BRITISH 2yo RACING - 2014 Season Race Result
Race 544 : Wed, August 20th
York 2:30, 7f Group 3 (1), "Acomb Stakes"

[Est] is the B2yoR Rating. Green indicates a 55+ level,
Cream between 30 & 54, Pink less than 30.

Wnr = previous/LATER 2yo Winner. Letter is Race Type.
Hf = Position at Halfway. Green indicates making places to the finish.
GGF 82.32
1None None

Horse SP [EST] LBRun Wnr Trainer Dw Hf LBL Run Notes
1Dutch Connection1670.0-4 m  C. B. Hills 8
1.5Drift 12/1,
2Toocoolforschool3369.80.13 m/G  K. R. Burke 1
3Basateen1.567.31.43 m  R. Hannon (Jnr) 5
-0.3Supp 15/8,
4Jamaica265.82.13  A. P. O'Brien 11
0.3Supp 9/4,
5Salateen2561.84.14 m/N  K. A. Ryan 10
6Dominada10056.86.63  B Ellison 3
2.2HoodOff SLt B-1, RE, 2R+1f RL, Ngl Hf, Dv-3f SOutpcd, Po ins-3f, HdR & Down ins-1.5f SMvAwfF, po-1f, Mdm IP, Dp & OkStrong
7Growl655.87.12 m  B. J. Meehan 4
8Chadic3337.816.15 m  M. Johnston 9
9Danny O'ruairc (p)10015.827.14  J. Moffatt 6
10Prince Gagarin8-6.238.13 v/L  E. A. L. Dunlop 7
6.7Drift 7/1, , WTRB = Jk said Hrs Never Travelling.
NRMedrano m  D. H. Brown 2 NR = Going. Declared 08:27am.
NRMisleading m  P. W. Chapple-Hyam 12 NR = Going. Declared 06:42am.

GGF from G on Decs. Rainfall as 1mm Fri, 1mm Sat, 1.8mm Mon & 0.2mm overnight. GStick given as an 'Overall of 7.0' but the HS reading 6.9 Far Side & Centre, 6.8 Stands' Side.

Rail Fully In.

Juvenile Course Record.

Jamaica made his debut at the CURR on June 29th over 7f as second string, at 11/1, to Gleneagles (STO & won) finishing 3rd. Beaten 2.5L & a nose by Gleneagles & a 66/1 debut runner with an A3. Gleneagles has won a thin Irish Gp3 event since and the runner-up has not been out again. Jamaica drawn widest from the Far Rail and held back to race midfield widest but just behind Gleneagles. Looking a bit green & settling well. A bit smaller & narrower than Gleneagles and not standing out in the field. Race had a slow pace and turned into a 2f sprint with the 66/1 2nd placed well placed racing prominently on the rail. Left for 3-4L by Gleneagles effort & still a bit green and staying on in the last 1f. A Deegan trained newcomer called Pass The Trophy racing wide behind Jamaica and looking bigger and a similar effort. That one beaten 6th of 12 STO in a TIPP (aka Limerick Junction) 7.5f maiden.

On STO Jamaica won a 7f GLWY maiden (as 4/9f) by 3.25L from a Weld trained STO runner. More pace in the race than FTO with the Bolger trained Vocaliser running freely in the lead. Jamaica again not looking anything different for size of range in the field but a neatly made and straight mover and uncomplicated. Check PRev but on this VRev unlikely to stand out in this field. Track has a peculiar uphill RH bend to a short finishing HS and Jamaica making his Effort 2Wd around the bend for 2.5F+ out. Doesn't show anything 'Different' but a solid effort given the wide running. Staying on at the end again and ears pricked. More of a Second Level 'sighter' type runner for AOB?

AOB's record in Class 1 races in Britain in the 3 seasons 2011-13 is 9 wins from 59 declared with 56 runners. You could make a good case that the 9 x winners are his real Group 1 types and not his average Class 1 runner or sighter. The 9 wins made up of 2 x Racing Post Trophys (Camelot & Kingsbarns), 2 x Coventrys (Power & War Command), 1 x Chesham (with 2yo Gp1 winner Maybe), 1 x Middle Park (Crusade), 1 x Dewhurst (War Command), 1 x Royal Lodge (Daddy Long Legs) & 1 x Rockfel (Wading). All the wins at one of RASCT, NMKT in Sept/Oct or DONC in late Oct. In the 2011-13 period he has run 6 in Class 1 races at YORK with a single place as the best result. 4 ran in the Acomb Stakes with 3 in the 2011 edition with Furner's Green first string at 5/1 & unplaced. Alonso De Sousa placed at 11/4..

============== Post Race =======

2yo Course Record and a Strong Pace but the first 4 home always prominent and the fast time seemed due to an almost ideal and usable Pace. Which raises a question over why the first two home were 16/1 & 33/1 but hard to say they weren't the best horses over the distance in the conditions.

C4 used Sectional Times in comparing the runs of Basateen (a little free in the lead but attended by Toocoolforschool who beat him) & Dutch Connection. Basateen ran the 2nd & 3rd x 1Fs (with a part lighhtish Tailwind) in sub 11secs and Nick Luck jumped on the idea he had gone too fast. A good example of on'-the-hoof analysis being suspect. The Times on screen compared DC to Basateen and DC ran the first 1F a little slower than Basateen to end up in 2R about 1.5L bhind him. After that DC ran almost the same times for the 2nd-5th furlongs. The times for the last 2F suggested that Basateen didn't stay as well as DC. DC ran the 6th 1f a little faster than Basateen and both ran 12secs+ for the last 1F but DC able to make 1-2L by running "0.4secs faster. Would presume DC an 'Average' Acomb winner and Basateen not as good as he looked STO (?). What happened with the PRev on Toocoolforschool at NOTT? On that tack though what were all the people at the Tatts Breeze Up letting him get sold for 16,000gns while they were chasing 'Fast Timers' with hopeful over-the-top bids.

Charlie Hills interviewed afterwards and suggested Dutch Connection had grown up and relaxed with racing and had won well at GWD LTO. Which makes sense and DC then becomes one of those Hills' stable developers after mid-season who can win Group races without having any long term (3yo+) Group career. DC too green FTO and then ran into Faydhan STO and faded having pressed a too strong pace.

Growl running a touch free early but niggled along earlyish and showing a Knee Action in the last 2F+ and not handling the going? Even the C4 Paddock people managed to say 'Small' when Jamaica came on screen and looking a 'Second Level' AOB British Clas 1 race runner at best. Ran ok and not able to make the progress DC did and fading back a bit in the last 1f.

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