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Racing Preview - April 14th 
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  • 19: Windsor 2:30, 5f Maiden (5)

  •   April 14th Summary : 
    • What a pleasure to be back at Windsor. The course figures in the top five each year by number of 2yos making their debuts and is used by a range of major stables to introduce better types. The pre-parade ring at the course is ideal for paddock watching and if you can't learn something there you wont find a better spot. The actual parade ring is hopeless though, one of those huge circles so you never see the horse side-on and they only come by once every three minutes. It also has a lot of thick tree trunks around the edge to minimise whatever view you do have.
    • The race on Monday is a good example of what you can get with the usual Hannon, Channon & JS Moore representatives. They are supplemented by a number of middle ranking yards who are likely to show a usable 2yo, at least, this early at the course. Some of those yards can 'ready one' for debut to add to the interest. After the garbage at Doncaster on Saturday in the guise of a 'Class 4' this is a much better race and will have a lot more longer term importance. To emphasis the point 8 of the 11 in this race are more highly rated on profile than the top one in the Doncaster race (and Paddock Review had already identified him as a poor one).
    • Starting with the two runners who are on their third outings and placed second last time - Riflessione & Raimond Ridge. It is interesting to look at the Result for last year's race where the first two home were precocious horses on their second runs and got home better than the newcomers. With it's right hand dog-leg across an intersection, a stands' rail bias on firmer ground and bigger fields the course is a relatively technical challenge for a newcomer. They have to have the ability and competence to get a usable position and go what can be a stiff pace. It's difficult to make up lost ground, especially on firmer going. If a horse can do it then it will be above average.
    • Last year's race shows the winner as the experienced leader who got the rail and never got caught. The second received a typically over-confident Jamie Spencer hold-up ride and would have won if he had been kept closer to the pace rather than being ridden as if he was a mature 100+ rater. The third made up a lot of ground off a bad start and ought to have been a good 2yo. He ran poorly on his only other outing so it will be interesting to see what Red Expresso proves to be at 3yo. If you look at the result, six of the first eight home won later, plus Red Expresso's curtailed season and Higgy's Boy who was a 70+ rated placer who has won over the winter. The last home won a seller. This year's race looks at least up to the same level and nothing at all like the Doncaster race 2 days ago.
    • Riflessione & Raimond Ridge met at Folkestone with the former pulling well clear of the Channon horse in the final furlong. He had already had a run with a ok 5th in the Brocklesby having had the advantages of track position and draw bias. We know that he finished with a mixture of other physical types (the more limited Lagan Handout just in front and the better Northern Tour closing onto him from behind). However, Stan Moore doesn't go for strong debuts and the STO run is usually a better indication of the ability. But, he as beaten by a newcomer there and was pulling away from a limited front runner (Just The Lady who has been beaten in a moderate race at Musselburgh since) later in the race. He comes out top on profile but doesn't set a strong standard and is vulnerable to a better newcomer.
    • We now switch to deja vu mode with the Channon and Hannon runners. The first ran Barraland on debut in the race in 2007 for the same owners as Raimond Ridge. This combination of connections are geared up to run limited 2yos a double figure number of times a season and get rid of them if necessary. Raimond Ridge is already on his 3rd outing and we shall probably be seeing a lot more of him in nurseries because he hasn't looked a better type in two goes. He showed a bit of progress at the 2f pole behind Riflessione but that petered out before the last furlong and he was allowed to drift back. He ran better at Newcastle when he finished 2nd behind the Brocklesby 9th with the 3rd & 12th from that event just behind him. As with Mr Moore what you see from a Channon 2yo STO is normally a good indicator of what they are capable of unless they have abnormal physical improvement to make (or an excuse). On what he's shown he looks more a 70-75 nursery type like Barraland and also is a sitting target for a better newcomer.
    • Richard Hannon tends to get debut winners at two main times, in early season with his best 5-6f types and with his best 7f types when those races start. He's only run two so far and both have suggested they are a little above average at least. But, he has a range of 2yos to get going and he starts them racing much earlier than the average. Which means unless he has a very good set of 2yos this year we are going to start seeing some more typical debuts rather than a string of debut wins. Last year he ran two in the race with the dual winner Cracking given a 'try-out' ride by Hughes by being asked to press the leader to see what pace he had. When he got tired he was allowed to drift back with the jockey knowing what he had for next time. Higgy's Boy was on his second go having finished in the ruck on debut with no 'try-out' activity nor excuse and indicating he was likely to be a placer.
    • Hannon has run 90 of his juveniles at Windsor on debut in 2002-7 for 8 wins and a large loss to level stakes. 3 of the 8 wins have been in April but with known better types. He has used this race for a variety of abilities and the quality of the pair today - Bonnie Charlie & Rich Red - a good indicator of how much depth he has with his early runners. In 2005 he started the useful pair of Green Park (2nd at 12/1) and Green Pride (6th at 4/1 after a tour of the course). By comparison in 2006 he ran the poor runner Chip Leader as the sole rep.
    • On profile they both look likely winners with Bonnie Charlie the likely better one. He's a relatively expensive purchase by the sire Intikhab who has been a good source of better 5f types and out of a mare who won at 2yo over 5f at average levels. In a field with this experience and strength he's an unlikely winner unless he's very good and that ought to be obvious from the market. Hughes working to get him involved at some point to test him for his next run would be a good sign.
    • Rich Red is by the sire Redback and, as with Millman and Makbul, it's 'the rules' that Hannon will buy most of the worthwhile sales offerings for his old inmate. This one cost £28,000 at the Kempton breeze-up in early March and a tad more than his Bath winner April Pride. He has to show us an ordinary one at some point, unless he's got a stack of good ones in 2008, so you suspect more of a midfield finish.
    • The field then presents a likeable set of newcomers with solid profiles from trainers who will typically start a usable 2yo in their earliest runners. Willie Jarvis has a mixed record with 2yos and bit below average overall. But, his earliest runners will include most of the competent 2yos. He won a similar race to this at the course in 2002 with a newcomer and in 2004 ran something called Fair Along in the equivalent race, what ever became of him? His only runner before July in 2005 finished 2nd at 14/1 FTO and in 2006 the two early starters were placed including Oi Vay Joe in this race. Last year he had one runner before the end of April with Just Sort It who won at 25/1.
    • Given all of that you have to believe that Smokey Storm is an average 2yo winner during the season and also that he'll be mostly ready to show what he can do here. He's by the new sire One Cool Cat who's two runners to date have both managed to place. No surprise overall if he manages to get in amongst the pair with experience and perhaps win if he has a bit more class.
    • Eve Johnson-Houghton was assistant to her father before she took over the licence in 2007. The old man used to get regular debut winners when he had a better one. In her first year she only had one winner and that one was the first one to run. It finished a strong second on debut having been supported. She runs the much more expensive Sharav who cost 40,000gns at the sales for the Hillen family to retain (07 winner Hobson only cost 5,000gns). There's plenty in the pedigree to support the view he's a solid 2yo and another who will probably be at a highish level within his ability range to start.
    • That would be an interesting race in itself but there are other solid newcomers. David Evans runs the filly Miss Chamanda who at €20,000 is at the top of his typical price range. He's had two debt winners already so we know she will compete if she's good enough. On profile in this quality of race it is more likely to be a 'Kingswinford' outcome than a 'Shes A Shaw Thing' but no surprise to see her make the first four at long odds.
    • And there's more. Mark Wallace's selectiveness with his early 2yos was covered in the preview of April 4th when he had his only two runners so far. One of those was reasonably supported at 11/4 and managed to win first time. The other drifted to 6/1 in a similar quality race and finished an inexperienced 4th of 4. Maria Milena's profile isn't strong enough to believe she can beat this field but you presume she will be a winner of some sort during the season given this earlier start. She's unlikely to be the poor seller type given the sales price she was retained for although her previous sibling won his nursery off only OR55.
    • Both Noworneva & Billy Beetroot look discountable and especially in this strongish group. They seem more likely to be on development runs before dropping to lesser races. Two And Eights runs for new trainer G. Blake so is difficult to place on profile but has a usable 2yo pedigree at a little below average levels.
    • In summary, what a pleasure to be back at Windsor. A similar race to the 2007 set-up with two runners with placed form taking on a set of solid newcomers. The first and second in 2007 were both on STO and both got ORs into the high 80s later in the season to give an idea of the standard they set. The pair on 3TO today seem a little below that level and the newcomers a stronger group overall assisted by being from a set of more ready-enough-on-debut trainers. Smokey Storm & Sharav appeal most as the value from those on debut if the Riflessione's standard is to be bettered.

    Race Virtual Paddocks FTO P&L Qualifiers
    [None Today]
    • Miss Chamanda  - PD Evans (Long Shot)

    ~ WDSR 2:30 ~ Today's Race Best Run FTO Run
    Name [PRF] WCor Run Class Level Best [Est] Best Run FTO [EST] Ave % FTO
    6 RIFLESSIONE [40] - 2 38 2 10 30
    8 SMOKEY STORM [37] - 1 33
    4 RAIMOND RIDGE [36] - 3 30 2 20 35
    7 SHARAV [34] - 1 41
    2 BONNIE CHARLIE [33] - 1 29
    11 MISS CHAMANDA [28] +5 1 21
    10 MARIA MILENA [27] +5 1 33
    5 RICH RED [24] - 1 29
    9 TWO AND EIGHTS [16] - 1
    3 NOWORNEVA [9] - 1 24
    1 BILLY BEETROOT [4] - 1

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