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Entrancer  (BY C, Feb 19) [Picture]
W. R. Muir D Clarke Key Of LuckCorn Futures (Pedigree)Nomination 30000 gns [DSL]

Racing Summary
Sales Ratings :- [ Rating: 65 ]      [ Full Rating: ]
20 Apr Entrancer is a notably compact and heavy build but a bits-and-pieces conformation. Left behind as the sprint started and not particularly ready for the day. Probable 70-75 type and need time to win on typical trainer methods. Dabbers Chief was another Barry Hills clueless merchant in a season where he has had more than normal. Bungled the break, got back into the group as they jogged along but then blown away as the sprint started. Ought to be 80+ on physical set-up.
Run Rc # Date Course Dist Gng RcCls RcTyp SP Postn [Est] [Prf] RnSty RcPc Notes Hdgr
129Apr 18NWBY5.1GS4M124-626 T5MAv-1.5Hf, SOutpcd-2f, Pon-1f+
240Apr 27BTON5.3G5M4.53-81732 FAvBLh Bmp QFre+1, XF, FHdHf, Hdd-2, Fd-1.5
379May 14BATH5G6M7.512-12-1328 M6OkQFre & Held, -3Hf, QFd
4230Jun 23WTON6STD5M165-9-2 .
5345Jul 16KTNA7STD5Nur3310-13342 .
6638Sep 3KTNA8STD6Nur2013-14-4618 .B
7990Oct 27LEIC7GSS6Nur509-17-14 .
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Entrancer:-  Pedigree Details
DAM Name Previous Foals and their Racing Performances Foal Years General Notes
Corn Futures 10 previous foals.
Half to :-
  • 6f 2yo/7f 3yo Trading Aces (17.5k, rtd 68/69)
  • 6f 2yo Crazee Mental (8.5k, rtd 105)
  • unp 6f 2yo/unp 7-9f 3yo/8-9f 4-5yo Reap (22k, 2yo 7.5k, rtd 60/56/71)
  • unp 5f 2yo/6f 3yo Three Days In May (30k, rtd 40/66)
  • unp 5-6f 2yo/7f 3yo Futuristic (rtd 40/66)
  • 5f 2yo Siena Gold (12k, rtd 90, HiT 46k)
  • +unp 6-7f 2yo Flash And Dazzle (90k, rtd 56)
  • ? Inviramental (56k, HiT 5yo 3.8k)
  • ? Springs Eternal (Salse)
  • unp 5f 2yo The Jay Factor (10k, rtd 22)
dam 6f 2yo (rtd 89)
DAM 88 =
  • 94 TA
  • 95 CM
  • 96 Inv
  • 97 SE
  • 98 R
  • 99 TDIM
  • 00 F
  • 02 SG
  • 03 FAD
  • 04 TJF

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