2,000 (€3,000) 10,450 (13) 6,400
    TOUT SEUL   (16.0) ALI-ROYAL Won 5 from 7 and second on his other starts. Won 6f maiden on June 6th debut, 6f & 7f conditions events, an Irish Sales race and the 7f Group 1 Dewhurst Stakes at 25/1. La Calaldrina (It) €4,000 25,740 (1) 25,740
    SIRE By : 2yo Race Record Location 2008 Fee European 2007 Sales Average in gns (#; Median) US 2007 Sales Average in $ (Median)
    ACTION THIS DAY KRIS S Won 2 from 3, both at 8.5f, incl. Gr1 Breeders' Cup Juvenile Spendthrift Farm, Kentucky $10,000 33,650 (3; 48,250) 36,500 (27,000)
    CANADIAN FRONTIER (16.0) GONE WEST Unraced. First win as 4yo and best form at 5yo. Airdrie Stud, Kentucky $7,500 1 x Unsold 37,750 (29,000)
    CONGAREE (16.3) ARAZI Unplaced sole run. Adena Springs, Kentucky $15,000 1 x Unsold 60,650 (41,000)
    JOHAR  (16.1) GONE WEST Unraced. Mill Ridge Farm, Kentucky $12,500 ($15,000) 74,000 (3; 51,450) 50,250 (25,000)
    LION HEART TALE OF THE CAT Won 3 from 3 in 6f Maiden, 7f Gr3 and an 8.5f Grade 1 event. Ashford Stud Farm, Kentucky $20,000 ($25,000) 42,170 (2) 94,140 (70,000)
    MEDAGLIA D'ORO EL PRADO Placed second in minor maiden race on sole run. Stonewall Farm, Kentucky $40,000 85,700 (3; 50,000) 120,000 (80,000)
    OLMODAVOR  (16.1) A.P. INDY Unraced. Adena Springs, Kentucky $5,000 7,000 (1) 19,570 (10,000)
    PEACE RULES JULES Won 3 from 6 all over 8f on Turf, Gr3 level at best. Vinery Stud, Florida $12,500 ($15,000) 50,000 (1) 48,650 (37,500)
    PERFECT SOUL SADLER'S WELLS Unraced until a 4yo. Darby Dan Stud Farm, Kentucky $15,000 37,000 (1) 56,800 (17,000)
    SCRIMSHAW  (16.1) GULCH Won 2 from 2 in a 5.5f maiden and a 6f allowance race. Millennium Farms, Kentucky $3,500 35,000 (1) 17,100 (10,000)
    THE CLIFF'S EDGE GULCH Won 3 from 5 in a 6f Maiden, 8f Gr3 and an 8.5f Grade 2 event. Vinery Stud, Kentucky $10,000 ($15,000) 33,850 (2) 41,750 (38,500)
    TOCCET AWESOME AGAIN Best at 2yo winning 6 from 8. Maiden winner over 6f, Gr2 success at 9f and won two Grade 1 races at 8.5f Castleton Lyons, Kentucky $12,500 ($20,000) 15,000 (1) 44,300 (32,000)

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